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A prophet not without honour, except in her own city

By johnboy - 20 July 2008 50

Let’s talk about Brigitte.

I’m sure that if Canberra could choose its own representative in the Big Brother house it would have been a stern intellectual brunette with a whiff of the dominatrix and possibly a pair of leather pants.

Or maybe that’s just me.

What we got was Brigitte, a 21 year old waitress with a louse of a not-quite-boyfriend (by all accounts). She considers her most prized possessions to be her fake breasts valued at $4,500 each. (Personally my most valued possession is my print of Hokusai’s “Great Wave off Kanagawa” taken from the original block. I own a great many things that cost more, but none that are worth more.)

The real question, looking at Brigitte’s Big Brother page is why there’s no Canberra night club appearance slated?

Is she avoiding her home town? Her apparently odious ex?

Or is Canberra just not that interested?

What’s Your opinion?

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50 Responses to
A prophet not without honour, except in her own city
Thumper 9:19 am 21 Jul 08


I clicked on the link, what a dumb slag…

G-Fresh 9:08 am 21 Jul 08

She’s a fair sort. A lot of girls wouldn’t mind her “fake breasts valued at $4,500 each” and a lot of you blokes wouldn’t turn her down if the opportunity arose.

tylersmayhem 8:55 am 21 Jul 08

Thank god this show has now finally been cancelled. It’s about 5 years overdue! As for this bird from Canberra who was apparently in the show this season, I’m sure she at least has the sense to know the slating she’ll get here in Canberra, and that people wouldn’t even buy her a drink.

My advice to her is enjoy the free Cosmo’s why you can, because you’ll be forgotten within a couple of weeks unless she follows the steps of Paris Hilton and Mini Me and releases a sex-tape of sorts.

Absent Diane 8:43 am 21 Jul 08

i watched it through association.. I didn’t get addicted but I stopped hating it as much the more I watched it. but it is not a good show. if they put some interesting people in and it made a little more experimental then yeah.. and sandilands and the other chick are fcking joke.

mrnamjama 8:27 am 21 Jul 08

I am one degree of separation from Brigitte, and yet I can proudly say I have no idea what she looks like, nor have I watched a single episode of BB! 😀

Participating in this conversation does make me feel a little dirty though…

Thumper 8:10 am 21 Jul 08

I can’t comment, I’ve never watched the show.

Deadmandrinking 8:01 am 21 Jul 08

I think that speaks for the whole show, Diane. Kyle Sandilands as a host makes me shudder as well, even though I never watched the show.

Absent Diane 7:58 am 21 Jul 08

her stupidity was outrageously funny.

Deadmandrinking 7:53 am 21 Jul 08

bubzie said :

Does anyone in canberra actulary give a toss that she got evicted anyway??

Does anybody in the world apart from 12 yr old morons?

bubzie 6:35 am 21 Jul 08

Ewwwwww, big bother.

seriously, i havent watched/or even discussed it in a couple of years.
I was kinda happy like that. Now you guys are all just wounds. It’s all your fault, ya know. (Ok. Lack of sleep does this to you..)

but, errgh. Does anyone in canberra actulary give a toss that she got evicted anyway??

lux 12:31 am 21 Jul 08

She’s appalling.

“I don’t like thinking” ????!!!!! wtf??

She says she hates liars…. yet aren’t her fake breasts a form of lying? She says she wouldn’t be caught dead on national tv without makeup – yet says she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her?!!

What a waste of space. I’d thus far managed to avoid having any contact with Big Brother this year, having hardly turned on the telly in the last four months, but now i have, i feel dirty. Thanks a lot, RiotAct.

Pandy 11:42 pm 20 Jul 08

Damn I got to get out and buy more books.

Sleaz274 11:29 pm 20 Jul 08

There are 300 hundred “brigitte”s out every week in canberra usually in groups who cluster around and look identical with their foot of make up each but are too scared to talk to anyone who isn’t from their school or played first rugby. Trust me there is nothing interesting, unique or special about that girl. I could find far more fun, less self interested and exciting girls walking around civic talking to shop assistants. I see Zoo and Ralph signed her up pretty quick but she’s no Krystal.

Open your eyes people I spoke to a more beautiful and nicer girl in borders about buying a birthday present…

johnboy 11:24 pm 20 Jul 08

What other format can give the new digital channels 120 hours a week of content?

Sadly, it will be back.

BenMac 11:18 pm 20 Jul 08

Is she avoiding her home town? Her apparently odious ex?

Or is Canberra just not that interested?

Who really cares? Big Brother is almost done with, and she’ll be forgotten in 2 weeks.

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