A prophet not without honour, except in her own city

johnboy 20 July 2008 50

Let’s talk about Brigitte.

I’m sure that if Canberra could choose its own representative in the Big Brother house it would have been a stern intellectual brunette with a whiff of the dominatrix and possibly a pair of leather pants.

Or maybe that’s just me.

What we got was Brigitte, a 21 year old waitress with a louse of a not-quite-boyfriend (by all accounts). She considers her most prized possessions to be her fake breasts valued at $4,500 each. (Personally my most valued possession is my print of Hokusai’s “Great Wave off Kanagawa” taken from the original block. I own a great many things that cost more, but none that are worth more.)

So we do the best with what we’ve got.

The real question, looking at Brigitte’s Big Brother page is why there’s no Canberra night club appearance slated?

Is she avoiding her home town? Her apparently odious ex?

Or is Canberra just not that interested?

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50 Responses to A prophet not without honour, except in her own city
Duke Duke 1:34 pm 23 Jul 08

Yikes – another attempt at internet dating gone bad. Thanks for the heads up Diane, err Absent……ummm maybe consider changing your handle, it’s ripe with confusion!

Absent Diane Absent Diane 12:43 pm 23 Jul 08

<– absent diane is male.. however I am dating an existential nihilist female. sorry to disappoint.

Duke Duke 12:27 pm 23 Jul 08

“……..due to my dazzling combo of looks, talent, wealth, intelligence, humour and modesty.”

And she knows who Jello Biafra and Ministry are! Do you date Anarchists Dianne???

Thumper Thumper 11:54 am 23 Jul 08

Marieke Hardy, now there’s a well rounded induvidual….


johnboy johnboy 11:52 am 23 Jul 08

Nothing with Marieke in it is a good thing.


Absent Diane Absent Diane 11:42 am 23 Jul 08

yeah you wouldn’t throw me in there. i would pretty much win hands down – due to my dazzling combo of looks, talent, wealth, intelligence, humour and modesty.

I reckon throw in that Cardinal Pell fella and you can pit him against Alan Trounson – the aussie stem cell dude – now that would be entertainment ++.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 11:35 am 23 Jul 08

I could see a Big Brother revival if they did some formatting changes and made the list of housemates interesting.

Have ABC take it over, the housemates could include:

Marieke Hardy from First tuesday book-club/JJJ
Barry Cassidy from Insiders
Peter Berner
Barnaby Joyce
Andrew Bolt (for comedic value)
Bill Bryson
Alain de Botton (author / philosopher)
Peter Garret (for even more comedic value)
Pauline Hanson (to keep Andrew Bolt company because rednecks need mutual support)
Red Symonds
Sarah Hanson-Young (new Greens Senator)

Throw in a few Rioters:
Deadmandrinking & Maelinar (for the seething animosity)
Absent Dianne

And some randomly kidnapped folk from shopping centres in low SES areas

Absent Diane Absent Diane 11:34 am 23 Jul 08

jello biafra died for me when he did lard with ministry now that is some crapola music (or at least the bits I have heard) he kind of rose from the dead a little when he introduced the world to wesley willis (greatest muso of all time?).

Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:16 am 23 Jul 08

Jimbo leaves Rollins for dead!

Big Brother sucks arse.

jakez jakez 10:54 am 23 Jul 08

All roads lead to Rollins?

AngryHenry AngryHenry 9:50 am 23 Jul 08

…Ummm we’re now talking about Rollins in a thread about big brother…

It’s my fault, I started it and I am ashamed.

Sorry people.

Duke Duke 5:57 pm 22 Jul 08

“Duke is a BLASPHEMER!!!”

I’m a bit sensitive on this issue Jake. My other punk idol Jello Biafra turned against me too when he swapped Dead Kennedys for spoken-word Argghhhhhhhh

Now I dont respect nuffin no more f8%$

smiling politely smiling politely 5:33 pm 22 Jul 08

Must admit Henry Rollins got me through some hard times when I was an angsty, angry young man. As he’s getting older he’s getting a bit more “right on” politically (check out the Henry Rollins Show to see what I mean) but I still find a lot of what he has to say relevant and appealing.

I’ll never forget “When life hands you lemons – say “I like lemons, what the f^ck else you got?””.

Part of me is looking forward to introducing my boy to Black Flag and the Rollins Band (and maybe chuck my old bass guitar in the room with him) when he’s a surly, annoying blaggard of a teenager listening to “music I don’t approve of”. At the risk of making stupid generalisations, it might be a bit of a gen x parenting thing…

Thumper Thumper 4:56 pm 22 Jul 08

I don’t get the Rollins excitement…

johnboy johnboy 4:20 pm 22 Jul 08

Oddly enough my american friends don’t get our Rollins excitement.

“He’s just an MTV VJ” they say.

jakez jakez 4:04 pm 22 Jul 08

Duke is a BLASPHEMER!!!

Duke Duke 2:57 pm 22 Jul 08

“Henry Rollins is a legend”

Black Flag Henry was a legend, spoken word Henry blows.

jakez jakez 12:34 pm 22 Jul 08

illyria said :

Angry Henry, I agree that the generations will always be generations apart. IMO we should never pretend that we understand each other, we just need to be aware of what each other is thinking/doing.

Jakez, Your parents must be very proud. I wish my kids and all their peers were all perfect like you.

I remember what I got up to between the ages of 17-20 and quite frankly, it makes me shudder to think. Lucky it wasn’t put up on Facebook or Bebo or broadcast live on Channel Ten.

You know I’m always telling my parents how perfect I am and they never believe me ;-).

I’m not saying I’m perfect not at all, it’s probably more of a case that I appear to be on the cusp of a generational change. Like you said in your first paragraph, I don’t understand these youngins.

jakez jakez 12:31 pm 22 Jul 08

AngryHenry said :

jakez said :

…”Old people don’t know a f*cking thing about being young and young people don’t know a f*cking thing about being old” – Rollins


Ahh I finally get your username. Awesome man, Henry Rollins is a legend.

bd84 bd84 9:47 pm 21 Jul 08


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