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act housing hear my voice

By 21 mum of 2 - 27 October 2009 148

i am a single mum with a 3 year old special needs child and a 2 year old i was on the housing list for almost 2 years and had been given 3 choices the first 2 were flats with junkies liying on the step so i had to say no i went back onto the list and got given a townhouse in redhill where they told me to keep to myself and not talk to anyone alarm bells went off but by that time i had to take it so my kids had a roof over there heads i have been here for 2 years and need a transfer to get out as there has been stabbings 3 feet from my door and many people knocking on my door at 3 and 4am asking if they can get some crack i had gone to housing a number of times to get out as i do not feel safe here anymore they have pushed me and my kids away everytime and said there is nothing they can do as i have not been hurt i need to get some letters from “high up people” for them to even consider moving me all i am asking is for help so me and my kids can feel safe when we go to bed at night

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148 Responses to
act housing hear my voice
emd 10:38 am 28 Oct 09

Would be worthwhile seeing if you could get a place in Queanbeyan through NSW Housing instead. Or perhaps swap your ACT Housing tenancy for a NSW Housing tenancy if there’s a Queanbeyan family who would be better off in Red Hill. Queanbeyan’s so close to Canberra that you might find you’ve got better living conditions without being too far away from the services you use for your special needs child.

weeziepops 10:21 am 28 Oct 09

Get a job and pay for your housing yourself. We all make choices and have to live with them – and the luxury of choice costs.

misspris 10:09 am 28 Oct 09

Sounds like a nightmare. I agree with Fiona – if you have access to a social worker then I’d be enlisting their help. It also probably wouldn’t hurt to get your GP involved if you can. I really hope that you manage to get this situation sorted out for you and your children.

Pandy – since when has being young been a crime?


eyeLikeCarrots 9:48 am 28 Oct 09

WTB a fullstop in there somewhere.

If the OP wants, I will offer to assist communicating with officials.

Woody Mann-Caruso 9:43 am 28 Oct 09

+1 Thumper and VY. Since when did needing government assistance mean you had to give up your reasonable expectations of safety? Since when is it good enough for those responsible for law and order to say “meh, houso scum, not my problem?”

Paragraphs, punctuation and a lack of rambling may assist in making your letters more effective.

Here’s a Dilbert comic for you.

Anna Key 8:54 am 28 Oct 09

your situation sucks but not much you can do if you rely on public housing but maybe talk to the police as well to do something about your neighbours not that that would do much good straight away but also keep bothering housing until they move you somewhere else even if it just to keep you quiet and stops you from bothering them but at least you have a roof over your head

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 8:44 am 28 Oct 09

I thought smack heads and speed freaks had human rights too…? Surely they have the right to get hammered and lie around all day where little kids can see them? And besides, aren’t arty festivals are far more important than safe housing for children?

It’s stories like this that should make Canberrans ashamed of their constant whinging.

Pandy 8:36 am 28 Oct 09

Sorry you had a special needs kid and then a year later decideed to have another kid. All Before the age of 19?

Thumper 8:24 am 28 Oct 09

Oh, write to the relevant minister, if you can find out who it is now hargreaves has chucked it in. make sure you cc it to the opposition, and send a copy to Mark Parton at 2CC, as well as one to 666.

get your plight out there and shame the government into doing something.

Thumper 8:21 am 28 Oct 09

Yeah, but people should be able to live in peace and not be harassed by smack heads and speed freaks.

And if the government is going to provide public housing to those less well off then the government is responsible for what goes on in these premises.

indigoid 8:17 am 28 Oct 09

Paragraphs, punctuation and a lack of rambling may assist in making your letters more effective.

What do you think makes you any more important than the other people on the waiting list for public housing? Ever heard the old saying “beggars can’t be choosers?”

Special G 7:01 am 28 Oct 09

What do you want? It is public housing. It does not necessarily have to be flash and many people who reside in public housing just happen to be the neighbours you mention.

Fiona 6:37 am 28 Oct 09

If you have a social worker through having a kid with special needs perhaps talk to them about what your options are and whether they can write supporting letters.

bileduct 11:36 pm 27 Oct 09

I would suggest giving A Current Affair a call. This sounds like it’s right up their alley, and will hopefully shame the Government into cutting funding for Floriade, and maybe one or two other hippie festivals, and putting the money where it is really needed.

Mike Crowther 11:30 pm 27 Oct 09

Well, the Government could give you David Eastman’s gubby house, but that might infringe his human rights. I’m sorry, I wish there was a solution for your children but public housing in the ACT is well and truly stuffed.

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