Adam45’s defence of gay beats

johnboy 16 January 2007 159

Last October we had a spirited discussion on the subject of gay beats around town. The consensus took a dim view of it.

Adam45 has today launched a spirited defence of the practice which I thought was worthy of wider consideration:

If gay people weren’t forced to hide their feelings, if they didn’t get bashed up by heterosexuals for kissing each other in public, then they would not resort to these kinds of underground, hidden activites in undesirable places, would they? i’m not blaming the entire heterosexual population for the behaviour of gay men, but it’s a pretty logical observation to make. why don’t you all just f*ck off and be glad you can live your lives without worrying about being bashed up all the time, like some of us have to!?

And if heterosexual males could go to a place where they could get some quick, easy, free, anonymous and exciting sex with a girl, i don’t know, call me crazy, but somehow I think they would do it. i think u are all a bit jealous. I have been going to beats since I was a 14 yr old confused young guy and in 13 years, have never caused any kids or hetero’s any harm. If there are kids around, you just don’t do it – almost all gay men who use beats would agree with this. It IS hard to meet other guys. Contrary to some of the posts above, we only have one gay club and one gay sex venue in Canberra, and they have their own problems and are not favourite places of a lot of gay men. Considering the f*cked up way that gay people are treated a lot of the time, in school, at work etc, it’s hard to feel guilty about what i do. i don’t want to meet people online for many reasons, mostly they are often dishonest or creepy or not what you expect. Unlike most people, unless I want to go to Cube, the one club which is always full of the same awful people, I have nowhere to pick up, unlike straight people who have every single club or pub in the city as an option. and at least it’s being done behind a closed door, unlike the straight couple who were clearly f*cking right next to me and heaps of little kids in the river at the Cotter on the weekend! They were really going for it under the water, i was like, wow…is she really….yes, she is! look at his face! etc etc i guess there are probably some men who leave the places filthy – i agree that’s crap behaviour – (although most public toilets are hard to make dirtier than they already are). anyway – if there are kids around, if a straight guy is waiting to use the stall i’m in, then i get the f*ck outta there. but if it aint’ hurting anyone else, if no one else is around, then really, why the f*ck do any of you care?

As for that Squirt list – there are really only 3 or maybe 4 places on there which are regular, established beats. Don’t worry guys – not every guy in your local public toilet is out to get you.

Comment by adam45 — 16 January, 2007 @ 3:20 pm

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159 Responses to Adam45’s defence of gay beats
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Senator Gaz Senator Gaz 4:39 pm 07 Aug 07

stefjourno stefjourno 2:44 pm 13 Mar 07

Thanks terubo. I appreciate it.

terubo terubo 2:35 pm 13 Mar 07

No worries. Just make sure you post your article on RA, stef. We’d be happy to provide feedback.

stefjourno stefjourno 2:07 pm 13 Mar 07

great. i stuffed up the word punctuation.

go on then.

stefjourno stefjourno 2:05 pm 13 Mar 07

woah guys okay. i’m sorry about the spelling and punctuatio.,I was in a rush when i wrote the post!!! I didn’t know blogs were meant to be so formal.
Anyway, that’s not the point.. in the article I wish to write, I was NOT picking sides on this issue, but Adam is entitled to his opinions and had some valid points.
And listen, bonfire, I don’t think “unsolicited sexual advances and predation on male children” is bloody fantastic. I just wanted an opinion to both sides of this issue.


bonfire bonfire 12:00 pm 13 Mar 07

i hope stefjourno that you might liek to add that the general community view using public toilets as venues for unsafe sex, unsolicited sexual advanceds and predation on male children as disgusting.

terubo terubo 11:01 am 13 Mar 07

What school of journalism would let you in, with such lousy spelling and grammar?

Ari Ari 11:00 am 13 Mar 07

Stefjourno, you obviously haven’t taken the class on objectivity, yet.

“i totally aggree with your post and im a journalism student who’s currently writing an article on the misrepresentation of ‘beats’ and the gay community

BTW, if you want to work in the media it might be best to learn how to punctuate and spell first.

stefjourno stefjourno 10:51 am 13 Mar 07

adam.. i totally aggree with your post and im a journalism student who’s currently writing an article on the misrepresentation of ‘beats’ and the gay community. if you could get into contact with me asap, itd be great. i’d love to talk to you about it.

frontrow frontrow 9:46 am 09 Feb 07

“I have been going to beats since I was a 14 yr old confused young guy and in 13 years, have never caused any kids or hetero’s any harm. If there are kids around, you just don’t do it – almost all gay men who use beats would agree with this.”

Does anybody else have a problem with this part? 14 year olds are still children aren’t they?

bonfire bonfire 10:02 am 19 Jan 07

i have found that if you put a url in that it automagically converts itself to a hyperlink.

el el 9:54 am 19 Jan 07

And the [blockquote] [/blockquote] tags indent the text

like this to seperate further what you’re typing with what you’re replying to.

Jey Jey 6:16 am 19 Jan 07

you could just do “blah blah” or
[i]blah blah[/i]
replace the square brackets with the pointy ones

Meconium Meconium 3:03 am 19 Jan 07

haven’t quite worked out how to quote yet. couldn’t find anything on it in the faq. i know a thousand different 13375p33k abbreviations but I don’t understand basic html… for shame

Meconium Meconium 3:01 am 19 Jan 07

Miz: “#

Great, yet another reason to avoid the public dunnies – after rats, cockroaches, redbacks, general festygrot and no loo paper.

It seems that, short of a Rough Tradies club (Ari’s comment seconded – Add To Tagline), not even fear of bashings is going to stop gays cruising public toilets at night. Even if special cruising facilities were provided at the taxpayer’s expense, the old ones would probably still be used.

We should really be asking ourselves – do we really need these public toilets? Why can’t we and our children answer the call of nature elsewhere? The lake is already dangerous to swim in due to human faecal contamination – would a little more runoff really hurt? If you fear being accosted in a public toilet, avoid them – bring your own trowel and bog roll.

PS – Agree 100% with betty’s comment. An absolutely fair, articulate and unbiased criticism, though that sounds like a contradiction. I want to see more posts like that.

simbo simbo 9:44 pm 18 Jan 07

Yep, but if it’s public in name only (i.e. during a time and in a place where a general passer-by is not going to encounter it), does it matter that much?

bonfire bonfire 4:58 pm 18 Jan 07

because it is a *public* lavatory.

simto simto 4:14 pm 18 Jan 07

I suppose so (in saying “I read it”, I mean “I read it about ten years ago, so details are probably not on my mind”).

And it does sort of raise the point – if people are doing something that you disapprove of, but they’re making every effort to make sure that you don’t encounter it, what right do you have to judge what they’re doing?

Jey Jey 3:59 pm 18 Jan 07

it is of its

Jey Jey 3:58 pm 18 Jan 07

Thanks Simto! :p
Yes it’s of it’s time and place but I think a number of issues it raises are relevant.
Such as the way the anonymous encounters are conducted in order not to frighten children etc.

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