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Administrator Appointed for Aussie Junk

SpellingAndGrammar 7 July 2009 41

I see that Aussie Junk has appointed a Queensland receiver to manage its affairs (Canberra Times, p3, Receivers appointed to oversee recyclers) – looks like the tax department hadn’t been fixed up at all – surprise, surprise. 

I note that a creditor’s meeting is also being held in Queensland tomorrow (6 July).  I bet that’s really helpful for the staff in the ACT who have been underpaid.  I wonder if the benevolent managers at Aussie Junk will be looking after the welfare of their employees and ensuring that their interests are represented? Oh, sorry, I forgot who I was talking about there for a moment – ha, ha, ha.

I hope that Stanhope’s people are getting some good legal advice at the moment.  I guess we will all wait with bored anticipation to see what happens in the Federal Magistrates Court at the end of this month.  I hope they plead innocence…

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41 Responses to Administrator Appointed for Aussie Junk
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PBO PBO 8:42 am 10 Jul 09

paul1 said :

“It doesn’t matter if the Winters were running an illegal Casino the issue is Aussie Junk were not paying correct wages and entitlements”

It would matter if the Winter’s were stealing Aussie Junk’s money and Aussie Junk had evidence to prove it, wouldn’t it?

Whats your stake in this “Paul”?

paul1 paul1 12:24 am 10 Jul 09

“It doesn’t matter if the Winters were running an illegal Casino the issue is Aussie Junk were not paying correct wages and entitlements”

It would matter if the Winter’s were stealing Aussie Junk’s money and Aussie Junk had evidence to prove it, wouldn’t it?

paul1 paul1 12:12 am 10 Jul 09

A media release means absolutely nothing at all, by the way they only accusations mate, which clearly states in your precious article. I also seen you lost the court case for the unfair dismissal, I wonder if there was a media release for that. Once again good luck.

realitycheck realitycheck 10:44 pm 09 Jul 09

There are 9 claimants not only the 3 Winters.
I keep hearing all this rubbish about how the truth about what the Winters were doing will come out in court.
It doesn’t matter if the Winters were running an illegal Casino the issue is Aussie Junk were not paying correct wages and entitlements.
Claims of serious misconduct or whatever other rubbish is irrelevant and no defence and will have no bearing on the court hearing.

realitycheck realitycheck 10:32 pm 09 Jul 09

I’m sure the above media release is full of lies.I’m sure you are right Paul1 and everyone was getting paid correctly.

realitycheck realitycheck 10:30 pm 09 Jul 09

Media release
10 June 2009
Recycling company underpaid workers almost $300,000, watchdog alleges

The Federal Workplace Ombudsman is prosecuting a recycling company for allegedly underpaying a number of its Canberra staff almost $300,000.

The Workplace Ombudsman has initiated legal proceedings against Aussie Junk Pty Ltd – which trades as Aussie Junk Recycling – and operates in Canberra and other locations.

The Agency is also prosecuting the company’s sole director, Dennis Richter, of Lake Albert, alleging he was complicit in the underpayments and unlawfully sacked three of the workers after they complained.

The staff who were allegedly underpaid, some of whom still work for Aussie Junk, were employed at the Mitchell resource and recycling depot in Canberra.

Documents filed in the Federal Magistrates Court in Canberra allege that Aussie Junk underpaid 10 Canberra employees their entitlements, including the minimum hourly rate, overtime, casual loadings, various allowances and payment on termination of employment between 2004 and 2008.

The prosecution papers claim that Richter terminated the employment of three of the allegedly underpaid workers in July last year as a result of their complaints to the Workplace Ombudsman and the Transport Workers Union.

It is also alleged that Aussie Junk failed to maintain records containing sufficient details of matters such as hours worked and leave taken by employees.

Workplace Ombudsman Executive Director Michael Campbell says it will be alleged in Court that Aussie Junk underpaid 10 employees a total of about $280,000, with the biggest underpayment of an individual worker being $83,000.

Mr Campbell says it will be alleged some employees were paid as little as $50 cash-in-hand for nine-hour Sunday shifts at the garbage dump site.

“Our decision to prosecute Aussie Junk and Richter follows their refusals to fully rectify the alleged underpayments or co-operate with workplace inspectors,” he said.

The Workplace Ombudsman is seeking a Court Order for all money owed to be repaid and for penalties against the company and Richter.

The maximum potential penalty per breach of the Act is $33,000 for Aussie Junk and $6600 for Richter.

paul1 paul1 8:21 pm 09 Jul 09

Why do all you guys act so immature about all this? It seems to me like you are all just little children playing around.
Aussie Junk is a very good business, which has been in our community for a long time, I dont understand why they hired such idiots like the Winters! all they want is the money and for Aussie Junk to close down but both are never going to happen. I heard they stole alot of Aussie Junks files just before they got the sack? shouldn’t they be getting charged for that?
Before you Winters and Lance start talking about Dennis and Russell why don’t you get all your facts straight, you don’t even know Dennis so don’t judge him. I know alot about Jamie and Justin’s lies and I will, with no doubt stand up in court for Aussie Junk and tell the truth about what was going on.
You all got/get paid right so dont bloddy winge and act like little children, just because most of you now are on centrelink benefits, Ha, Ha, Ha. Poor Kidos!!!!! alot different to the $900 a week isn’t it!
Also, from what I see Aussie Junk complies to their contracts 100% they would not be here if they didn’t, would they!

