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ACT Liberal Party in disarray

By thesource1980 - 21 June 2009 48

Insiders at the ACT Liberal Party have confirmed that over 200 members have jumped ship and resigned since the election and new management team.

    — The have just about closed their office – it is only open from 9 – 12 daily with a part time administrator
    — They can’t afford a Divisional Director.
    — They have 2 Units for rent and can’t seem to rent them, it’s only been 10 months.
    — They are in a financial hole to the tune of over $80,000 only since their President Winnifred Rosser over spent at the election.
    — They have done nothing to recruit new members except for Young Liberals to stack branches for Zed and his right wingers.

There are only two people to blame and thats their President Winnifred Rosser and Zed. Surley they should consider standing down and getting someone to take over that can actually save the Libs.

Zed was attacking the Labour Party machine recently because they couldn’t keep their house in order. He’s kidding isn’t he. He then can’t answer questions on how he will fix the ACT economy with the City News – not surprisingly had to leave the press conference.  He can’t even save his own party, how will he save the ACT.

The Libs are having their Senate pre-selection soon – watch this space to see who runs against Humphries – The right are gearing up for a complete take over. It will shock you who might stand against him.

This is the Party that wants to run the ACT.

Stanhope asleep and Katy working part time are better than Zed and his cronies working day and night..

[ED – One man’s branch stack is another man’s membership drive]

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48 Responses to
ACT Liberal Party in disarray
Anna Key 9:34 pm 21 Jun 09

and by the look of that post, so do I

Anna Key 9:32 pm 21 Jun 09

if thesource1980 and firestorm22 are anything to go by, are future political leaders on both sides need to spend time learning basic spelling and grammar.

sexynotsmart 8:39 pm 21 Jun 09

Yeah um whatever.

Right now I don’t care about any politics that doesn’t involve me snacking on the delicious Kate Ellis.

I have nil interest in shenanigans of the ACT Local Council until I wake up to myself, and realise my Kate-filled dream was never going to happen. But could you please let me live in blissful ignorance and hopeless hope for just a little longer? WON’T YOU LET ME LIVE?

Bic 8:22 pm 21 Jun 09

I saw that footage of Zed, what a shocker.

Regardless of all the other points in the original post, if the Liberals have actually lost 200 members in the 8 months since the election then something is seriously wrong. I can’t imagine they’d of had more than 5-600 to begin with. 200 would be a stampede.

YapYapYap 6:39 pm 21 Jun 09

“The ACT Fying Squad” If that doesn’t say it all, nothing will. What a pack of losers.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 5:13 pm 21 Jun 09

Canberra has and probably always will be a labor machine.

Canberra is a unionised town, which is why Labor will usually get in.

Clown Killer 4:52 pm 21 Jun 09

Looks like a pretty fair assessment there BerraBoy.

bd84 4:44 pm 21 Jun 09

firestorm22 said :

I’m a member for the Liberals and Young Liberals and all I can say is this is complete bollocks.

I commend you for declaring your political affiliations, I challenge “thesource1980” to declare who they are and that their political affiliation.

I also wonder if the post has anything to do with Stanhope taking another credibility hit lately, and is this his indirect mudslinging response?

To be honest, I skim read the post and the response after figuring out it hasn’t got much to do with anything.

BerraBoy68 4:39 pm 21 Jun 09

Let’s see… 5 seconds of research tells me that ‘thesource1980’ is a Newbie with two threads to his/her name. And what are these threads, I hear you ask… well let me enlighten you, Grasshopper.

These two threads comprise this one and one titled ‘ANU Liberal Club up to old games’ from March this year. Both Threads begin with a statement that ‘thesources’ info comes from the inevitable ‘insider’.

Now, I’m no oracle on RA but I’ve not seen thesource1980 commenting in any other thread (can you enlighten us ion this point JB?).

I’m just starting to get the impression that thesource1908 is either;
– A labor stooge (I’d be sad, but not surprised if this was true),
– A troll with a particular political bent (in which case, Dude/dudette, get a life!); or
– the editor of the City News (‘insiderers’ indeed).

babyface 3:59 pm 21 Jun 09

young liberals are pretty much as scum as you can get without chumming up with

firestorm22 3:38 pm 21 Jun 09

I’m a member for the Liberals and Young Liberals and all I can say is this is complete bollocks.

– Its normal for office space to be empty during current conditions and hey it’s not exactly the sexiest office space around. There are loads of empty offices all over the ACT to choose from.

– BTW someone correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Winnifred generous in that she is donating expensive office space at Fyshwick (or at least during the last election)? I could be wrong…

– ACT Liberals have never had much money so why pay an administrator to man the office? Volunteers are hard to come by in non-election years. Not exactly a hot/exciting time to be hanging out at party headquarters. I did a bunch of volunteering over the election (as did loads of people) – even took three days of work. Plenty of people around because it was an election year. Its a quiet time now – get over it.

– lol @ $80k oh come on, get over it. $80k is pocket change in the scheme of things.

– YL brach stacks and right-wing take overs? NFI what this is about. I attend all YL meetings and a few regular branch ones and have never come across anything to support this. We just have normal meetings, drink beer and support the leader in as much as developing policy/letterboxing/handing out leaflets at canberra show/giving fake tattoos to children/etc. If you call the ACT Flying Squad (only thing I can think of) as a right-wring branch-stacking machine than you need to get a better source. Only thing getting stacked is people’s letterboxes with hand outs.

– Can’t afford a divisional director + running against Garry…
The Canberra Libs have never had much dosh. Its always been a stuggle. Canberra has and probably always will be a labor machine. Especially at the federal election I did a 12 our day at my polling booth (6-6) and their was only ever two libs there with the ALP having a constant army of 4-6 people. More people support and give dosh the labor party simple. They have clubs, unions, more volunteers, and hey they’re in government so of course the libs are going to struggle for a piece of that. As for not filling the Divisioal Director role – who cares? For now why spend the dosh and come closer to the next election someone will take it on anyway. This isn’t a big issue.

As for running against Garry of course people will fight hard for selection. I mean c’mon it’s a Senate seat. If you have the time, means and support to run why the hell wouldn’t you. It’s a political party. It’s competitive. This is so normal I don’t even know why it’s an issue. Hey I’d run if it was appropriate. BTW I did that 12 hours at the last election FOR GARRY. And I’d do it for whoever else was running for the Libs. I believe in the party – if you’re good enough to get through selection than that’s good enough for me.

Overall I probably shouldn’t have wasted this much of a Sunday replying but I’ll finish on this – its a quiet time in the ACT election cycle so support, money and whatever else is naturally going to be running low. I’m not volunteering at the moment or donating much dosh (except the odd $5 for the menzies fund) but as the next election comes close my blood will start pumping and its all on again.
Finally I reckon the ACT libs do EXTREMELY well and hold a lot of seats in the assembly considering the miniscule amount of support they get compared to ACT Labor. Good on ‘em.

Ian 3:32 pm 21 Jun 09

Disarray is just their normal state, isn’t it?

caf 2:14 pm 21 Jun 09

“ACT Liberal Party in disarray” is a headline on par with “Dog bites man”.

Thumper 1:57 pm 21 Jun 09

Stanhope is under pressure due to his recent bizarre statements and suddenly this hits RA.

Shouldn’t this post be followed by the words, this statement was brought to you by the ACT ALP. Written and spoken by ….

PM 1:40 pm 21 Jun 09

I was about to write that the poster of this thread was bitter. Then I realised he/she must be deranged instead.

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