Adventure Paintball 3 man tournament series

kieran AP 4 February 2009 12

G’day all,

Adventure Paintball will be holding a 5 round tournament series starting on Sunday 22 Feb. Events will be held every fortnight with the final round held on 19 April.

There will be prizes for each round as well as an overall team prize for the series winners (3 electronic markers).

Entry is $150/team. There will be two grades of paint.

The details are on the website.




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12 Responses to Adventure Paintball 3 man tournament series
Jazz Jazz 3:59 pm 18 Feb 09

Am afraid i’m going to have to call for subs Kieran. Sprained my ankle playing basketball last night. Any readers care to take up the challenge of representing RiotACT? Only need 3.

kieran AP kieran AP 10:24 pm 17 Feb 09

G’day Random Boy,

here at Adventure Paintball we strongly encourage equal opportunity, so that means everyone gets to shoot everyone :).

So you are more than welcome to come on down. The only restriction at the moment is that is looks like 4-5 teams of novice and 3-4 teams of Div 1. That means if you are playing against a NOVICE team and they dont want to take on 3 terminators with electronic markers, you either run out with Tippmanns or drop a player.

As a side note, I just spent 2 years getting the legislation changed so that ANYONE with a licensed marker could play in the ACT and vice versa. This change in the legislation was based on the fact that I had a lot of interest from interstate for previous tournaments. SO it would be nice if we did get some interstate representation!

Still waiting for the RA overlords to put a team in as well 🙂

regards, Kieran AP.

randomboy101 randomboy101 9:25 pm 17 Feb 09

hey , just wondering how it works for Sydney teams coming over to play. Whats this I’ve read about ‘ allowed to use own marker if other team allows’ ? Myself and two of my team mates are looking to come have a run so just wondering if we can bring out own gats down and if this is limited to only ACT teams?

p1 p1 6:18 pm 16 Feb 09

Balls range in price from 50c to $10+

I hope that is for a packet, because for a single ball, you would wanna hit what you aimed at for $10…

kieran AP kieran AP 5:20 pm 16 Feb 09

3 post nutbag…

Just an update that the tournament is on this weekend. 5 teams are confirmed with a nother 4 to get back to me, so if you want to put in a team you still have time as entries close in a few days.

Kieran AP

kieran AP kieran AP 8:13 pm 09 Feb 09

Update: there are rumours that the RA overlords may be putting a team in. This may be a great opportunity for anyone who had been ‘put in the mod queue’ by JB to get some payback!

Or for any of the feuding RA’ers to sort their ‘issues’ out in person!

Kieran AP

kieran AP kieran AP 5:19 pm 04 Feb 09

@skid #3
yep thats the comp link!

@ skid #5
choice…paintballs are made to different levels of quality. Think of golf balls. Balls range in price from 50c to $10+. I use a 50c ball and don’t know any different but my mates who play use $10 balls and swear by them.

I am providing a standard quality option and a better quality option. People can choose what they want!


Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 4:00 pm 04 Feb 09

I am a totally without clue when it comes to paintball, but why the two different grades of paint?

p1 p1 3:11 pm 04 Feb 09

Oooh, looks interesting.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 3:01 pm 04 Feb 09
kieran AP kieran AP 2:55 pm 04 Feb 09

thanks skid,

of course I could fix it, or or I could suggest you click on any of the paintball logo’s on the front page….


Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 2:40 pm 04 Feb 09

Your link does not work, Kieran.

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