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Thumper 2 October 2007 24

ESA previously told us to wear beanies in winter because it is cold.

Now they have this incisive piece of advice for Muslims in Ramadan.

Surely Muslims who strictly adhere to Ramadan are well aware of everything. This ‘advice’ seems rather paternalistic to me.

I await the ‘advice’ given for Good Friday when Christians eat fish and may choke on a fish bone.

In other news, 2007 StormSafe campaign coming soon. This should be common sense but well worth a read. No link as yet.

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24 Responses to Advice for Ramadan
Maelinar Maelinar 3:15 pm 04 Oct 07

I think that’s the entire point though.

The fact sheet is just daft – they are not even obliged to publish it, therefore it’s already started life as a waste of government resources wanting a niche to fill.

pseudonym pseudonym 3:03 pm 04 Oct 07

It’s just an arse-covering fact sheet for the ESA, in case they need to provide information to people during the month.

Besides, assuming every person identifying as Muslim rigidly adheres to fasting during Ramandan is as daft as assuming every person identifying as Christian attends mass every Sunday and adheres to the variety of Lent restrictions.

(aside from offending people for the sake of offending people)

Thumper Thumper 8:12 am 04 Oct 07

Gutter troll…

love it…


nyssa76 nyssa76 9:34 pm 03 Oct 07

piperdoon, nah, Tuggers isn’t bogan country, it’s gutter troll country…Sonic said so.

BigDave BigDave 9:13 pm 03 Oct 07

Ok then. Can Muslims have sex during the night time hours during Ramadan?? If not, why the hell not and what the f**k difference does any of this bulls**t make anyway??
Ramadan? Pile Of S**teadan if you ask me…

[ED (Kramer) – good to see you are testing out our comment filter]

VicePope VicePope 8:23 pm 03 Oct 07

NS – stick to it, mate. Observant religious people are a good example for everyone else. Ramadan shows that your religion means enough to you for a fair bit of suffering. We could all practise a bit of self-denial sometimes.

Agree that some people have been offensive. But I suspect they offend people on principle, so don’t feel singled out.

Pandy Pandy 6:42 pm 03 Oct 07

Poor sods.

ns ns 1:31 pm 03 Oct 07

Pandy, no Muslims cannot have sex during daylight hours during Ramadan.

I find some of the posts on this thread incredibly offensive and ignorant. Where exactly have Muslims asked for special treatment during Ramadan, and how on earth can you assume that all Muslims are unskilled migrants?

I’ve fasted every day thus far during Ramadan, and I’ve managed to conduct all my work activities without exemptions (including long hours of interstate travel). I’m not a migrant, but my parents were and considering they are both bilingual and university educated, (plus my dad’s a professor), I hardly think they would qualify as unskilled.

piperdoon piperdoon 10:25 am 03 Oct 07

“Isn’t Belconnen an enclave operating under bogan law?”

– must have the map upside down – that’s Tuggeranong!

Mr Evil Mr Evil 9:53 am 03 Oct 07

Are you still allowed to detonate roadside IEDs in daylight hours during Ramadan?

Ralph Ralph 9:25 am 03 Oct 07

Agree. Another reason for tougher restrictions on immigration. Skilled migrants only. There is no credible argument for letting unskilled migrants to enter the country – except for making the cultural elites feel good.

With Labor’s yellowbelly soft immigration policies we can look forward to Australia resembling Eurabia in about 10 years from now.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 9:24 am 03 Oct 07

Isn’t Belconnen an enclave operating under bogan law?

barking toad barking toad 8:08 am 03 Oct 07

Just a small example of the wedge of appeasement to allow muslims to be afforded special treatment. The more it’s allowed to happen the more shrill their demands will become.

It’s already happened in Britain and the rest of Europe with enclaves effectively operating under sharia law.

plane plane 7:13 am 03 Oct 07

Cmon Thumper,
the StormSafe link isn’t that hard to find: StormSafe

Now, I just need to convince those of my unit, m\that getting your picture published \, means you owe a slab…

shauno shauno 9:38 pm 02 Oct 07

Ive got a work colleague sitting next to me thats Muslim and he’s fasting. Were all having bets to see how long he lasts haha. But he says even if he fails he can just pick up were he left off. Got another Muslim colleague here that isn’t doing it, its like any religion i guess you have some that take it more seriously then others.

VicePope VicePope 9:31 pm 02 Oct 07

I’ll be serious (again). Across the considerable number of Muslims in the world, Australia and Canberra, I expect there are some continua and discrepancies in belief and practice. (Much like the olden days when people with an Irish Catholic priest tended to get a different approach than those with, say, a long-term Oz or an Italian).

Islam apparently has a good deal of flexibility about Ramadan, but not everyone knows about it. If someone doesn’t know, and has some good reason to be exempted (like they might have a diabetic coma or something), they need to be told, rather than (a) dying pointlessly or (b) feeling needlessly guilty and bad. The Catholics do thi with Lent, and they used to do it with the “nothing after midnight until communion” fast back in the 1940s. My problem with Ramadan is that it’s a great deal easier for some (aircon, nice climate, light work) than for others (outdoors, strenuous stuff).

I think the ESA has done a good and wise thing.

barney barney 9:05 pm 02 Oct 07

I don’t know. But advice from the ESA to Ramadan participants makes me laugh.


Pandy Pandy 6:20 pm 02 Oct 07

I am not a rascist but….

(now that I have suckered you in)

…. can Muslims have sex during the daylight hours during Ramadam?

DawnDrifter DawnDrifter 4:59 pm 02 Oct 07

i should have elaborated on “but if you do, you can make it up later like they said.”

ie if you are pregnant during Ramadan, you can fast your days later after the birth and your health returns to normal levels
if you are young, only start fasting after puberty (7 years old is waaay too young)
if you are elderly, you will need to fast only until you can no longer do it for health reasons
if you are sick or need medicine thru Ramadan, the days you break your fast you will make it up later.
if you are permanently on meds, not much you can do about that

DawnDrifter DawnDrifter 4:55 pm 02 Oct 07

They seem to have gone to some effort to collate this info.. If you are sick, young(before puberty) elderly, pregnant etc.. there is no blame on you if you break your fast for these reasons. but if you do, you can make it up later like they said.
the only bit of info that could be taken one way or the other is the rulings on what will and what will not break your fast. best to speak to your local sheik or imam for that kind of info as it does differentiate slightly with interpretation
not that VR cares lol

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