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ACT Road Toll Rises

By etnies_man 5 June 2007 27

It’s that time again where another Canberra driver has taken their eyes off the road and crashed their car.

Details are vague but around 12.30am last night a vehicle what appears to been travelling southbound on Kingsford smith drive Belconnen has come to rest against a tree killing the sole passenger.

So far I’m unable to find any media release but I’m sure they will surface.

If anyone has more details let us know…

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ACT Road Toll Rises
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So, the real problem is governments that have no nuts, and expect us to believe a load of crapola about speeding? Sounds about right to me.

AG Canberra 2:22 pm 06 Jun 07

“As to the problem of paying for the costs of real driver training – why not simply push it onto the individual?”

Name me a single Gov in Aus that has brought in learner licence training that actually teaches you about hazzard perception and car control – which then pushes the cost to more than 500 bucks? It will be claimed that only the ‘rich’ can afford to get a licence….

Mr Shab: what you have quite clearly described are two situations where speed determines the outcome of the accident – NOT that speed caused the accident in the first place, which is exactly the point I’m making. The highway speed limit in the NT IS 130km/h – does that mean everyone who uses the highway dies or lives of Medicare for the rest of their lives? Clearly not. Only if there is some failure or brain fade will the accident occur.

I don’t think anyone is arguing that speed has no bearing on accident outcome. The argument is whether the speeding is what caused the accident in the first place.

As to the problem of paying for the costs of real driver training – why not simply push it onto the individual? That’s what we do for airline pilots, sea captains, truck drivers, and a range of other activities where some sort of licensing to a minimum standard is required.

AG Canberra 11:17 am 06 Jun 07

For all of the “urgent duty” driving the Police have to do there are rarely fatal or even serious accidents as a result. Why is this? They drive fast, in all conditions, at the beginning and end of their shift, often in unfamiliar vehicles. It’s because they recieve adequate training to drive vehicles at those speeds. The Germans long ago cottoned on to this idea – and to get a licence there it’s much more than a few multiple choice and a nod and wink from your friendly instructor. They actually have to prove they can drive.

The problem is that this costs….but how much is a life worth?

Mr_Shab 11:13 am 06 Jun 07

Difference is, some dimwit backing their Subaru into a bollard at the local shops probably won’t kill anybody.

On the other hand, boy-racer in his Skyline/WRX/VYBerlinaV8 hitting a tree at 130kmh probably will; or if not will render him so severely injured he can’t do anything but be a drain on Medicare for the rest of his life.

“Or – you can allow people of various skill levels to drive around, and everyone drives at slower speeds to prevent accidents.”

If driving at slow speed prevented accidents, why do we have car parking bingles? Speed, in itself, is not really the issue. Car control (of which speed is one of many factors) is what it’s about.

DJ – you need to understand the basic difference between the cause of an accident, and factors that contribute to it’s severity.

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