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Abandoned stairs to make way for new external escalator at Canberra Centre

Lachlan Roberts 27 August 2019 44
Canberra Centre

The flight of stairs that lead to the level one food court in Canberra Centre are set to be replaced with escalators. Photos: Lachlan Roberts.

A flight of stairs is set to be demolished and replaced with new external escalators at the Bunda Street entrance of the Canberra Centre.

The planning report, which was prepared by Mather Architecture Pty Ltd, said the escalators will improve customer access to the centre’s level one food court and entertainment precinct along Bunda Street, which will soon be home to Kingpin.

If the development application is approved, the proposed works will include demolition of the existing stairs, new external escalators, new auto-doors and fixed façade glazing to the level one landing and modifications to the ground floor restaurant tenancy below the new proposed escalators.

The flight of stairs has been closed for some time.

The planning report said the $580,000 proposed works will enhance street activation to the centre as well as improving the overall amenity.

“The proposed works are an integral part of the Canberra Centre repositioning and will enhance business viability in the existing centre by better access to a high-quality shopping, dining and entertainment environment,” the report read.

“Once completed, the proposed works will have a positive impact on pedestrian movement and amenity as access to shops from the street will be improved and the general aesthetic of Bunda Street will be enhanced.

“The new external grade escalators will create a point of interest and improved urban amenity along Bunda Street and better integrate the first floor to the public realm at ground level.”

The proposed upgrades at the Canberra Centre follow recent internal refurbishment and external façade upgrades of Monaro Mall and the ongoing construction of external façade and awning upgrade further along Bunda Street.

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44 Responses to Abandoned stairs to make way for new external escalator at Canberra Centre
Ray Young Ray Young 11:16 am 27 Aug 19

Kinda sad and kinda glad that those stairs are going. Sad as they were kind of cool in relation to the street aesthetics... but glad as they are slippery in the wet, not pram/disabled friendly and being a long stretch (not wrap-back) if you fall, bump, bump, bump, bump... splat.


    Sarah Emmerson Sarah Emmerson 11:16 pm 27 Aug 19

    Ray Young did you know you can walk 10 meters from these steps to access the two other escalators or lifts. At least these won’t breakdown and as other say, provide exercise option

    Ray Young Ray Young 5:10 am 28 Aug 19

    Sarah Emmerson oh yes, I know... it's just the balanced view... pros and cons... ultimately no matter what we say, RIP stairs anyway...

    Oh well...

    Wonder if it will rain today? 😀😀😎😎😎

Nathan Burraston Nathan Burraston 11:49 am 27 Aug 19

You know what the Canberra Centre should do, is renovate their garbage room to accommpdate recycling trucks. The unimaginable amount of daily recyclable waste going into landfill is boggling.

    LJ Tas LJ Tas 12:01 pm 27 Aug 19

    Nathan Burraston currently recycling depots can't handle the volume of recyclable material they get, let's get that under control before we modify the trucks

    Nathan Burraston Nathan Burraston 12:02 pm 27 Aug 19

    LJ Tas the point is it's ludicrous to have recycling bins in the food courts to deceive people into thinking they're doing the right thing, then all the recycling goes into the compactus with the other rubbish and off to the tip to be buried.

    LJ Tas LJ Tas 12:10 pm 27 Aug 19

    Sadly that's probably what's about to happen with your household recycling too, it is crazy, but until we get a real use for the recycled material it's all going to sit degrading in landfil.

Neica Hall Neica Hall 2:41 pm 27 Aug 19

I liked the stairs, a little extra exercise in my lunch break.

Alby James Alby James 3:07 pm 27 Aug 19

I blame the tram

Grant Tobias Grant Tobias 4:26 pm 27 Aug 19

So we're no longer focused on climate change?

Sarah Beatty Sarah Beatty 5:01 pm 27 Aug 19

Haha Hayley Malfone! I used this as extra exercise every day!

Shane Crombie Shane Crombie 5:17 pm 27 Aug 19

No comment.

Susanne Gardiner Susanne Gardiner 5:52 pm 27 Aug 19

I liked them, used them a fair bit.

Bethany Williams Bethany Williams 6:00 pm 27 Aug 19

Does anyone know the food court there is going to be replaced with?

Ian McTaggart Ian McTaggart 6:34 pm 27 Aug 19

This is news because?

Margaret Freemantle Margaret Freemantle 9:43 pm 27 Aug 19

Lazy and fat!!! That is how we all will be

    Toni Isaacson Toni Isaacson 10:14 pm 27 Aug 19

    Yes, 'cause that's the ONLY reason why anyone takes an escalator....

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 7:38 am 28 Aug 19

    Margaret Freemantle do you just whinge and whine about everything? Like seriously these steps are not needed in the new plans for the centre. What’s the issue?

Brian Evans Brian Evans 9:47 pm 27 Aug 19

Because that's a great comment you have made

Gabriel Spacca Gabriel Spacca 9:52 pm 27 Aug 19

Uhm ... Aren’t they abandoned because the food court closed?

Marcus Flux Marcus Flux 10:05 pm 27 Aug 19

People don’t walk anymore.

    Toni Isaacson Toni Isaacson 10:14 pm 27 Aug 19

    Or - you know - can't.

    Jo Williams Hayes Jo Williams Hayes 9:52 pm 28 Aug 19

    Toni Isaacson last year I couldn't walk around woolies to shop....without it taking 3 hours...after surgery in January I can run dance skip & jump it's brilliant..but the last 3 years were hell on earth...

Paul McElligott Paul McElligott 10:08 pm 27 Aug 19

Does anyone bowl anymore? There used to betwo alleys in Civic and one at woden. All closed last century.

    Kat Watson Kat Watson 12:21 am 28 Aug 19

    Paul McElligott there We're still bowling alleys in woden and belco and last time I was at wooden it wad busy .

    Paul McElligott Paul McElligott 12:29 am 28 Aug 19

    I stand corrected Kat.

    Felicity Flis Ainsworth Felicity Flis Ainsworth 7:15 am 28 Aug 19

    I know there is one at Tuggers, but where is the Woden one?

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 7:37 am 28 Aug 19

    Paul McElligott these newer ones are about more than bowling too. They are about a night out, so have bars and other entertainment. Bowling is a side line to that.

Brian Evans Brian Evans 10:34 pm 27 Aug 19

Agreed uber to escalator cause my mouse is out of batteries from all that online stuff

Chris Bennett Chris Bennett 1:06 am 28 Aug 19

I preferred the stairs. I found it amusing when the first side had the sign up that says "stairs out of order". I didn't know they were supposed to be in a specific order

Susana Di Donna Susana Di Donna 4:28 am 28 Aug 19

Jethro interesting!

Kerry Dent Kerry Dent 5:18 am 28 Aug 19

Shame there can’t be both.

Melissa Alexiou Melissa Alexiou 6:37 am 28 Aug 19

Kris Greenhill aww I liked those stairs

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