A quick trip down the GDE

johnboy 16 May 2007 33

So this morning I drove and NTP operated the camera and here’s a look at the newly completed sections of the Gungahlin Drive Extension from the Barton Highway to Belconnen Way.

[Music: Don’t Delay by Utility]

Interesting they’ve got special roo fences along there which are designed to let animals get away from the road while deterring them from getting in. Also there is a very impressive cycle path which has not been neglected while cutting the design of the road down to single lane each way.

UPDATED: GDE goes international! The video got two youtube honours!

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33 Responses to A quick trip down the GDE
Pandy Pandy 7:02 pm 15 May 07

Save-the-Ridge? Sweet justice to those rat bags!

jase! jase! 6:50 pm 15 May 07

Al when the next phase opens the GDE will be great on weekends at least, I live north side, most of my mates live at wonden, will make life much easier. Andy, the uturn at the calvary lights is exactly what I have been doing after coming up caswell and wanting to head home

swissbignose swissbignose 6:43 pm 15 May 07

Ironically, there appears to be a solution available, but for some reason it is blocked off to traffic. There appears to be two turning lanes going into Belconnen Way from the GDE. The one that is blocked off would appear to allow a car to have exclusive use of the lane for 30 metres before it merges with the third lane of Belconnen Way. That’d be enough.

andy andy 6:05 pm 15 May 07

roccon, why would you bother goin into calvary ? Just do a full U-Turn at the lights where you turn into calvary anyway..

b2 b2 5:38 pm 15 May 07

johnboy, that cycle path looks great – and it is – but it wasn’t flattened when they did the road… not that I don’t enjoy riding up hills…

Al Al 5:20 pm 15 May 07

Jase, that’s not much more than it always takes to turn right from Phillip into Majura every morning between 8 and 9, (if you are silly enough to not go around the rat runs…).
Not meaning to downplay the hopelessness of the GDE situation in any way though.

jase! jase! 4:19 pm 15 May 07

growling ferret.

last friday because of that give way sign it took about 15 minutes from getting to the back of the queue at belco way to get on to it. there has to be a better way for the 2 roads to intersect or we have to wait until september when the next phase opens

roccon roccon 3:54 pm 15 May 07

all the problems have been solved by installing a “No Entry” sign to the pickup lane of the childcare centre at Calvary Hospital (Mary Potter Circuit).

Let me explain………

seems drivers were heading westbound Belconnen Way, turning into Hayden Drive then into Calvary, doing a U turn at the childcare centre then heading left onto Hayden and back east on Belconnen Way to get onto the GDE. Ingenious of the drivers to think it up and the government for fixing it with the “No Entry” sign……..(sarcasm, what sarcasm)

Al Al 3:47 pm 15 May 07

Don’t get me started on that one! That damn intersection of Phillip and Majura!. All it needs is a give way sign bunged in for the westbound Phillip Ave traffic. Stop all the ratrunning and you stop the bank-up of cars all the way back into the roundabout at times.
I’ve taken this up with Hargreaves, and await his reply…

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 3:42 pm 15 May 07

I’ll give a peak hour Ainslie rat run report tomorrow…

Al Al 3:04 pm 15 May 07

I think RA ground to a bit of a halt there for a while. Took yonks to load anything off the site here after I came back from lunch.

On the GDE2, there have been reports on 666 of taking 30 minutes to get from the Barton Hwy onto Belconnen Way, due to the dumb give way sign.
I also note Hargreaves quoted in CT yesterday as saying the arrangements were ‘widely advertised” BS John!
I looked all over the ACT Roads website for a notice or media release to no avail. The only thing the search facility threw up for “Gungahlin Drive” was an out of date link that redirected to a new page that also was way out of date (try it yourself).
There ws a 1/3 page colour ad in Saturdays CT but it was buried down the back below the classifieds I think it was…
Supposedly lots has been done to ‘correct’ the problem. So I’m interested if it has had any impact on the peak commute inbound???

johnboy johnboy 2:42 pm 15 May 07

Funny you should mention the turning lane GF. We got to the end and wondered amongst all the red plastic if there was a lane, a car whistling by quickly informed us there was not.

Then the cunning stunt behind my started leaning on his horn because I wasn’t jumping out into the column of traffic.

I suppressed the urge to get out of the car and explain the error of his ways to him. He was, however, treated to a lengthy examination of my middle finger.

johnboy johnboy 2:39 pm 15 May 07

might be some caching going on too Sammy.

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 2:23 pm 15 May 07

in a rare case of it working at work, it did here….

Out of curiosity, why isn’t there a dedicated lane for the first 200m of Belconnen Way to allow traffic to merge rather than a silly Give Way sign?

Has anyone gone that way in peak time – ie 7:45 to 8:30 this week?

I noticed the Barton Highway/Gundaroo Drive parking lot was the same as always at 7:45 this morning…

andy andy 2:09 pm 15 May 07

nope, works from here.
or at least, seems to. due to my work bandwidth limits, i’m not going to view it just now though

Sammy Sammy 2:09 pm 15 May 07

It’s odd because i’m with Internode, and I believe they have direct peering to YouTube.

Sammy Sammy 2:08 pm 15 May 07

Nup, still not loading. Anyone else having this issue?

johnboy johnboy 1:10 pm 15 May 07

It’s been just uploaded in the last few minutes, but it’s working fine from here.

Might still be shuffling around their mirror pool.

Sammy Sammy 1:07 pm 15 May 07

Either here, or directly on YouTube. Other videos load fine.

Sammy Sammy 1:07 pm 15 May 07

I can’t get the YouTube video to load.

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