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A strange week for Chic Henry

By johnboy - 6 December 2008 108

It’s been a strange week for the Summernats impressario Chic Henry.

First he was doing his annual act of crying poor and threatening to up stumps unless the people of Canberra did more for him.

Then the ABC had a big swipe at Chic’s personal earnings from the event.

This morning the Canberra Times is mysteriously in possession of a treasury minute carpeting Summernats for the attitudes towards women and vowing not a cent more money unless they clean it up.

    “any future support, financial or otherwise, would be subject to being satisfied that measures were in place to address the perceived culture of negative portrayal and treatment of women that attaches to the event, and to mitigate anti-social behaviour. To date, the Summernats Group has not provided a response to those concerns”

A reasonable person might imagine that Mr. Stanhope’s office wanted this cabinet minute publicised.

Mr Stanhope’s office even helpfully confirmed the thrust of the minute. How nice.

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108 Responses to
A strange week for Chic Henry
cranky 8:10 pm 06 Dec 08

$200,000 for three days rent is a rip-off. Does the Folk Festival or whatever pay the same amount? Is ANY other user required to pay this usury?

Sure, it’s not everyones cup of tea, but methinks the combination of ‘a wowser of Canberrans’ (LOL) and a Gov who cannot help but give the golden goose a real shake, may well result in the event departing.

It would be a pity. Entrants locally spend large sums in various businesses, and the local vehicle fabrication/modification industry has become highly respected by those involved in the street machine scene. Individual vehicles have cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, a vast proportion of this money spent locally.

The display of this technology and craftsmanship is, of course, the reason for the event. That the grog and stupidity have come with it is unfortunate.

dexi 6:49 pm 06 Dec 08

A wowser of Canberrans.

ant 6:18 pm 06 Dec 08

Cast your minds back to the TV ads for last year’s Summernats. Loud rock music, images of cars with clouds of smoke coming out, blokes in groups cheering with cans of beer (or other alco stuff in cans), a girl in the act of lifting her top and smiling happily, strippers….

Chic Henry can shut up and rack off, stop bludging off the taxpayer for money, and hope that Canberra people aren’t so sick of the whole thing that his nice little earner isn’t shown the door. Using taxpayers money to subsidise an event where young women are threatened is disgusting and indefensible.

miz 6:06 pm 06 Dec 08


kean van choc 5:36 pm 06 Dec 08

A servitude of Canberrans?

miz 5:22 pm 06 Dec 08

I don’t like Summernats and will never, ever darken its door (and thank god I don’t live nearby – my heartfelt comiserations to those who do) but I don’t have an issue with this interest group having a big get together.
However, I thought Mr Henry sounded a bit doofus-esque asking for more money. I think Canberrans (collectively) suffer enough during Summernats.

[What’s the collective noun for Canberrans? committee? caucus? clique? coterie? cabal?]

fabforty 5:09 pm 06 Dec 08

HA !

VicePope 3:04 pm 06 Dec 08

I’d be assuming the “forgotten” Treasury brief was an inspired act of carelessness. It works so many ways – makes it clear to everyone that SummerNats has a serious attitude problem that is inconsistent with the expenditure of public money. If (a) the Government pulled the plug and (b) Chic H had nowhere else to go, would local business cough up in exchange for the enormous advantages it’s supposed to bring them?

On the other hand, a straight answer from the SummerNats folk to these questions would be useful – “have you, within the last six months, made or responded to inquiries by other bodies about holding SummerNats somewhere else? Who initiated those inquiries? Are any discussions still proceeding?”. Or is someone playing bluff?

New Yeah 1:54 pm 06 Dec 08

Pommy bastard said :

Ok, not knowing much about this so called “Summernats”, how was a perceived culture of negative portrayal and treatment of women that attached to the event?

If you are in town, I genuinely suggest that you buy a day pass and check it out for yourself. As is pointed out ad nauseam on the Riot Act, once the sun goes down the ‘Nats is not a female-friendly place. Even Blind Freddy knows this. To really get a feel for it, you could even take your teenage daughter, if you have one.

Starscream 1:54 pm 06 Dec 08

hopefully it will be the last year.

Pommy bastard 1:41 pm 06 Dec 08

Are you saying that any event promoted by govt has to have “PC, family friendly” approval?

I-filed 1:07 pm 06 Dec 08

My 15-year-old blonde niece and her friend were separated from family at the event and had to be protected from the drunk yobbo Summernats crowd a few years ago by ‘family people’ nearby. They found it terrifying. They literally had to shelter against a burly bloke who rescued them and walked them to a safe spot with Security. Summernats has no place being promoted by government. Greens? Have we heard from them yet?

PM 12:01 pm 06 Dec 08

I meant to say that he denies that it degrades women and he claims that it is family friendly.

I should also point out I don’t mind the event being here but I don’t want to pay for it if he profiteers from it.

Pommy bastard 11:58 am 06 Dec 08

Ok, not knowing much about this so called “Summernats”, how was a perceived culture of negative portrayal and treatment of women that attached to the event?

PM 11:56 am 06 Dec 08

He always denies that the event degrades women and that it’s family friendly, but they have an officially organised wet t-shirt contest, don’t they? Sure, it’s at the end of the night, but you don’t turn up to it without having been at the day’s events.

But that aside, will Stanhope announce an investigation into the leaking of the minute?

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