A pet might not be for Christmas, but kittens are for Easter?

johnboy 9 April 2009 15

The RSPCA has announced that they’re up to their elbows in kittens and would like you to take one home for Easter.

    CEO of RSPCA ACT Michael Linke today advised that since 1 November 2008 RSPCA ACT had received 1,000 kittens.

    “It seems there is no end in sight, day after day more and more kittens are handed in to RSPCA ACT. Just this week we had 29 handed in on Monday.

    “It seems irresponsible breeding and unregulated sales of kittens across the capital continue as we work harder and harder every year to find homes for this volume of kittens.”

    With the school holidays upon us again, families have a perfect opportunity to adopt a new kitten and help RSPCA.

    “If you are thinking of a new pet, come to RSPCA first, don’t add to the over supply and do the right thing for animal welfare. RSPCA ACT has the most successful companion animal homing program across Australia.”

For just $195 you too can have a little fluffy ball of destruction. The price comes with worming, vaccination, desexing, and the all important microchip.

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15 Responses to A pet might not be for Christmas, but kittens are for Easter?
zllauh zllauh 11:30 pm 07 Apr 15

i would love a kitten but already got 2 pups at my place.
dont want to make my place a mess now 😛

Lenient Lenient 12:13 pm 10 Apr 09

I’d get one if they came with funny captions.

martyo martyo 2:19 pm 09 Apr 09

we just did it! daughter is going to be chuffed. Team at Weston Creek are awesome 🙂

Feebles Feebles 1:49 pm 09 Apr 09

You’re absolutely right. There’s probably an enormous desexing backlog since I doubt (m)any of the new arrivals will have already been done.

burkes08 burkes08 1:38 pm 09 Apr 09

The other kittens are probably too young to be adopted out yet or maybe having the dreaded ‘snip’.

Feebles Feebles 1:19 pm 09 Apr 09

And yet there’s only 17 kittens listed on the website as available. Delays in processing or are they able to find homes for them REALLY fast?

pptvb pptvb 1:09 pm 09 Apr 09

Mmmm kittens…..a little diane sauce….lovely!

AlpineViper AlpineViper 12:49 pm 09 Apr 09
weeziepops weeziepops 12:15 pm 09 Apr 09

Imagine you had a cat and didn’t get it desexed and it had a litter of six kittens and they all went on to have a litter of six each and then that 36 went on to have a litter of six each…

I thought kitten season would be quietening down by now. Does not bode well for the capacity of RSPCA to keep pace. I hope the economic downturn doesn’t lead to people reducing their donations as that is pretty much what they rely on.

Mr Waffle Mr Waffle 12:10 pm 09 Apr 09

I’d love a cat, but I’m rather allergic to the little blighters, just being in a home with one will leave me red-eyed and runny nosed all night…

Gobbo Gobbo 10:41 am 09 Apr 09

Responsible pet ownership comes at a cost.

It is all well and good to say “Sure, I’ll get it desexed” Yadda-yadda-yadda. Before you know it, life gets away from you and the damn thing is pregnant and you are looking at having to find homes for eight or so kittens.

This way it will be desexed.

I challenge you to find a better buy of a desexed, chipped and vaccinated kitten at $195 in a pet shop, or anywhere really.

burkes08 burkes08 10:37 am 09 Apr 09

Yep, heaps cheaper than a pet store and in much better condition. I have adopted three beautiful dogs and 2 cats from the RSPCA and am hoping to add a new addition today. I wouldn’t look anywhere else for my babies!

jessieduck jessieduck 10:35 am 09 Apr 09

Desex your pets people.

toriness toriness 10:20 am 09 Apr 09

omgggg so cute!!

PB if you bought a kitten from a pet store it would more than likely cost more, and you wouldn’t get desexing or microchip thrown in for that.

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 10:16 am 09 Apr 09

Am I alone in thinking they’d shift a bloody sight more kittens if they weren’t asking nearly two hundred bucks apiece for them?

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