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gentoopenguin 22 March 2011 30
leg room on canberra buses

I will caveat this post by noting that I am mildly grateful that the Number 7 from Dickson to Belconnen turns up every morning within 20 minutes of the stated timetable.

It is the same bus with the same equally ageing bus driver and suspension every morning. Given that it is full of Radford College kids who occupy all the seats down the front, including the ones reserved for the elderly and disabled, I am regularly banished to the badlands up the back.

This morning I drew the short straw. It is no coincidence that this is the last seat to go each morning. Every regular commuter on this bus knows the last row before the back bench is the worst seat.

I am puzzled by the seat design chosen by Action Buses. Did they randomly install seats without measuring out first? Or was it intentional? There is zero legroom, not even if you were a pre-growth spurt Year 7 student at Radford College.

To illustrate the legroom afforded by Action Buses, I grabbed a soda can for comparison. It fit snugly with a few millimetres either side. Have a look at your legs. Now look at a coke can. Do you see my point?

Puzzled Commuter

p.s. Apologies for the slightly blurry camera work – it was an Action Bus on the go!

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30 Responses to Action Bus Seat Logic
tonkatuff82 tonkatuff82 1:57 pm 22 Mar 11

Saw a female passenger who was standing from Woden to Civic pass out this morning, only to be helped by two people standing behind her. Very surprising…

creative_canberran creative_canberran 2:08 pm 22 Mar 11

I believe the tight squeeze is to hold you in place as the driver takes corners and stops signs like he’s in a Veyron with ceramic brakes and not a 6t Renault.
Honestly I catch a bus once in a blue room, normally if my car’s in for a service. Last time, the guy was taking corners so fast and sharp, people were being thrown around dangerously. Stopping so suddenly, he knocked a couple of people of their feet. And he took state circle at a speed most car drivers wouldn’t be stupid enough to try.

astrojax astrojax 3:35 pm 22 Mar 11

A Tadpole Drinking said :

A soda can?

that’s what i thunked, tadpole! – belies the origins of this commuter, what?

is riding the bus better stateside, i wonder?

Snave81 Snave81 4:14 pm 22 Mar 11

gentoopenguin said :

FD10 said :

EvanJames said :

To solve your problem how about you wake up earlier and catch an earlier bus? Or invest in a car/motorbike/bicycle/rollerblades/helicopter. This way you’ll never have to deal with old bus drivers, old bus suspension, school kids up the front, and other commuters taking your preferred choice of seat again. Or if worst comes to worst, stand up?

A helicopter. Great idea. All our public transport issues are solved. Genius.

I wrote the piece as a humourous dig at Action Buses but it does raise a question about the usability of the ageing bus fleet for passengers. Yes, I could stand. But what about the pensioner who catches my bus each morning? Or the woman with the broken arm?

Most people usally stand on their feet rather than doing handstands on the bus. Maybe the woman with the broken arm could stand on her feet and hang on with her good arm.

EvanJames EvanJames 4:25 pm 22 Mar 11

BTW, I seem to be quoted as saying something in the above post, and I didn’t! I didn’t say any of those things. I am far more witty than that.

ainira ainira 5:15 pm 22 Mar 11

Erg0 said :

EvanJames said :

Erg0 said :

Except the private school kids sat down the back.

Damn Gen Y kids, too lazy to even walk the length of a bus…

Don’t you mean Gen Z? The very youngest of Gen Y are 17 this year if you take Gen Y to be from 1980 to 1994.

creative_canberran creative_canberran 5:26 pm 22 Mar 11

ThisIsAName said :

Lazy I said :

On the subject of ACTION buses, I always love seeing the aqua blue one around that has “save our fossil fuels” or similar painted down the side with hand painted dinosaur bones on it… it would have to be the oldest gas guzzler in the fleet..

I recall seeing that bus in 1995/96, so it is at least 15-16 years old…

Likely it’s BUS971 though three in the ACTION fleet have had the livery.
First entered service in 1992 so it’s pushing 19 years.

Info thanks to the very devoted community of local bus drivers and peepers.

FD10 FD10 6:16 pm 22 Mar 11

EvanJames said :

BTW, I seem to be quoted as saying something in the above post, and I didn’t! I didn’t say any of those things. I am far more witty than that.

Good to hear, when does this alleged wit show itself?

p1 p1 10:29 pm 22 Mar 11

FD10 said :

Another “accurate” opinion founded on sour grapes. I’m sure your intimate knowledge of the intentions of Radford’s founding and discipline policy are quite well known to you, right? Moron.

Wow, that was a rant I never would have seen coming. Still bitter that the parents couldn’t send you to a real private school?

p1 p1 9:36 am 23 Mar 11

p1 said :

Wow, that was a rant I never would have seen coming. Still bitter that the parents couldn’t send you to a real private school?

Apologies for such a bitchy comment. I was tired and not feeling well last night.

On topic, I have always found those seats to be a bit of a joke. But I guess someone figured it was better to have a seat only a midget double amputee could use, then no seat at all.

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