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Scott McDougall to stand trial for the Downer murders News

johnboy 29 July 2009 6
The ABC brings word that Magistrate Beth Campbell has announced she is satisfied that Scott McDougall, 35, of Queanbeyan has a case to answer for the murder of Struan Bolas and Julie Tattersall (aka Julie Franco). In an incident now entering folklore as the Downer murders. During six days of...

Scott Alexander McDougall makes an impact in court News

1sunshine 23 November 2008 148
Hello All, After reading the article in the Canberra Times and seeing photos of the relatives in the print article my heart goes out to both Julie and Strauns families and friends. This person who allegedly murdered these persons is a disgrace to have yelled out to the families in...

A comment worth reading on the Downer murders News

johnboy 29 September 2008 35
Sometimes we get a comment made on a story which deserves a wider audience. Here's one by Donna33 which certainly fits that bill on the subject of the Downer double murder: Scott always wanted to be known as notorius. Well, hes reached a higher level now. And such a shame...

The accused Downer Murderer and me News

Emily 25 January 2009 79
Court Case of McDougall on 10th Feb 2009 - I have known him personally for years, for 8 years I have adored McDougall! - I will be there on 10th Feb to see him there - And all be known that I have been fond of him for years....

Scott Alexander McDougall to plead not guilty to Downer Double murder News

johnboy 3 October 2008 101
The ABC reports that one Scott Alexander McDougall from Queanbeyan will plead not guilty to murdering Struan Thomas Bolas and Julie Veronica Franko, also known as Julie Tattersall in what has become known as the Downer murders. These are not to be confused with the Charnwood murder, or the Kingston...

Lurid details on the Downer double murder News

johnboy 24 July 2009 26
No subject on RiotACT has ever quite brought the nutters out in quite such numbers as last year's double murder in Downer of Struan Bolas, 48, and Julie Franko (aka Tattersall), 35. Yesterday in court the lurid and gory details of the crime scene were trotted out. I don't propose...

Downer murderer asks to be shielded from victims’ families News

johnboy 17 May 2011 48
The Canberra Times reports that Scott McDougall's lawyers are asking the court to to spare him from facing the families of Struan Bolas and Julie Tattersall whom he brutally murdered in Downer in 2008 when he is sentenced. Normally an important part of justice for families of victims is seeing...

Scott McDougall gets life behind bars News

johnboy 21 July 2011 8
The Canberra Times is reporting that Scott Alexander McDougall has been given two life sentences for the murders of Struan Bolas and Julie Tattersall (aka Julie Franco). Apparently there's no parole but he will be able to apply to the Attorney-General for a "licence for release" after 10 years. UPDATE:...

Murder linkup! News

johnboy 14 October 2010 8
The ABC has a grab bag of gory details from the Downer Murders trial underway now in the Supreme Court. Of particular interest is this murder meetup: McDougall said on the night of the incident, he told Ms Franco he thought she was a police informant. He said he was...

Double murder in Downer News

Thumper 12 September 2008 110
I'm sure JB is onto this but the SMH is reporting that a man is being questioned this morning after two people were murdered and their bodies left inside a burning Canberra house, police say. Firecrews were called to a blaze in Raine Place at Downer about 10.30pm yesterday...

A murder conviction looms as Scott Macdougal admits killings News

johnboy 6 October 2010 26
The ABC reports that the accused in the Downer Murders Scott Alexander McDougall has admitted he killed Struan Bolas, 48, and Julie Franco (aka Julie Tattersall), 35. He has also admitted to committing the acts that caused their deaths with a wooden handled meat cleaver found inside the home. He...

Downer murder produces first murder conviction in Canberra since 1998 News

johnboy 25 March 2011 46
No case has created as much heated discussion on this site as the Downer murders of 2008 where Struan Bolas and Julie Franco were killed and their house set on fire in Downer. In fact the families of the victims are largely responsible for this site bringing in pre-emptive comment...

Wanted: Information on the Keren Ellen Rowland murder News

JohnnyCharisma 4 November 2010 15
Hi all, My friend and I are after any information related to Canberra Times newspaper reports (or any reports from any media for that matter), related to the disappearance/murder of 20 year old girl Keren Ellen Rowland; who went missing on Friday 28th February, 1971 on Parkes Way, Canberra. We...

Flame Of The Week – Cog on the Downer murders

johnboy 28 July 2009 77
There's something about the Downer murders that brings out the very worst in people. To that end "cog" sent in the following magnificent flame around 5am. It gets bonus points for flaminess because he posted it on not one, but three stories! #85 posted by cog (Newbie) 04:54, 28 Jul...

How soft are our bikies? News

johnboy 26 March 2009 147
There's a lot of talk about the bikie threat at the moment. Media, Government, and the Outlaw Motor Cycle Gangs all have their own interests in talking up the menace. Which seems to miss the point that in Tuesday's excitement it was the bikies who wound up dead. (Bear in...

State of the Riot. Q1 2011 Lifestyle

johnboy 4 April 2011 2
We're not doing monthly State of the Riot posts any more, but quarterly comparison against the previous year's quarter is useful to take a look at. So here are the raw stats: Pageviews: 2,410,628 - up from 1,135,171 (+112%) Absolute Unique Visitors: 746,505 - up from 455,637 (+58%). Visits: 746,505...

State of the Riot – September 2008

johnboy 2 October 2008 76
You lot's unquenchable thirst for the Riot experience saw our server pretty much saturated for most of the month. This was not good for our stats which only record successfully loaded pages. DFO mania, however, brought in a lot of new readers and the new server sees us all...

October notices Community

johnboy 25 October 2008 21
Notices appear once a week and aggregate through the month. You can send them in via out contact form --- 25 October: Sepi asks: Gardeners What can be planted in Canberra vegie gardens right now? Can I still put in broad bean seeds? thanks! sepi --- 16 October: Carol...

State of the Riot – January 2009

johnboy 3 February 2009 35
So that's January dispensed with. Here’s our monthly review of where the site’s going and what people are coming here for. January is traditionally a slow month so we're very happy to have had a good one, readership's well up on December and even November. Key Stats: Visits: 124,736,...

State of the Riot – November 2008

johnboy 1 December 2008 31
So that was November Here's our monthly review of where the site's going and what people are coming here for. A four day weekend at the start of the month did us no favours and there was a lack of elections, murders, retail outlet openings, or building collapses. Well you...
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