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ACT to be the New Gay Mecca of Australia?

By che - 12 May 2005 12

The Comrade has put out this Media Release on raising the issue of recognising same sex relationships in the ACT and all the legal implications that goes with it.

“I look forward to hearing what the Canberra community has to say. I expect the discussion paper to be ready for public release shortly.”

Will the Federales allow it? Probably not. Is the Comrade raising the idea because he knows this and is after brownie points? Maybe.

What’s Your opinion?

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12 Responses to
ACT to be the New Gay Mecca of Australia?
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simto 8:26 am 13 May 05

That sort of thing seems pretty damn appropriate (although I’d be interested to know whether there’d be any straight couples who haven’t got married in a church who’d be happy to have their “marriage” turned into a “civil union” overnight – remarkably few of my friends or family have got hitched in a church, yet they still call it marriage, not civil union). Should the perfect Mrs JB show up tomorrow, would you really be willing to say “hey, let’s get civilly united”?

I vaguely remember that when this was introduced (in one of those pre-election jockeying positions) there were vague noises that the federales would be introducing policy to make sure that, while they couldn’t get married, same-sex couples would still get the whole property rights, power of attourney bundle of stuff. That pretty much disappeared as soon as it was mentioned, though…

Thumper 8:24 am 13 May 05

The Comrade is playing politics again simply because its federal law, as pointed out.

However, I think there needs to be scope for people to be able access each others super, or give permission for surgery, and a host of other things. As JB said, a civil union or something along those lines.

Is it me imaging it, or is the Comrade becoming increasingly erratic with his decisions, or non decisions, and policies?

johnboy 12:12 am 13 May 05

My 2c?

Have a legal thing called “civil union” conferring joint property rights and appropriate powers of attorney.

Anything anyone else wants to do and call it is their own business.

Churches can choose to have a thing they call “Marriage” and where’s the harm?

Pay a civil celebrant enough and they’ll call anything whatever you like.

BUT I’d say this is an effort on the comrade’s part ot energise his base and provoke the federales while distracting attention from his other problems.

This isn’t a local government matter, if only our leader injected as much energy into the administration of the Territory as he does into his social agenda we’d all be much happier.

simto 4:08 pm 12 May 05

Tonnes of reasons, even.

simto 4:07 pm 12 May 05

The usual tonnes of reason. Superannuation. Inheritance. Custody rights on the children of your partner. Right to be considered “next of kin” in a medical emergency.

That kind of thing.

bonfire 2:20 pm 12 May 05

‘marriage’ is an irrelevancy anyway. why care if the state recognises your union, straight gay or otherwise. in the eyes of the ATO you are ‘married’ if you cohabit for a defined period.

vg 2:19 pm 12 May 05

You would think that the Cabbage, as a man with a supposed legal background, would have had a glance at section 51(xxi) of the Constitution that gives the Commonwealth the overriding power for the making of laws with respect to marriage.

I personally think anyone should be able to marry anyone they like, as its no skin off my nose, but, right or wrong, there is legislation in place that someone with a legal qualification should have at least a cursory knowledge of.

Another form of verbal flatulence from our esteemed, but ill-informed, leader

RandomGit 2:12 pm 12 May 05

World record simutaneous gay marriage! Put Las Vegas to shame!

Ari 1:58 pm 12 May 05

Now there’s an idea that might spice up those unispiring Canberra tourism campaigns – “Gay Mardi Gras in July!!!!!”.

atnas 12:48 pm 12 May 05

Time to become a marraige celebrant me thinks…

RandomGit 12:47 pm 12 May 05

He is definitely playing politics. However, all luck to him. *dons asbestos*

Canberra_unsung_hero 12:36 pm 12 May 05

Have no comment on this topic.

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