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ACTION gets a facebook hate group

By johnboy - 16 July 2009 44

You’re no-one in this town unless you’ve got a hate group on Facebook.

ACTION buses have now joined the reptoid big leagues.

From the group’s description:

    Tired of:
    *Waiting 30 minutes for a bus that never arrives?
    *Being late to work because your bus was late?
    *Leaving early to get to the bus in time and missing it anyway?
    *Not being able to get home after ten o’clock because the buses don’t run anymore?
    *Having your weekend plans delayed because of reduced weekend bus services?
    *Lazy or surly drivers?
    *The ACT Government continually promising to fix the service and NEVER doing anything?
    *Cuts in ACTION services (like the 312, 313, 314 and 315 routes) to your area (especially Tuggeranong)?
    *Buses that are so crowded they can’t take on new passengers?

Knock yourselves out, just don’t go threatening to burn any houses down.

What’s Your opinion?

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44 Responses to
ACTION gets a facebook hate group
BerraBoy68 3:21 pm 16 Jul 09

Granny said :

Oh, come on! It’s not a hate group. That’s ridiculous!

You’re right, Granny. It’s an intense dissatisfaction group:)

Seriously though, I get their point about timetables, late arrivals, cancellations etc, but I think they should leave the drivers alone. Everybody has their bad days.

Granny 2:14 pm 16 Jul 09

Oh, come on! It’s not a hate group. That’s ridiculous!

Holden Caulfield 2:13 pm 16 Jul 09

What is this ACTION thing you speak of.

Friska 2:02 pm 16 Jul 09

Friska is bitching about the weather today!

arrghhhh thick socks with heels just doesnt work!

BerraBoy68 1:56 pm 16 Jul 09

Good grief!

I’d lke to find out where the initiators of this facebook site work (if indeed they do) and put up a hate site about them. Some of my best mates are ACTION drivers and they love their work. I’ve also had some horrific experiences on the buses and in the interchanges (punch ups, threats with knives etc) and met my share of bad drivers etc.

There’s nothing quite lke tarring everybody with the same brush though. Some people will bitch about anything…

TP 3000 1:28 pm 16 Jul 09

ACTION Bus Drivers are a friendly bunch, but they see the cute, nice, ugly, bitchy passengers all day. The last 2 bring their spirits down a bit. They try their best to ignore the bitchy passengers, but they just can’t get rid of them. But they try their best with the system they are given.

Although I’ve known about this Facebook hate group for quite a while & some of the complaints aren’t quite thought through.

Granny 12:47 pm 16 Jul 09

Wow! Cool! I am joining this group of hate!


peterh 12:36 pm 16 Jul 09

smelly people = slept in, almost missed the bus, sprint to stop, forgot shower, breakfast, etc, on way out of door.

Danman 12:17 pm 16 Jul 09

Nothing worse then smelly people either – why do people smell @ 8.00am ????

On the biannual occasion that would see me catching a bus, I always seem to have someone who has breakfast billies sit next to me…Peee-ewww

Its so bad I decided to ride the 16km rather than deal with it.

ant 12:08 pm 16 Jul 09

Friska said :

Nothing worse then smelly people either – why do people smell @ 8.00am ????

It’s weird, isn’t it? And worse on wet days. People don’t seem to see the need to clean their clothes, especially suits and coats.

Mind you, people who drench themselves in perfume are almost as bad. phew.

OzChick 11:50 am 16 Jul 09

“*Lazy or surly drivers?”

That’s a bit harsh. I wouldn’t call them lazy. Surly, maybe.

p1 11:50 am 16 Jul 09

why do people smell @ 8.00am ????

Because they haven’t washed since 7am, september 4th, 1969.

Friska 11:13 am 16 Jul 09

Nothing worse then smelly people either – why do people smell @ 8.00am ????

FC 11:07 am 16 Jul 09

I usually get friendly drivers…But hate all the rest about ACTION.

Friska 11:03 am 16 Jul 09

The only thing I want to change is the BUS DRIVERS. Give us a smile and a hello once in a while.

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