ACT SES crews deployed to Sydney

Thumper 14 December 2007 6

In the aftermath of the recent storms that hit Sydney, the ACT SES has deployed crews to help with the massive clean up.

I’m sure the lads (and lasses) will acquit themselves well.

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6 Responses to ACT SES crews deployed to Sydney
flashboy flashboy 9:52 am 15 Dec 07

While we’re talking about the SES….

In the mid-90s I was a newly-appointed, very green APS6 team leader. One of my staff was an SES volunteer, and periodically he’d get a phone call, tell me he’d been called up by the SES for something, and be off for a couple of days. This went on for a while until another staff member pulled me aside and told me very quietly that a lot of the time, it would be his wife calling, not the SES, and he’d actually have a nice couple of days off.

Next time he tells me he’s been called up, the story he tells me sounds quite unbelievable, and I decide this is the time to lower the boom. I tell him, politely, that I’ll need a letter from his SES supervisor to verify he was required. “Yeah, no probs!” “That was odd,” I thought afterwards, “he didn’t sound fazed at all. Still, that story about why he was called up, it’s crap, it just has to be. No way was he really called up.”

Get home that night, flick on the news. Top story: “Massive hailstorms in Sydney, hundreds of homes damaged, SES called up from all over the state…”

I got my letter.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 11:35 pm 14 Dec 07

Good on em and good luck.

plane plane 7:28 pm 14 Dec 07

A bit more info: 19 members have deployed to undertake roof tarping and chainsaw jobs. The damage seems to be on a bit smaller scale than Newcastle earlier this year, but is still significant.

Units that haven’t sent vehicles, are on a higher footing, in case something happens in Canberra this weekend (though nothing is expected at this stage).

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 7:18 pm 14 Dec 07

Congrats (?)

caf caf 11:04 am 14 Dec 07

Yeah, I find that the best way to write articles is to draft them up in Notepad, then paste them in pretty much finished.

Thumper Thumper 10:59 am 14 Dec 07

That was quick.

I tried to add another line and it was gone!

Hunter taskforce.

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