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ACT Road Toll Rises

By etnies_man - 5 June 2007 27

It’s that time again where another Canberra driver has taken their eyes off the road and crashed their car.

Details are vague but around 12.30am last night a vehicle what appears to been travelling southbound on Kingsford smith drive Belconnen has come to rest against a tree killing the sole passenger.

So far I’m unable to find any media release but I’m sure they will surface.

If anyone has more details let us know…

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27 Responses to
ACT Road Toll Rises
VYBerlinaV8 now_with 4:33 pm 05 Jun 07

The police’s masters run the speed cameras. All the fines go to the same place anyway.

Special G 4:10 pm 05 Jun 07

or get any revenue from said speed cameras or the fines they hand out. They might be better resourced if they did.

Special G 4:08 pm 05 Jun 07

Police don’t run the speed cameras.

GnT 3:18 pm 05 Jun 07


cranky 2:31 pm 05 Jun 07

As VY mentions above, perhaps tiredness contributed. Alcohol may also have been involved, and it is not beyond the realms of possibility that it was a suicide. The automatic assumption that speed killed is simply to reinforce the revenue raising spin so often put on these accidents.

futto 12:20 pm 05 Jun 07

I have always maintained that there needs to be two road tolls. One for accidents and other for all deaths that occur when someone broke the law. This could help to gain more accurate picture of what the hell is happening on the roads (if the laws are already being broken, more laws won’t help, etc).

For example, i was in Orange a few Christmases ago and my brother in laws friend decided to surf the roof of a truck going to Bathurst. He fell off the roof as the truck didn’t get any red lights in town so didn’t slow down again to a safe speed. He died two days later. That death counted in the annual road toll which i think is damn useless.

ant 11:59 am 05 Jun 07

Most Canberra drivers think that to control their car, they press the brake. and then they hit stuff.

Ingeegoodbee 11:33 am 05 Jun 07

Too true VY, there’s always some bit of crap in there along the lines of “Police investigators believe that speed was the primary cause of the accident …” which seens a message to the gullible public. When the coroners report comes out some months later no ones listening anyway. Its worth having a look at these some time. Speed – as a contributing factor – is mentioned in a paltry minority of fatal accidents.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 11:22 am 05 Jun 07

They always quote speed as a contributing factor. Helps to justify the random speed camera tax some people have to pay.

It couldn’t just be that the driver was tired or distracted, and stuffed up.

jr 11:12 am 05 Jun 07

From News Ltd

Head of ACT Police traffic operations, Superintendent Michael Chew, said police were not discounting speed as a contributing factor.

Wow… if the car was moving, no matter how fast, speed will always a contributing factor. That is of course unless the car was not moving at all!

Spectra 10:26 am 05 Jun 07

Interestingly, News Ltd have the car travelling northbound on Kingsford Smith Drive.
And ABC news have it as happening on the Higgins side, which is likewise the Northbound lane. Geeze, etnies_man, get your facts straight 🙂

swissbignose 10:18 am 05 Jun 07
swissbignose 10:17 am 05 Jun 07

The URL didn’t come through…

swissbignose 10:16 am 05 Jun 07

Interestingly, News Ltd have the car travelling northbound on Kingsford Smith Drive.

OzChick 9:02 am 05 Jun 07

There’s an article about it here:

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