All I can say is good luck for the coming court case! because you are all going to need it.
I just wonder who you will targeted next? maybe Woolworths?

SpellingAndGrammar SpellingAndGrammar 1:55 pm 09 Jul 09

One wonders how our ACT public servants can be considered diligent in the execution of their duties when it would appear that even the most basic of requirements are not being met under the contract Aussie Junk has with TAMS.

realitycheck realitycheck 6:11 pm 08 Jul 09

Just reading through the successful application Aussie Junk tendered for the Mugga Lane contract.
It would seem quite obvious that they have failed to comply with many aspects of the contract.

They should have a Pick-up service going by now and a repair and refurbishment centre.
Electricals should be all tagged and tested by a qualified person.Also they have a huge amount of reports to lodge with the government concerning turnover of recycled goods, whitegoods etc.
Ahh here’s a good part – Aussie Junk will produce as requested all information regarding industrial relation matters including issues with other contractors.

But I was told by the head of ACT Nowaste and a high profile Labour minister at the time that the government had no jurisdiction at the Mitchell depot.

Must have been an innocent mistake, I’m sure they had our best interests at heart.

realitycheck realitycheck 5:59 pm 08 Jul 09

We are proud to be the winners of “The ACT and Regional Chamber of
Commerce & Industry Eco Efficiency Recycling Award in 2003”

Doesn’t he like to throw this bit of information around.In every article, his website and even on his vehicles.

But if he didn’t win then something was wrong considering he was the only nomination!

realitycheck realitycheck 5:51 pm 08 Jul 09

Funny how in the newspaper article he states he has up to 25 employees for just the Gold Coast operations but in July 2008 he stated in court documents that the entire company only employs 27 staff in total.
Also in a tender document to Gympie Council dated 9th July 2008 he writes that the company employs 88 full and part time staff.
But in a magistrates hearing in 2008 he stated that on 23 July 2008 the company employed only 27 full or part time staff members in total.


Community & Economic Development Committee Meeting – 9 July 2008 Gympie Council

The following letters from the above parties were also received in respect of
their expressions of interest and have been included for Council’s information.

Dennis Richter
Managing Director
Aussie Junk Pty Ltd

“My name is Dennis Richter. I am the Managing Director of Aussie Junk Pty
Ltd. I have been in the recycling business over fifteen years trading as Aussie
Junk. Since August 2002 I have been trading as Aussie Junk Pty Ltd.
Aussie Junk Pty Ltd is a fully recognised Recycling Company with contracts in
NSW, the ACT and Queensland. We presently have contracts for seven landfill
sites and five Recycling Centres. We hold contracts with Wagga Wagga City
Council, Gold Coast City Council and Redland Shire Council. In conjunction
with Thiess Services, we manage the Mitchell Recycling Centre at the Mitchell
Resource Management Centre in the ACT. We play an active part in the
“NOWASTE by 2010” campagne undertaken by the ACT Government. We
have additional Recycling Centres at Wagga Wagga, Tweed Heads, Currumbin
and Redland Bay in Queensland. Most of our contracts are in the second or
third term which indicates our ability to comply with Council’s requirements
and shows the satisfaction of various Councils with our performance.
Aussie Junk’s Head Office, Administrative and Web Sales Office operate from
the Australian Capital Territory. The Company employs 48 full/part time staff
and an additional 40 casual staff to manage and operate the various sites.
Each site operates with its own management and staff usually derived from the
area. We are very involved with our community and support schools, charities
and non profit organisations in the various areas.
We are proud to be the winners of “The ACT and Regional Chamber of
Commerce & Industry Eco Efficiency Recycling Award in 2003”.
We work hard and take pride in the knowledge that we do our part in helping
to preserve the environment for future generations.”

Clown Killer Clown Killer 5:36 pm 08 Jul 09

… plans to retire to the Gold Coast’s exclusive Sovereign Islands

He’d fit right in.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 5:07 pm 08 Jul 09

Hooray, I love a good humiliation conga.

realitycheck realitycheck 5:01 pm 08 Jul 09

The Deputy Commissioner Of Taxation v Aussie Junk Pty Ltd hearing in QLD has been adjourned until 31 July

realitycheck realitycheck 4:36 pm 08 Jul 09


In June the sole director of Aussie Junk Dennis Richter said the matter with the Australian Taxation Office had been fixed up.”I have had solicitors in Clarence Street in Sydney who have worked on it for me” he said.
When phoned yesterday, Mr Richter hung up.

S4anta S4anta 4:35 pm 08 Jul 09

“Dennis is engaged to be married for a third time.”

Nice to see he recycles his wives as well.

realitycheck realitycheck 4:24 pm 08 Jul 09


Where there?s muck, there?s brass

3rd June 2005

He is the Junk King – the fellow who earned a fortune salvaging and recycling garbage from local tips in three states. And now he’s living at Banora Point. ED SOUTHORN learned how one man made millions out of rubbish.

