Advertising Agencies in Canberra?

megaJames 28 May 2010 13

Are there any small business owners on here that have used a local advertising agency in recent times?

If so, who do you recommend that is not too expensive?


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13 Responses to Advertising Agencies in Canberra?
Hayden Fitzgerald Hayden Fitzgerald 10:56 am 19 Mar 20

Last year I worked with the team over at Futuretheory and was really happy with their work. Their attention to detail as well as customer service was unreal for a mid-sized agency and more importantly, their services didn’t break the bank . Additionally, their team is pretty well versed in all areas of digital marketing/branding so they will be able to help you with anything from broad strategy, to multimedia content, to graphic design and even large web development projects.

Can’t recommend these dudes highly enough, check them out:

matt88 matt88 10:49 am 25 Feb 20

emmersion is your one-stop-shop for branding, customer experience and digital solutions; they will take your brand, platform, and the business you’ve worked so hard to build, out into the world through digital marketing. Check more on

Kapil Bhadra Kapil Bhadra 12:12 am 16 Oct 19

Exalted Digital is your one-stop-shop for digital solutions, we take your brand, platform, and the business you’ve worked so hard to build, out into the world through digital marketing. Check more on

John.Karl John.Karl 2:26 pm 28 Sep 16

Would recommend Baha agency. they are both marketing and advertising.

Shooby Shooby 12:51 pm 29 Dec 15

Mude is a creative agency started up by some local experts in filmmaking, photography and music production as well as web and graphic design.

You can find out more about Mude at:

AF123 AF123 5:40 pm 23 Oct 14

There are plenty of advertising agencies that you can go to in Canberra:
Zoo Advertising
nFlame Creative
Decoy marketing
If your looking just to get your brand out for awareness, then I often see plenty of transit advertising in Canberra, such as taxi-wrap advertising or bus ads. Here’s the website for the taxi advertisement fellows in Canberra:

All the best with your marketing.

JimT JimT 1:47 pm 29 Sep 11

If you are only after radio and press ads, another option to consider would be to contact the radio station directly and have them copywrite and produce the script for you. They will also put a schedule together for you and book it accordingly. Then for the press ads, look for a graphic designer to do the layout, and book the space yourself with the relevant publications. You’ll cut out a layer of account management, that, in most cases, will be included in the cost associated with using an agency.

That is of course, assuming you have the time. Keep in mind, for the work that you don’t do yourself, you will have to pay for someone else to do. An obvious statement in itself, but you can reduce the time (and therefore cost) the agency spends on your job by providing a brief with the information that you want to include that is clear and outlines exactly what you want to achieve.

Advertising isn’t rocket science, especially in a small market like Canberra, where there are limited publications and stations to convey your message. I say do some research and if you feel confident – give it a go yourself, otherwise, look to using an agency like Coordinate or nFlame that has a smaller team that won’t fob you off to a Junior Account Manager because they are too busy looking after the Department of Super Important Report.

nFlame_Creative nFlame_Creative 12:32 pm 29 Sep 11

Hi James,

I just stumbled across your request online.
I am not sure if you have already found a solution but please allow me to throw my hat in the ring as I think we can help you out.

I run a design and marketing agency in Canberra called nFlame Creative. We pride ourselves on the fact that we help local businesses find a voice in the community. We are a full service agency and offer our brands cost effective exposure on TV, radio, print, web, cinemas, direct mail, E-marketing, and heaps more…

We are effectively a one-stop-shop, and as we are one of the smaller operations in town, our fees are quite competitive. As an agency client you are typically rewarded with the best available advertising rates, a consistent management of your brand across all media outlets, and (perhaps) best of all, the freedom to focus on actually running your business.

If it sounds like what you are looking for, please feel free to give us a call.

We also offer a FREE 30 minute introduction to any local business who is not yet sure they need or want agency representation.

Please visit our website and give us a call when you are ready.




nFlame Creative
(02) 6249 8694

markertchic markertchic 11:09 am 29 Sep 11

Hi James,

I have been doing marketing jobs at a few larger places for a while now and also helped out a few friends in small business. I think I have used pretty much most agencies in Canberra. They all have strengths and weaknesses.

My take is that there are design like agencies and the better ones are swell and couch. You will get good design work but don’t expect any big thinking for your brand or advertising.

For that you would be looking at places like cre8tive, Coordinate, or Zoo. cre8ive are more digital so you might get a flashy website but not much else. coordinate are a small agency and so you might save some money but you might not get any big thinking. Zoo are the biggest in town and probably the most creative but you will pay top dollar. It depends on how important it is to you. Spending more in the beginning might pay off, in my experience

I just helped a friend who runs a local small business and they really wanted to get their web stuff together. I put them on to a new place called Push agency who are run by some pretty experienced people. They are more like a consultancy and they work with a lot of agencies, from what I can see.

They ended up organising all the branding and design stuff and did a brilliant job with the web stuff.

So, I would probably be suggesting them to anyone that asked – mainly because the seem to have relationships with all the agencies in town and really know the web stuff – which is quickly becoming the most important part of my work with my employee

hope that helps

WonderfulWorld WonderfulWorld 6:21 pm 29 May 10

Depending on your business, maybe try

megaJames megaJames 1:12 pm 28 May 10

Thanks, I should have provided a bit more detail about what I’m looking for. I need someone to design radio and printed ads and then book them into a range of stations and publications. Don’t need any branding/corporate stationary type stuff.

Thanks again

XO_VSOP XO_VSOP 11:31 am 28 May 10

If you’re just after logo creation, business cards, letterhead design ect steer away from advertising agencies in general and go for a design studio like Swell, or Quantum ideas bureau, Hi Res, WYSdesign , generally they charge you flat hourly fee with no hidden “concept delivery fees”, however if you’re after a one stop shop Media buying/planning/branding/website/TV/radio ads go to Cre8ive or ZOO, crea8ive do great digital work and ZOO do good tv and press however they are far from the cheapest you get what you pay for.

buttons buttons 11:12 am 28 May 10

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