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A Liberal by any other name?

By Ntp - 8 June 2007 34

One of our readership forwarded on a scanned pdf of a flyer he had received in the mail yesterday that quotes Stanhope and other sources to imply Rudd will be bad for the ACT. Although the pdf would be too large to put up, the web address, provides exactly the same info but without the lovely photo of Kevin Rudd. Our reader states that the flyer came from Liberal candidate for Frazer Troy Williams and even though neither the scanned flyer nor the website state as such a quick search of the authorising address reveals it to be so as it is the same as that of the ACT Division of the Liberal Party of Australia.

But I ask this; although I applaud anyone out there throwing their hat into the ring should not political advertising clearly state who they are a mouth piece for (and not just provide a tiny address as reference) and does anyone really believe anti ALP propaganda will make a lick of difference in a Labor stronghold like Canberra?

What’s Your opinion?

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34 Responses to
A Liberal by any other name?
CanberraGreen 1:50 pm 08 Jun 07

Gawd you guys are a cynical bunch. For the first time in ages somebody actually wants to engage us and you shout him down. He may be just another stuffed suit or perhaps the real thing, being a Liberal hopes are not high but shouldn’t we take the time to find out?

barking toad 1:20 pm 08 Jun 07

I use political advertising to light my fire (except the TV ones of course) after I have used up the canb times.

I hope there is no election before the end of winter

Ralph 1:00 pm 08 Jun 07

Yes, those Scandinavian utopias……….

Pssst, you forgot to mention their wealth built from North Sea oil reserves.

Maelinar 12:52 pm 08 Jun 07

Troy: hate to state the obvious but Peter Debnam’s stance on 29,000 public servants was a little more graphic (in more ways than one if you add in the budgie smuggling incident) than any Labour policy on the issue.

I’m still voting for ya though, on account of I’ve run out of any alternatives. Just stop selling carparks for buildings, and get public transport working, but I’m sure you’re on top of all that.

Absent Diane 12:15 pm 08 Jun 07

Ralph – just to prove how wrong you are mate check out norway.. large government coupled with free market and plenty of welfare – retirement in norway is a breeze. High taxes but plenty of return. Consistently rated most livable country with a very strong economy. Low levels of unemployment, high levels of tertiary education (which is free), very high skilled worker base.

If I could get a passport for being conceived there.. would move in a flash.

justbands 12:14 pm 08 Jun 07

> Troy: NOT HAPPY about your stickers plastered up on every damn street sign around the place.

I’ll never forget getting hassled by the police for putting up band posters…RIGHT NEXT TO A FRIGGING KATE CARNELL POSTER!

Al 12:05 pm 08 Jun 07

Troy: NOT HAPPY about your stickers plastered up on every damn street sign around the place. Do you not understand the meaning of vandalism?
Perhaps Mr Pratt should have a word to you…

herbert 11:55 am 08 Jun 07

Hi Troy. Thanks for replying, but you can’t fool me! I know you are trying to prevent a Carnell comeback!

Ralph 11:54 am 08 Jun 07

A bit disappointed Troy.

As a Liberal I would expect you to support the notion of small government, hence job cuts.

I have long said on here that I am a supporter of small government and a lower tax base. This can be achieved through the abolition of the socially destructive welfare state.

justbands 11:43 am 08 Jun 07


justbands 11:43 am 08 Jun 07

>> I’m happy to be identified with the issue and don’t hide the fact

That’s greT Troy. The fact remains though that you DO hide the fact. If you’re happy to be identified with the issue, why do you send out flyers that do not properly identify who you are??

TroyWilliams 11:32 am 08 Jun 07

Hi guys

I’m happy to be identified with the issue and don’t hide the fact, visit:

Debates about the campaign aside, what’s the real issue? Labor says they will sack public servants, it’s a matter of public record. So is Jon Stanhope’s concern that a change of government at the federal level will have an adverse impact on the local economy. I welcome the opportunity for an honest and open debate on this issue.

Herbert, thanks for the laugh although 1 April was just over two months ago. Gary isn’t going anywhere and he has my full support.

All the best


herbert 11:06 am 08 Jun 07

‘does anyone really believe anti ALP propaganda will make a lick of difference’

No, but Williams is being groomed to take over from Humphries mid-term. It is about building a profile.

Meconium 10:07 am 08 Jun 07

Let’s hope one of the MLAs (of either faction, as long as they’re against this sort of crap) notices this page and makes a speech about it.

This is dirty politics and although Canberrans will probably see through it, this sort of thing shouldn’t be going on.

Troy Williams is desperate to get into power isn’t he?

justbands 9:48 am 08 Jun 07

I recall several years back my Dad getting some anti ALP “info” in the mail, also with no indication that it was from the Libs. It claimed to be from a “concerned resident” & listed a residential address in his suburb. Dad wasn’t happy, went to this address & confronted the owner about it. Turns out he was indeed a staffer for the local Lib candidate. Personally, I think this should NOT be legal. It’s deceipt. The longer they do this stuff, the longer it will be before I ever, ever give them my vote.

I guess the point is that no, it doesn’t work here in Canberra. We’re educated enough to see through what basically amounts to lies.

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