DENNIS Richter, 59, proudly claims he has “exchanged white line fever for garbage fever”.

The former long-haul truck driver used to make three exhausting trips a fortnight between Brisbane and Melbourne, carting groceries and grain.

Now he runs a recycling business with annual turnover of more than $4 million from almost 36 tips in NSW, Queensland and the ACT and plans to retire to the Gold Coast’s exclusive Sovereign Islands.

Dennis is already wondering how his big garbage trucks would look alongside the luxury cars usually seen around the exclusive Sovereign Islands estate. He also owns more than one Mercedes, so he won’t be too out of place among the Gold Coast high rollers.

Dennis had been based near Canberra but has been living at Banora Point since January this year, when his private company Aussie Junk won a Gold Coast City Council contract for salvage and recycling rights at three tips Tugun, Reedy Creek and Stapylton.

The Aussie Junk recycling shop in Wharf Street, Tweed Heads, which also opened six months ago, has quickly become a local landmark, selling everything from timber to toys, kitchen items, garden tools, books, pictures, jewellery, collectables and antiques.

Dennis has many unusual and valuable items picked up from Gold Coast tips, including a 200-year-old land title written on parchment and valuable paintings by leading Australian artists.

“There’s no such thing as junk, once you find a market for it,” he cheerfully declares.

He has a separate contract with the Smorgons metals company to dispose of recyclable steel, also supplies glass and paper goods recyclers and provides clothing to the Beenleigh-based Alpha Children’s Foundation.

Dennis is set to expand further over the next few months, to Redland Bay, south of Brisbane.

He says he remains keen to salvage from Tweed Shire tips, although the Tweed’s garbage salvage rights are presently secured by another contractor, he said.

Dennis said driving trucks was a “hard way to make a living”, so when the opportunity arose to manage a rubbish tip at Albury near the NSW/Victorian border 10 years ago, he was happy to climb down from his truck cabin.

Since then, his garbage business has grown extraordinarily. For the Gold Coast contract, he runs separate holding yards, employs up to 25 people and has a fleet of five tip-trucks, three utilities and a plastic-sided carting truck.

Dennis is engaged to be married for a third time.

He says he has no plans to float Aussie Junk as a public company.

Soon, he might start to reduce his involvement in the business, allowing his children to take over his rubbish empire.

realitycheck realitycheck 4:17 pm 08 Jul 09

Federal Court of Australia File: QUD118/2009

Title: Deputy Commissioner of Taxation v Aussie Junk Pty Ltd ACN 097 510 882

Court: Federal Court of Australia, Queensland Registry

Filing Date: 19-May-2009

Finalised Date:
Application Type Filed Status Finalised
Transparentpixel CORPORATIONS Winding Up 19-May-2009 Open

Court Events and Orders Loading…
Date Time Reason Presiding Officer(s) Location Outcome Orders
03-Jul-2009 9:30 Hearing Registrar Ramsey Court No. 8, Level 6 Adjourned – For Hearing View Orders

Order Type Decision Type
Directions Orders Directions – free text order specific to case
19-Jun-2009 9:30 Hearing Registrar Baldwin Court No. 8, Level 6 Adjourned – For Hearing

Order Type Decision Type
Corporations Orders Statutory Demand – adjourn & prepare for hearing.
Costs Orders Costs – Reserved
Documents Filed Loading…
Date Filed Document Title Filed By
10-Jun-2009 Amended Document Deputy Commissioner of Taxation
10-Jun-2009 Affidavit/Memorandum of Publication Deputy Commissioner of Taxation
21-May-2009 Affidavit of Lodgment at ASIC Deputy Commissioner of Taxation
21-May-2009 Affidavit of Service of Originating Process Deputy Commissioner of Taxation
19-May-2009 Consent of Liquidator/Provisional Liquidator Deputy Commissioner of Taxation
19-May-2009 Affidavit of Service of Demand Deputy Commissioner of Taxation
19-May-2009 Affidavit in Support of Application for Winding Up Deputy Commissioner of Taxation

19-May-2009 Originating Process Deputy Commissioner of Taxation
Parties Loading…
Role Name End
Defendant Aussie Junk Pty Ltd ACN 097 510 882
Legal Representative Applicant Australian Taxation Office

Address: Legal Practice 13th Floor 140 Creek Street, BRISBANE 4000
Business Phone: 07 3213 5708
Business Fax: 07 3213 5005
Plaintiff Deputy Commissioner of Taxation
Docket Registrar Ramsey

realitycheck realitycheck 4:13 pm 08 Jul 09

Fair Pay Ombudsman v Aussie Junk Pty Ltd Federal Magistrates Court Canberra 20th July 2009

Deputy Commissioner Of Taxation v Aussie Junk Pty Ltd – Federal Court of Australia Queensland Registry : File No QUD118/2009

Looks like your going to be busy Dennis & Russell.
I think your time could be better spent getting your court appearances in order instead of making jokes and pathetic comments.

goldenman goldenman 11:45 am 08 Jul 09

Hi Lance???
i think it’s pure gold ha, ha, ha,
woof, woof.

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