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ACT Gov’t Seeks Urgent Advice regarding Aussie Junk

realitycheck 13 June 2009 45

As reported on the news last night the ACT Government is seeking Urgent Advice after discovering Aussie Junk Pty Ltd has an application filed for winding up the Company with ASIC.

I searched ASIC & the net myself & discovered a Public Notice Announcement which reads

    “A proceeding for the winding up of AUSSIE JUNK PTY LTD A.C.N. ### ### ### was commenced by the Plaintiff, DEPUTY COMMISSIONER OF TAXATION, on 19 May 2009″

So it seems the ATO is also owed money.

Don’t look now but there’s queue forming!!

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45 Responses to ACT Gov’t Seeks Urgent Advice regarding Aussie Junk
A Yong A Yong 6:23 pm 21 Jun 09

To my knowledge and if you look on the ATO Website from how I understand it Super is paid Qrtly

Clown Killer Clown Killer 9:55 am 20 Jun 09

I cant be sure about that VY. In my business I pay my employee’s super quarterly at the same time I pay the GST and income tax.

Going broke probably makes for a more complicated trail to the money but the legal obligation does not evaporate – the employer is still obliged to pony the super but I don’t know how far down the creditors pecking order super obligations fall.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 7:57 am 20 Jun 09

But the super only needs to be remitted to the fund yearly, doesn’t it? So if you’ve working for an employer for 51 weeks and the owner goes broke…

Clown Killer Clown Killer 7:42 am 20 Jun 09

paying super is a legal obligation on the part of the employer. Irrespective of what the employee wishes. In the absence of an employee providing their super fund details the employer is obliged to open an account on the employees behalf and make payments accordingly. If these people haven’t been paying super then they’re rooted.

As I’ve observed previously, it seems that the collection and resale of waste is not as sustainable as it would appear, given the need to externalise core business costs.

ant ant 11:55 pm 19 Jun 09

Guys in yellow vests often talk like that (or they think things like that).

Jeez, how hard can it be to run a sensible business scavenging from the tip and on-selling the stuff to people? Put a realistic price on it and watch it walk out the door.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 10:01 pm 19 Jun 09

So I was in Aussie Junk at Mugga this morning. There was a bloke at the counter with an armful of stuff he wanted to buy, but there were no staff to serve him. He waited a while, then dinged the bell. More waiting. Eventually, a guy in a yellow vest walked past.

“Nobody to serve you? I don’t give a f*ck. If no other c*nt else gives a f*ck about this place neither do I.”
“How much for this stuff?”
“I don’t give a f*ck. Nothing. They can all get f*cked.”

The bloke shrugged and walked out with the stuff for free. Pity I couldn’t find anything worth walking out with.

A Yong A Yong 9:17 pm 19 Jun 09

Spelling & Grammar

It is called a Workplace Agreement

When you go for a job interview you ask about Super and the day your job starts you sign documents for Super to be taken from your salary

If there are no documents to sign you walk away and find another job

So it shows that people either do not know how to look for these things when they start a job or they don’t care!

It would not take me 18 months to find that out……!

SpellingAndGrammar SpellingAndGrammar 10:20 pm 17 Jun 09

Not sure if the new managers are getting paid super. Possibly, because it’s family, but then again, sounds like he is such a rogue, he’s probably ripping them off too!

It’s all well and good to take on a position with the assurity that you will get paid your entitlements and superannuation, but making that happen is another thing altogether – hence there needs to be a Workplace Ombudsman!! Der…

A Yong A Yong 9:40 pm 16 Jun 09

I was not directing my comments at a particular person in my previous email
I think we protest to much!

All I have to say is that if you take on a position and do not ensure that part of your salary comprises of superannuation then what were you thinking when you took the position onwithout that assurity!

p1 p1 8:22 am 16 Jun 09

ahhhh, now we are getting somewhere. So the winters are the employees owed money. And we also sacked. So are the new managers being paid super?

realitycheck realitycheck 8:15 am 16 Jun 09

I have finished writing on this topic and will not respond to anymore allegations so do your worst.
Although I’m sure I will feel the need to defend myself I will refrain and await my opportunity in court.
Thankyou to all the people who have contacted me with support and to those who have provided statements and information for the court case.

realitycheck realitycheck 8:10 am 16 Jun 09

They actually covered their own arses not their pet donkeys as I wrote above.
Maybe they did cover their asses as well but I have no information to prove this.

realitycheck realitycheck 7:12 am 16 Jun 09

The Winters were the previous managers at Aussie Junk who were as alleged in the Workplace Ombudsmen press release unlawfully terminated.They were terminated after making a complaint to the WO and attempting to obtain help from the TWU & other parties who had a legal and moral obligation to do so.

A Yong said :

Improper behaviour from a company you are employed to work for is not exactly legal and as the saying goes “People who live in Glass Houses should not throw stones”

A Yong I don’t believe you are impartial at all – allegations towards the Winters of wrong doing have been alleged by the company after they have been investigated by the Workplace Ombudsmen and have been found to have underpaid 10 employees almost $300,000.
I hardly think you can compare the allegations.

Aussie Junk at the Mitchell site framed and sat on the front shop counter the large posts from this forum site which imply & state previous managers where thieves.These were on display over the entire weekend and were being presented as fact.The Winters have put up with these types of allegations for 12 months but to have them displayed on the front counter is quite unbelievable.

I defy anyone who is working for an employer to put up with not getting paid superannuation & correct entitlements.The Winters had discussions with Aussie Junk for 18 months trying to get paid superannuation for themselves & the staff before they made an official complaint, it’s not as if they weren’t trying to work with them.
The superannuation statements in front of me clearly prove this and in fact one previous employee has 3 group certificates and as of a couple of months ago still has not received any superannuation & was not even registered with the fund.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of went on at Aussie Junk.The truth will come out in the court case and the public will get to see what staff had to tolerate for so long.
They will see how other parties decided it was easier to collaborate, sack and cover their own asses instead of helping.

This is my shop counter, and this is my framed information on display!

ant ant 9:53 pm 15 Jun 09

Jiggered if I know. This is a very odd topic!

p1 p1 9:09 pm 15 Jun 09

Does anyone know who the hell the Winters are?

A Yong A Yong 8:22 pm 15 Jun 09

Have been sitting here reading all these nasty comments – toing & froeing

It seems this is all lingo between Aussie Junk & the Winters

If you commit the crime – You pay the time and the tax

Both sides are wrong and if you do not follow the law then deal with it and pay the consequences

Improper behaviour from a company you are employed to work for is not exactly legal and as the saying goes “People who live in Glass Houses should not throw stones”

Arrogance & overconfidence can be a falling point and you can end up deeper in trouble then whence you commencened

But who am I to judge. I am merely a person who follows the law!


Clown Killer Clown Killer 10:57 am 15 Jun 09

so Aussie Junk don’t pay their staff – and Revolve … doesn’t pay their rent…

As a casual and indifferent outside observer it would seem that for both operations the success of their business model relied on externalising a significant proportion of their costs – suggesting that perhaps the re-selling of junk isn’t really that sustainable.

Skidd Marx Skidd Marx 9:36 am 15 Jun 09

Moderation = thread death.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 9:17 am 15 Jun 09

Moderation, please. Before these guys really lose it…

I agree.

taninaus taninaus 7:06 am 15 Jun 09

so Aussie Junk don’t pay their staff – and Revolve (well at last CT story) doesn’t pay their rent to the government – sounds like neither are perfect.

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