Acton Park car parks

nanzan 17 February 2009 12

Can anyone explain to me what has happened to all the cars at the “temporary” Acton Park Car Park? For many weeks now, there seem to have been very few cars parked there anymore, when once it was full to overflowing.

The territory government went to all of the trouble to pave over large swathes of Acton Park to build a pay-parking car park, and now no one seems to be using it.

So, we have lost (“temporarily”?) the lovely vista of parkland by the lake alongside Commonwealth Avenue, and have gained a view of asphalt, painted lines and parking machines!

And how did, exactly, a gazetted public park become a car park anyway?


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12 Responses to Acton Park car parks
Gin02 Gin02 11:14 pm 21 Feb 09

hk0reduck at $9 a day (and fee rises on the whim of the owners) who wouldn’t be tight arsed about it…

cranky cranky 10:04 pm 21 Feb 09

‘oh well anyway, I’m warm and dry on those off days when it does rain.’

I last used ACTION about 25 years ago. From Woden to Kambah we did the tourist route via Weston & Warramanga. It was raining, and each time we turned left, the bloody roof leaked a heap of water onto me and surrounding passengers.

Not sure if they’ve improved, but I’m not about to find out.

joy123 joy123 8:41 pm 21 Feb 09

There are no fee’s for parking a car in Newcastle

bigred bigred 9:04 pm 17 Feb 09

perhaps some ANU students could use this car park and walk to lectures?

futto futto 8:06 pm 17 Feb 09

i can confirm what hk0reduck says is true. 🙂

hk0reduck hk0reduck 1:06 pm 17 Feb 09

A lot of the people who park in that carpark would be employees of AQIS, DAFF & BioSecurity Australia who moved from the Edmund Barton Building in Barton last year.

They were all used to the free Car-Parking that existed in Barton for years and are probably still being tight-arsed about having to pay for it.

MrMagoo MrMagoo 1:00 pm 17 Feb 09

I love how some people, not all but some seem to think that both paying for a car park and or catching a bus to and from work is beneath them. As one who really has no choice but to commute via ACTION it never ceases to amaze me to find people walking to work from a distant ‘free’ carpark before 8.00am so as to avoaid a cost but they dare not use the bus that whizzes past them taking them virtually where they need to go…oh well anyway, I’m warm and dry on those off days when it does rain.

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 12:57 pm 17 Feb 09

People in Canberra are very opposed to pay parking, and public transport.

How truly true! In fact, I’ve never been anywhere else in the world where this is the case. It’s a self imposed, non-negotiable mind-set! Unreal!

Kramer Kramer 12:33 pm 17 Feb 09

People in Canberra are very opposed to pay parking, and public transport. So what happens when pay parking is introduced? They park just outside pay parking areas, where the parking is free, and walk the extra 500m (or even 1Km!) – leaving large swathes of empty paid parking lots.

areaman areaman 11:45 am 17 Feb 09

They built it so people would have somewhere to park when they turn the carpark across from the lakeside into a construction site. They’re supposed to tun it back into a (non car) park after the construction(which includes a multi story carpark) is finished.

Sammy Sammy 11:16 am 17 Feb 09

Simple really. People found a free carpark, and then the Gubb’mint imposed fees, and now everyone has gone bye-bye.

caf caf 10:45 am 17 Feb 09

Wasn’t it already a gravel carpark before the bitumen was put down?

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