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ACT Ambulances get a fatty lifter

By johnboy - 31 July 2009 101

Simon Corbell has proudly unveiled a “bariatric ambulance” entering service in the ACT.

    “The new bariatric ambulance is a multifunctional vehicle that has the capability to transport a patient weighing up to 500 kilograms,” Mr Corbell said.

    “The transportation of obese patients is an area of growing challenge for all ambulance services and health agencies around Australia.

    “This new vehicle is leading edge in design and has an automated loading system. It will improve patient care and safety as well as substantially reduce the manual handling involved with transporting patients with special needs.”

Apparently a frontend loader with a sling is not suitable.

While not a study in slim athleticism myself, I reckon that when one can no longer fit into a standard ambulance it’s past time to make some radical lifestyle changes.

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101 Responses to
ACT Ambulances get a fatty lifter
Granny 1:04 pm 31 Jul 09

So should the ambos just leave them to die? And why should we transport people who damage their health through drinking, smoking, drugs or foolishness. These are all symptomatic of other problems, as is obesity. And some people do have medical conditions that require drugs which cause weight gain.

Spam Box 1:03 pm 31 Jul 09

Grow up

AG Canberra 12:55 pm 31 Jul 09

A fat tax would sort everything out. Just think – fatties paying more for flights, softdrink, for clothes, for health insurance and medicare (and this could be done for smokers and suntanners as well), for taking up two seats on the bus and for rides in the fat ambulance.

Within a few years we’d all be healthier, and the defecit would be erased.

Pommy bastard 12:47 pm 31 Jul 09



Postalgeek 12:38 pm 31 Jul 09

Obesity is mostly the result of lazy, undisciplined decisions so no, I don’t think the environment should adapt to suit the person. That just removes further disincentive for people to take responsibility for their own health and it’s impact on the community.

As it is obesity puts a massive strain on health resources, to the amount of $8 billion and growing. There has to be a point where the community cannot be expected to shield people from the consequences of their own decisions.

Joy 12:16 pm 31 Jul 09

There is no shortage of bariatric patients at the Canberra Hospital. There are special beds, commodes and lifters to accomodate them, and there is often a shortage of equipement, such is the demand.

Joshua 12:06 pm 31 Jul 09

An appropriate addition to the ambulances of a nation that now considers it acceptable for McDonalds to open outlets in hospitals (in the interests of freedom of choice of course).

AngryHenry 12:04 pm 31 Jul 09

I saw JoelMcHale on TV the other night describing that show ‘Dance Your Ass Off’ as ‘the biggest exploitation of fat people since they put cookie dough in ice cream!’

Cruel, but funny!

FC 11:56 am 31 Jul 09

That’s so sad to be that fat. when I have gained between 5-10 kgs above my normal weight I can already feel a depletion of energy and drive. Let alone being 100+kgs overweight.
So scary.

Gungahlin Al 11:46 am 31 Jul 09

“The transportation of obese patients is an area of growing challenge…”

A deliberate pun, or someone didn’t think?

Loose Brown 11:39 am 31 Jul 09

Yay! Fattisism! One of the last non-taboo discrimination ideologies.

Enjoy it while it lasts!

Thumper 11:28 am 31 Jul 09

I reckon that when one can no longer fit into a standard ambulance it’s past time to make some radical lifestyle changes.


phototext 11:28 am 31 Jul 09

If the record was 560kg then the ACT government must be expecting a whole lot of people to try and beat that record….. and them needing emergency hospital treatment when they succeed.

Danman 11:22 am 31 Jul 09

No lift policy has been alive and well in hospitals for ages… Dunno why it took ambulances so long to follow suite.

They should be using slings in hospitals to move all non ambulent people – not just morbidly obese people.

Nursing does not come with the pre requisite of being a powerlifter – regardless of lifestyle – 60kg is still 60kg for a slight ambo or 2.

TP 3000 11:21 am 31 Jul 09

I’ve seen this ambulance driving around Canberra for around a month. It just looks like the US style ambulance. But then again it is quite rare to see huge people in hospital & I wonder if this ambulance could carry 2 average bodies that aren’t seriously injured from road incidents?

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