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Abused and Threatened by driver with Diplomatic Plates – Totally Bizarre

By kratz 19 October 2010 69

I’m an avid reader, but first time poster. Something strange happened today that made me want to post this message seeking help.

Today I was quietly parked in a 30 minute dropoff/pickup area adjacent to an office building in Marcus Clarke St (engine off) waiting for my wife to return from inside the building. I was there only 5 minutes when I noticed a DC plated car behind me waiting for a parking spot next to me. Next to me was a disabled spot and when the occupant exited the DC car must have realised he couldn’t park there himself. At this time there was another car waiting behind the DC car and this was a single lane area, so DC would need to leave the area. Instead, the DC driver reversed a little almost hitting the car behind him and then began shouting at me to leave my spot immediately or he will call the police. Truly bizarre!

I got out of the car to ask him what he wanted and who he was. He was shouting abuse and telling me I need to leave the parking spot right now or he will call the police. I was shocked as anyone would be and asked him who he was (stupidly thinking it may be someone of authority), he replied “I am a Diplomatic staff member” amongst other things, appearing to pull rank on me, as if I was just another Joe Citizen from Australia. Out of fear for my safety I left the parking spot and let him park there not really knowing what to make of the whole situation. Was he on drugs or is this how some diplomats treat citizens of their host country?

I want to make a complaint but don’t know where to start? How do I know which embassy he belonged to, is there a list of DC number ranges somewhere? I can’t find it anywhere.

I know the first 2 digits designate the mission and the last 2 digits the driver.

Does anyone know which country “DC 15” vehicles belong to? I am ready to lodge a formal complaint with someone!

What’s Your opinion?

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69 Responses to
Abused and Threatened by driver with Diplomatic Plates – Totally Bizarre
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vg 11:01 am 30 Oct 10

“Out of fear for my safety ”
Funny, but if it happened to me the DC car would have been leaving the carpark feeling the same way if he presented me with such rudeness and threatening behaviour.

Or I would have asked him to contact the Police and, in the interim, I would give DFAT a tinkle on my mobile whilst remaining in situ.

chris820 10:31 am 23 Oct 10

This list is old.

24 Aust
25 Cana
26 Fran
27 Iraq
28 Holy
29 Laos
31 Belg
32 Cypr
33 PNG
34 Jord
35 Viet
36 Chin
37 Yugo
38 Thai
39 Ital
40 Maur
41 Germ
42 Russ
43 Indo
44 Bang
45 Malt
46 Isra
47 Leba
48 Swit
49 USA
50 USA
51 Nige
52 Liby
53 Arge
54 Braz
55 Urug
56 Vene
57 Port
58 Hung
59 Peru
60 Mala
61 Phil
62 UAE
63 S.Kor
64 Ugan
65 Japa
66 Neth
67 Finl
68 Chil
69 Brit
70 Fiji
71 Irel
72 Mexi
73 Egyp
74 Denm
75 Indi
76 SriL
77 Ghan
78 Myan
79 Gree
80 Spai
81 Iran
82 Paki
84 Sing
85 Turk
86 Norw
87 S.Afr
88 Pola
89 N.Zea
90 Swed
91 Zamb
93 Keny
94 Zimb
96 Czec
97 Brun
99 Alge
100 IceL

Me no fry 2:58 pm 21 Oct 10

p1 said :

When you make an assumption, you make an ass out of you and umption”.

– Samuel L mutha f**ker Jackson.

Let’s get Sam here – he’d straighten everybody out and make them drive in the correct lane (whichever one that might be). And if we arm him appropriately he might put some fear into those DC drivers, who mostly couldn’t drive a soapy finger up a dog’s arse.

p1 11:55 pm 20 Oct 10

When you make an assumption, you make an ass out of you and umption”.

– Samuel L mutha f**ker Jackson. 6:45 pm 20 Oct 10

motleychick said:

“Were you driving in the right lane for no reason or were you actually overtaking people?”

Who said anything about driving in the right lane? I was in the middle lane of three. I was overtaking a car in the left lane, and something was just forward of me on the right. This idiot just happened to come up behind me and start beeping. And when I did not drive like an idiot, they swerved through traffic in the right side lane, into the bus lane and then across all three lanes of traffic into the left lane.

You really should not jump to conclusions. As they said in the movies, “Assumption is the mother of all F@#-ups”.

majorLazer 4:45 pm 20 Oct 10

Erg0 said :

majorLazer said :

Wikipedia says that they were all reallocated by ballot at some point, which I’d tend to believe since I saw a British car this morning with a prefix of 69.

fair enough, but alot of other countries still follow that rule ie First Come first Serve.

Chipping in

45 – Malaysian
67 – Pakistan(not sure)
75 – Indian

Also note the numbering system is based on rank(obviously) DCXX01 is always the ambassador/High Commisioners, followed by any of their personal cars, then to second in command, and goes on and on.

for DX alot of the embassies have the starting number from from the first two numbers hence the first DX69 would be DX6969 or something similar.
But regarding your situation, complain to the embassy and they will surely take disciplinary action against them. This sort of behavior is not tolerable in any emabssy and country.

swissbignose 2:21 pm 20 Oct 10

I used to remember a whole bunch of these. Might not be entirely accurate.

24 – Austrians
25 – Canadians
26 – French
41 – Germans
42 – Russians
48 – Swiss
49 – Americans
50 – Americans
80 – Spanish

69 – Brits and 65 – Japanese as previously mentioned.

Punter 10:21 am 20 Oct 10

Davo111 said :

EDIT: Perhaps go to the police and get an AVO out against the driver. Thats the only way i can think you would get anything out of this.

These orders are made through Court and they require a more substantial reason than payback for a dispute over a parking space.

p1 10:18 am 20 Oct 10

I’ve done some extensive googling, and while I am amazed at the number of web forums (fora, for the pedants out there) dedicated to number plates, I have been unable to find a list of which numbers equal which diplomatic missions.

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