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Steve Pratt’s farewell to John Hargreaves News

johnboy 17 October 2009 14
The following email is doing the rounds purporting to be from the former Liberal MLA Steve Pratt to the departing Labor Minister, John Hargreaves. I'm not sure how much of it is true, or even what some of it means. But I do think it warrants public scrutiny. Enjoy: From:...

A fitting memorial for Steve Pratt Lifestyle

johnboy 21 October 2008 44
Much thanks to Ampersand Duck for digging out this little gem. Steve Pratt, the scourge of street art has at least been fittingly memorialised as his political career comes to a close.

Steve Pratt on the Chaser Lifestyle

Mess 25 April 2007 26
Did anyone watch The Chasers war on Everything tonight? The Steve pratt cleaning up so called "graffiti" story was featured. In response the Chaser went and sprayed "Steve Pratt is a tool" on his office door. Classsic.

Steve Pratt – Luddite? Community

johnboy 15 February 2007 41
Steve Pratt has had a major whinge about the absence from Civic of a Government shopfront for those who wish to transact with the ACT Government without venturing onto teh sc4ry interweb. Which is fair enough, it *is* a disgrace that there is no shopfront in the city's putative CBD....

This man is protecting your freedom [Steve Pratt] News

accidie 22 October 2005 2
Tasers: the game the whole family can play

Steve Pratt on the Monkey Bike Madness News

johnboy 13 September 2005 14
Steve Pratt has put out a media release on the growing monkey bike menace in the suburbs of Canberra. Steve seems more concerned that authority might be being flouted than the safety considerations. "My concern is that these riders are openly flouting the law by riding where they are riding...

We’ll finally find out what Steve Pratt was up to in Yugoslavia News

johnboy 2 August 2005 2
To the outside observer the events surrounding Liberal MLA Steve Pratt's imprisonment by Yugoslav security forces on spying charges have always been a little murky. ABC Online is reporting that we're all soon going to learn a lot more about it as Steve's actions are at the heart of a...

Steve Pratt on his book burning ways – Everyone else is doing it News

johnboy 30 July 2005 5
Steve Pratt has put out a surprising media release in which he repeats comparisons of himself to Hitler, Stalin and Mao, but then says his censorious book-burning ways are in step with the modish opinions of other State leaders, which somehow justifies them. Thanks Steve but I'd rather the ACT...

Hargreaves rude, Pratt sensitive News

GnT 22 August 2007 17
Steve Pratt, liberal MLA and shadow minister for various things, is calling for a committee to be established to examine John Hargreaves' "contemptuous behaviour". Now I've got no doubt Hargreaves is a bit of an arrogant bully, but is this the best use of our already overworked MLAs? Or is...

Another brilliant idea from Steve News

johnboy 16 May 2007 11
When not vanadlising public art work Steve Pratt seems to spend his days finding problems for which he propose the stripping of civil liberties as a solution. Today the ABC informs us that Steve is proposing that the scourge of road rage be tackled with a pervasive network of surveillance...

Steve gets 1909 signatures for the Tharwa Bridge petition News

johnboy 2 May 2007 13
Steve Pratt has announced that he's tabled a petition in the Assembly demanding the Government ask for help to return road access to the town of Tharwa by throwing a cheapo bridge over the Murrumbidgee River. "The petition tabled today contained a whopping 1909 signatures and requested the ACT Government...

Stefaniak rides to the defence of the Pratt News

johnboy 20 April 2007 20
Steve Pratt has been mouthing off to TV and radio this week defending his weekend vandalism of public art, but he's been strangely quiet on the media release front. Today Bill Stefaniak makes a half arsed attempt to justify Steve's big stuff up (caused it seems by checking the register...

Pratt on Tharwa Bridge ad nauseam – UPDATED News

Kerces 19 February 2007 24
The ACT Opposition spokesman for more police and the Tharwa bridge, Steve Pratt, has put out not one but three press releases about the small town's bridge and lack thereof. In the first, Mr Pratt said the government should ask the defence force to lend them a Bailey bridge...

Pratt attacks back Business

Ari 22 November 2006 14
Steve Pratt has responded to's dig at him on Monday with a rather full-on rant.

Crikey on the Pratt News

johnboy 20 November 2006 34
In today's Crikey there's some interesting stuff on Steve Pratt's litigious nature. Of particular interest is the claim that he's planning to sue CityNews for its part in his recent humiliations. Personally I find the idea of the litigious CityNews copping a writ to be extremely amusing. I'm also looking...

Pratt takes a chunk out of Jorian News

johnboy 16 November 2006 28
Having had the pleasure on being on the receiving end of a Jorian Gardner spray it's interesting to see in CityNews that he's copped a savaging from Steve Pratt that required Brendan Smyth to respond to the screams and separate the theatre promoter from the MLA. "Mr Pratt had earlier...

Pratt moves to censure Corbell over ancient fire trucks News

Kerces 20 October 2006 4
Yesterday in the Legislative Assembly Opposition spokesman for things in uniforms Steve Pratt tried to censure Simon Corbell over the state of our fire trucks. Mr Pratt said the Emergency Services minister has failed in the administration of his portfolio. Apparently a memo was sent to all fire brigade volunteers...

Pratt calls for the dead center to get deader Lifestyle

johnboy 11 October 2006 40
The Canberra Times is carrying a debate between Steve Pratt and Simon Corbell on shutting Civic down in the early hours to reduce violence. Steve Pratt wants people to be prevented from entering or re-entering bars after 3am and Simon Corbell doesn't think this Government intervention is necessary. Being a...

