A good old Pork Knuckle?

ThatGuy 31 March 2010 19

Hello Rioters,

Ever since returning from a trip to Germany I’ve had a hankering for a chunk of pig. Much to my dismay, I have found that Canberra doesn’t seem to readily offer pig knuckle.

I even made two special trips to the Zierholz in Fyshwick because I thought that they would surely serve this culinary delight. I was again dismayed to find that they only serve it rarely as a special. Thankfully the beer and other meals quelled my disappointment.

I then decided that I would learn how to cook one myself with the help of Google. I found the sauerkraut with ease but there were no un-smoked pork knuckles anywhere in sight. I asked at about 7 different butchers if they would ever have un-smoked knuckles without any luck.

So Rioters do any of you know of any restaurants where I can feast on a piece of pig knuckle so large that it begins to seep out of my pores? Alternatively, anyone know of any good butchers that would supply me with unsmoked pork knuckles?

Much obliged.

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19 Responses to A good old Pork Knuckle?
astrojax astrojax 11:57 am 29 Mar 12

the butcher in dickson would do you what you need, i’m sure – alternatively, the pork butcher in woolley st (chinatown) in dickson should be able to sell you your porky bits.

this thread is making me hungry…

dpm dpm 11:54 am 29 Mar 12

poetix said :

….. (And Lyneham is spelt Lyneham.)

Either way, it has still got ‘ham’ in it! Hmmmm, pork….!

poetix poetix 11:37 am 29 Mar 12

SmileOnTrial said :

The White Eagle Polish Club in Lynham do a pretty good pork knuckle too. Hmmmm making me hungry just thinking about it.

From my usual position as stalker to the meat threads, can I just point out that that club is in O’Connor. (And Lyneham is spelt Lyneham.)

SmileOnTrial SmileOnTrial 11:30 am 29 Mar 12

The White Eagle Polish Club in Lynham do a pretty good pork knuckle too. Hmmmm making me hungry just thinking about it.

pink little birdie pink little birdie 9:45 am 29 Mar 12

Try Cameron at Kambah. He orders whatever meat you want (and even if you ask for the Knuckle he will know what it is) and will cut it for you.

Also there is a butchery in Queanbeyan at a little suburban shop which has different cuts of meat than your standard butcher. they seemed to have quite a few cuts of pork and rabbit last time I was there

Mess Mess 9:32 am 29 Mar 12

+1 for the Austrian Club. Great value too.

thebuke thebuke 9:29 am 29 Mar 12

Hi ThatGuy!

Did you end up finding a butcher who would do this? I am pretty keen to do the same! Found a great recipe: http://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/video/2210155346/Food-Safari-German?from=undefined

Check it out!

kylastra kylastra 12:00 pm 17 Sep 11

These are very easy to cook yourself. When you go to your butcher, ask them for a hock. It’s the part of the leg you are actually after. I learnt that the hard way after scouring many butchers for a “knuckle” and all I got was blank looks.

As for cooking… http://www.sbs.com.au/food/recipe/622/Pork_knuckle_and_potato_dumplings/

watch the vid. It will leave you salivating. What the recipe doesn’t cover is adding sliced apple, onion and parsley to the base of the pan before adding the hocks. Also, if you can find a way to keep them upright by using a long skewer through them from either side of you roasting pan, it helps to give good cracking, as opposed to “chewling” (I think that’s a word!)

ThatGuy ThatGuy 4:57 pm 01 Jun 10

Doubtful anybody will still look at this thread – but I have an update regarding my culinary (mis)adventure.

The Austrian Club provided quite a decent Pork Knuckle. Nice big piece of pig, good taste, good options of sides (I went for the dumpling and sauerkraut), atmosphere was interesting but in a good way.

Only complaints I’ll make is that it wasn’t a crispy and they only do a smoked knuckle.

On a side note, my girlfriend’s schnitzel was superb. Normally I resign myself to the fact that a schnitzel is going to be dry. But not at the Austrian club! It was so moist and tender…mmmm.

I’m off to the German Harmonie club next to compare.

madamcholet madamcholet 9:10 am 02 Apr 10

Try the griffith Butchery. The meat is organic & tastes great – so much better than supermarket fare, and if you call him before hand he will be able to get the cut you want.

Mimiboo Mimiboo 8:20 pm 01 Apr 10

Yup, Harmonie Club does a lovely pork knuckle. Huge serve, so make sure you don’t eat for the day.

sepi sepi 8:02 pm 01 Apr 10

The Austrian Club at Mawson used to do this – it came out on a Roasting platter not a plate – it was massive, for just one meal. but the restaurant has recently changed hands, so I’m not sure now.

there also used to be a german butcher in QBN, for buying smoked pork chops etc, but I don’t know if they are still there either…

pajs pajs 1:38 pm 01 Apr 10

Gino at Eco-Meats in the Belco Markets will be able to help.

Funky1 Funky1 1:14 pm 01 Apr 10

The Vienna Restaurant (formally of Chifley and then formally of Kambah) used to do a great pork knuckle. But alas I don’t think it’s around anymore (unless anyone else knows otherwise).

M0les M0les 12:20 am 01 Apr 10

I recall that the Austrian Club in Mawson did this. Not sure if it’s a periodic (or occasional) special. I sympathise with you though!

Im a country member Im a country member 9:46 pm 31 Mar 10

Sorry! I meant crafted from head meat, tongue and brain (not brawn)!

Im a country member Im a country member 9:42 pm 31 Mar 10

Find a new butcher!!!

Real butchers cut what you want! They don’t simply sell a whole bunch of pre-cut or pre-packed products. Unfortunately real butchers are disapearing.

In theory, you should be able to let a butcher know what you want and the next time he breaks pork, it’ll be put aside for you! I don’t see why they haven’t simply offered that solution!

Do you head to the coast occasionally? Give Mick Clarke at the Braidwood Butchery a call in advance and let him know what you want and when you’re coming through – he’ll sort you out! Ph 02 4842 2472. Mick is an absolute first class butcher!

If you want to try a delicious variant; there’s a very special Southern Thai pork knuckle dish from Songklha Province. It’s deep fried in a wok with basil and chilli – it is amazing!

I’m not sure about Canberra, but The Hahndorf Hotel in the Adelaide Hills and The Austrian Club at Frenchs Forrest (Sydney) allways have excellent pork knuckle on the menu. The Austrian Club only opens Fri Sat Sun.

I was once told that Canberra’s German Club had a superb restaurant – check that out!

I’m sure that there would be other ethnic Euro clubs that would provide – anything Austro / Hungarianish maybe!

If you like pork knuckle, investigate pigs head dishes. You can buy a pig’s head for around 5 bucks and feed 4! Crisp roast Pig’s head is sensational. I have a big brawn in the fridge at the moment; crafted from head meat, tongue and brawn! Mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmm

imarty imarty 8:26 pm 31 Mar 10

Austrian Club Mawson does a good pork knuckle and I reckon the German club would too.
I don’t know why a butcher would say they don’t have pork knuckle, try asking for pork hock, its the same thing and is the pig equivalent of the lamb shank.
As for recipes, try http://www.pork.com.au/home-page-consumer/recipes/recipe-finder.aspx?ca=&p=&cu=Hock&r=&k=&t=1813

2604 2604 8:14 pm 31 Mar 10

Try the Harmonie Club at Narrabundah. They have (or at least, had) a good German restaurant that will probably do you a good “Schweinshaxe”.

No idea if they still do food at the Austrian Club in Mawson, but that might be worth a try as well.

Guten Appetit!

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