A Canberran’s guide to Brisvegas

Jey 4 January 2007 50

I’ve received a PhD scholarship offer from two Queensland universities, the partner is lined up for a job transfer and we’ve purchased a shiny house in the the Logan Shire (30 minutes between Bris and the Gold Coast).

Having lived in Canberra all our lives, I fear we may get eaten alive. Any tips for surviving Brisbane (and the Gold Coast) for two born and bred Canberrans?

Advice would be appreciated on:
– Restaurants
– Pubs/Clubs (Heavy metal clubs and queer/ queer friendly clubs particularly)
– Shopping for allergy safe food
– Handling the public transport system
– Any odd Queensland laws and road rules
-Anything to do with University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology
– General tips on moving house/interstate

And, of course, anything at all you can think of that may be of use.

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50 Responses to A Canberran’s guide to Brisvegas
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sheer sheer 4:50 pm 04 Jan 07

Even I have to admit, it’s nice to not melt into the footpath when you walk home.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:32 pm 04 Jan 07

I’m starting to wonder why I’m living in Canberra now.

Oh, I hate humidity, so I’d die up in Brissie.

sheer sheer 4:02 pm 04 Jan 07

Jey, Terubo is right about avoiding Logan where possible – believe me, I grew up there. However, if you sell a place in Logan there’s no way in hell you can afford to buy into St Lucia, so don’t worry about it too much. Where in Logan are you headed?

Have you hit up http://www.ourbrisbane.com? It has heaps of information for visitors and people moving into town.

As far as pubs and clubs go, pretty much anywhere you go in Zone 1 will be queer friendly (you’ll know when you’ve walked into one of the few that isn’t!). For queer venues head to the Valley (the Wickham and the Beat are popular but by no means the limit). The Valley is also the go for your live events, although places like the Alley Bar at Milton Bowl and the QUT Guild Bar will often have great acts on.

West End and the Valley will also give you the best feeds (in particular, Westie has fantastic Greek, and Chinatown is in the Val). Slinky is dead-on with the West End markets too, they’re fantastic for fresh and organic produce at prices I only dream about down here. West End is probably one of the better places for allergy friendly foods – and the Mrs Flannery’s is not far.

As for public transport, you have the choice of one-way, off-peak or daily and as a student your fares are all half-price. The integrated ticketing is fantastic too – a 2 Zone daily ($2.60 for you) will let you go anywhere in town all day on the bus, train or ferry. For all transport info go to http://www.transinfo.qld.gov.au

There’s no freaky driving rules like hook turns, but Brissie drivers do tend to drive just under the speed limit enough to drive southerners nuts.

I spent the last 6 years bumming around UQ, so if there’s anything in particular you want to know about it…

Sheesh, sorry for the novel!

CouldExpire CouldExpire 3:33 pm 04 Jan 07

no daylight savings, so your curtains wont fade there… so they say! hahaa

Al Al 3:25 pm 04 Jan 07

We Qlders have lots of little ways to identify you imposters…
And we’re too cool to be bothered with ‘cool’ things like drinking foreign (read: not XXXX) beer.

Slinky the Shocker Slinky the Shocker 2:49 pm 04 Jan 07

Al: Actually, the ‘cool’ locals drink the piss-weak excuse for a beer called Corona, so they are the mexicans. With my accent they can smell me from a mile anyway.

Al Al 2:24 pm 04 Jan 07

installation – d’oh!

Al Al 2:23 pm 04 Jan 07

Slinky: what’s a schooner??? Way to identify yourself as a mexican to the locals mate…
On public transport – you can get yourself a much-discounted 6 or 12 month pass that covers train, bus and river ferries 24/7. And PT to big events at Lang Park, like watching the Maroons clobber the cockroaches, is free on display of your ticket – that’s how the govmint got away with upgrading a stadium where they couldn’t fit any parking at all.
PS: you gonna hate the humidity through spring and summer – really sucks.
Make sure your house is well insulated and stay right away from bloody brick veneer sauna boxes with no eaves. When it’s 30+ and 100% humidity right through the night for 5 days running, last thing you need is the damn bricks storing up heat to make it even worse right through the night.

And I hear that the subsidies in place now mean you can put in a big rain tank, pump, insulation and all virtually all paid for by subsidies. Great because October-November your garden turns a very Canberra like shade of brown.
But winter is gorgeous – like late spring here.

Slinky the Shocker Slinky the Shocker 2:06 pm 04 Jan 07

Al: agree, found Brissie drivers pretty laid back and friendly. Also, agree 100% that public transport rocks. We sold the 2nd car and drive max twice a week (mainly to get out).

Northern suburbs are a good option if you are at QUT. For UQ it would be a bit of a pain, though.