Pratt compares Canberra to Damascus News

johnboy 13 September 2006 13
Off the top of my head I can't think of any two cities less alike than Canberra and Damascus. And yet the Canberra Liberal's very own Steve Pratt is trying to scare us claiming "The bombing of the USA Embassy in Damascus the day after the 5th 9/11 anniversary commemoration...

Pratt says we’re exposed following Charnwood nudie run News

johnboy 9 August 2006 33
The Pratt has had a sense of humour failure over a drunken nudie run from Fraser to Charnwood shops got a bit out of hand with the naked runners getting upset about being refused service and (according to Pratt) throwing bottles at shopkeepers. The media release revells in the headline:...

The Pratt calls for roadside drug testing News

johnboy 6 July 2006 49
Steve Pratt is warning us that drastic action is needed to stem the tide of drug addled maniacs behind the wheels of cars on our roads. The evidence points to a growing problem with drug driving across the entire country. No state or territory is safe from drug drivers More...

Pratt calls for tenders on policing. And why not? News

johnboy 7 May 2006 6
AAP, via Yahoo, have a story in which Liberal Police spokesperson Steve "more cops" Pratt asks: Why not ask the AFP and the NSW and Victorian police forces to tender to provide a service of 725 uniformed, sworn police officers for community policing frontline duties, and see who can bloody...

Pratt points to low levels of RBT testing. Lifestyle

johnboy 5 May 2006 5
Steve Pratt has put out a media release pointing out that levels of Random Breathe Testing in the ACT have fallen to a five year low. (So the previous low was during Liberal Government?) He goes on to point out that the "targeted approach", while it might yield more bang...

Pratt wants police in the pubs – as drink-spiking crash-test dummies News

johnboy 15 March 2006 6
Steve Pratt has put out a media release noting that of 65 reported drink spikings in the last year (down from 80 in the previous year) four (with possibly one more to come) had been confirmed. 8% genuine seems about right. Moving on Steve has a plan to combat this...

Dunne and Pratt incident – What happenned? News

johnboy 8 February 2006 17
ABC Radio this morning were asking Gary Humphries about an ugly incident in the Legislative Assembly between Vicki Dunne and Steve Pratt. Any of our assembly spies care to fill in the details? UPDATED: Thanks to smackbang for notincing the Canberra Times has not only turned their website over, but...

A Pratt’s fuss over fences News

Kerces 6 February 2006 15
Another "real" Canberra mention in Crikey today with Christian Kerr getting stuck into our own MLA Steve Pratt over a letter sent to residents warning their houses are in danger of burning down. Any RA readers get such a letter and like to fill us in on their thoughts? 13....

Pratt questions prison works News

Kerces 26 October 2005
Opposition spokesman on all things police Steve Pratt says the government is moving too slowly on building the new prison in Hume. This puts him in opposition to the federal branch of his party, with Gary Nairn telling us at the start of October the ACT Government was being arrogant...

Pratt, Smyth belatedly jump on Muslim train News

Kerces 28 September 2005 14
Steve Pratt wants to make sure we all know that he and Brendan Smyth care about Muslims too. So much so that they are hosting a "reception" for Canberra's Muslim community this evening, time and location unknown. Mr Pratt said, "The purpose of holding this reception, in these challenging times...

Pratt highlights broad and virtual terrorism plans News

johnboy 23 August 2005 8
In general I find the terrorism arguments in the ACT to be at best risible. But if we're going to play make believe then I'd like to do it convincingly. So I did find Steve Pratt's latest media release somewhat amusing. Apparently the Chief Minister, on being questioned in the...

The Pratt v. The Cabbage – Set a (s)Pratt to catch a mackerel? News

johnboy 27 July 2005 9
Our elected leaders appear to have taken leave of their senses as Liberal MLA, and seeming despiser of all civil freedoms, Steve Pratt, has decided to attack the Chief Minister for not sufficiently condemning terrorism. Now many of us feel the Mr. Stanhope has not been sufficiently held accountable for...

The Pratt sees another authoritarian idea he likes – advocates it here News

johnboy 25 July 2005 4
One begins to wonder if an acute case of Stockholm Syndrome is the reason why Steve Pratt, having himself been the captive of a fascist regime, now advocates such a regime be inflicted on the rest of us. In any event ABC Online are relating his latest foray, (as is...

ALP calls for Zaki to be disendorsed after pre-poll blow-up at Gallagher News

Ian Bushnell 16 May 2019 6
ACT Labor has called for the Liberal Party to disendorse its candidate for Canberra Mina Zaki after police were called to a pre-polling booth at Exhibition Park on Thursday afternoon when tensions boiled over between her and a Labor volunteer. An Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) spokesperson said the officer in...

Graffiti artists honour Jackie Chan with Dickson gift Lifestyle

Elias Hallaj 19 October 2016 3
Anyone who has driven north past the ACT Road Transport Authority or WOTSO workspace in Dickson since last Thursday may have noticed a new amazing mural taking shape on the WOTSO wall facing the RTA carpark. Canberra Graffiti artist David Chavez (DSee) and his Sydney-based colleague Ian Ballesteros (Swaze) have...

When ex-military politicians use the uniform to campaign Opinion

John Hargreaves 20 June 2016 22
There was a good article in The Canberra Times from John Warhurst late last week on the use of defence uniforms as part of political campaigns. It's worth a read. I’m at a bit of a loss as to why the whole issue is such a big deal. I agree...
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