Slinky the Shocker Slinky the Shocker 2:01 pm 04 Jan 07

The reason why you have been spared by my leftie rantings lately is that I actually moved up to Brisbane and degraded myself to lurker.

Agree with terubo, UQ rocks, top campus, good infrastructure (What’s Ph.D. in?). However, it will be hard to get to/from Logan in rush hour. (Rush hour is short, but fierce, I ride to work…) Allow at least 1 hr to either QUT or UQ. St Lucia is way unaffordable, though. We are looking at buying in Toowong/Fairfield/Annerley. Without value, I would compare Cbr-Brisbane suburbs as follows:

Logan=Gunghalin (cheaper living but a fair way out)
St Lucia=O’Connor (Close to Uni, but f*** expensive)
Toowong/Taringa=Ainslie/Hackett (close,not quite as $$$)
Fairfield/Annerley=Belconnen (reasonably close, still older suburbs, semi-affordable)

All in all I love the place. Easy lifestyle, slightly cheaper than Canberra for rent/realestate, but shitlots going on… Musiccentral! I think most of the metal happens in Club Phoenix. My favourite place is Ric’s Bar, which reminds me of the Canberra Phoenix, only with outdoor seating. Bigger Metal/Punk bands play at the Arena.

Moving interstate: is fucking expensive if you have a lot of gear. We got part of ours paid, so we went with Allied Pickford.

Food: Westend markets on Saturday are extremely cheap for produce. Ms Flannery’s supermarkets are large organic supermarkets, I think they’d be good for allergy safe stuff.

Drinks: XXXX is the devil (but what the hell, everything else is available). Make sure you order schooners, because pots are gone in two gulps (hell, as a born bavarian my basic unit of beer is 0.5 liters).

See you up here.

Al Al 1:59 pm 04 Jan 07

XXXX – good
Logan – bad

Most of the northern inner ring suburbs are good – lived in Kedron (the Avenues area) and that was great – miles of bike paths from the mountains to the Bay.
The little geckos that come out at night and chatter away are cute and eat the spiders and cockies but don’t encourage them – they are overseas imposters.
The train service from northern suburbs is brilliant. Buses along the freeway dedicated busway are good too – shining example for ACT. Buses from western suburbs not so – roads weaving around the hills are too prone to accidents and traffic congestion, with nowhere to fit dedicated busways.
You can get bike lockers at train stations and some bus interchanges. I used to treddle 5 mins up the road to Northgate station (longer in summer as you don’t want to get sweaty in a collar and tie), stick my bike in my locker, jump on the next train (every 5 mins) and 11 mins later walk in the dorr at work in the city.
Next to no flies – yeah!
Bloody mossies – boo! Most of the Ross River Fever vectoring mossies will be from within 50-100 metres of their breeding spot. So keep your gutters clear, plant saucers drained, and don’t buy bromiliads, unless you are prepared to put a drop on kero into each one every so often.
Very near to Logan up on the mountain top is Springbrook, which is gorgeous, and considering it is so close to the Gold Coast (north Victoria – not actually part of Qld), surprisingly not ruined. http://www.mouseshouse.com.au – recommended.
Caloundra Van Lines are pretty good removalists – used them a few times as we’ve yo-yoed along the eastern states.
Canetoad numbers are on the wane – local wildlife are learning how to deal with them.
When you feel like abusing a crappy driver, remember they are more than likely to be a southern immigrant – real Qlders are pretty good drivers.
Re: 2 PhD offers – show off!

S4anta S4anta 1:52 pm 04 Jan 07

I believe that Arnala is the best place for bogan hunting in brisvegas

barking toad barking toad 1:31 pm 04 Jan 07

don’t drink xxxx

Jazz Jazz 1:27 pm 04 Jan 07

what makes st lucia so much better terubo?

terubo terubo 1:14 pm 04 Jan 07

Putter is good. You can roll them into the nearest drain.

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 1:11 pm 04 Jan 07

Nine irons are good, Thumper; but you may end up with a poorly disposed neighbour fishing the results of your “golf” session out of their pool.

Go for something with a lower trajectory. I recommend a 3-wood.

vg vg 1:05 pm 04 Jan 07

Logan Shire? Oops, the one bad place I know in Brisbane is Logan City. I’m guessing thats right in the middle of Logan Shire.

Thumper Thumper 1:02 pm 04 Jan 07

Oh, and nine irons are good for cane toads…

Thumper Thumper 1:01 pm 04 Jan 07

Don’t catch Ross River Fever….

terubo terubo 12:51 pm 04 Jan 07

1. Make sure you chose the UQ scholarship.
2. Sell house in Logan Shire, buy in St Lucia.
3. Prepare for unprecedented boganism.

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