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Advice sought to investigate dog bashing in Canberra?

By Ledanta 24 October 2013 67

Last week my dog was brutally kicked.  The injuries resulted in the dog having to be euthenased.  The event occured in my backyard.  We are able to get a written document from the vet stating that in her opinion, the dog’s injuries were consistent with being kicked.

I called the police and reported the incident.  They advised me that without any evidence, the incident would be informally recorded.  At the point evidence was found, it could be formally documented.

I have surveyed the neighbours to see if anyone had seen or heard anything.  One neighbour said that he heard dogs barking in the morning.  Another said that he heard dogs barking and then a yelping dog.  Other than that, I am at a loss.

I am suspicious of one of my neighbours.  He has been yelling profanities over the fence at the dogs, particularly when they are barking.  This has been going on for some months.  He had also complained to me a little while back and I suggested that the dogs were barking at possums.  He went out of his way to set a possum trap, catching a possum and relocating it.  After doing so, he confronted me in a very aggressive manner about the dogs continuing to bark.

I am wondering if anyone could advise me of possible courses of action.  I believe a crime has been committed, but am unable to get any help.

What’s Your opinion?

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Advice sought to investigate dog bashing in Canberra?
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maxblues 6:40 pm 06 Nov 13

When Christopher Butler (the non-green-voting Incredible Hulk) gets out of the big house, hire him to go around to the neighbour’s to ask for $60,000 ‘compensation’. Even more terrifying…threaten to get a cat.

Jere13 5:39 pm 06 Nov 13

That is horrible. I’m so sorry to hear about that.

Let’s hope the person gets caught.

Zeital 10:25 am 06 Nov 13

BimboGeek said :

This thread has certainly been a lesson in the questions we all need to ask ourselves before getting a pet. They say pets aren’t just for Christmas but we’re also seeing that dogs aren’t just for weekends or the evening walkies. They are actually very difficult and needy creatures and the gym before work, drinks or dinner in the evening lifestyle that leaves people away from the home for most of the day certainly isn’t compatible with the needy pack animal that wishes proximity to his leader.

Definitely get some cheap motion activated surveilance or a basic webcam pointed at your gate, anyway. While you continue training your friends, their attacker may return and you’ll have evidence should it ever (we hope not) happen again. There are threads on basic surveilance options you can search.

I guess your last options are debarking or giving them away to someone rural or maybe a fit recently retired person who can wrangle some exciteable dogs but is home most of the time. Debarking is generally classed with docking but becomes legal and indeed begins to look like a more moral option in cases like yours where the alternative is that the neighbours kick it to death and where you’re obviously not taking the easy way out by avoiding training, collars and so on.

NO, removing their voice is not a option. It is cruel and doesn’t stop them from ‘barking’ it just makes them sound like they have a dead squeaky in there throat. it should be banned just like docking is IMO

scorpio63 5:55 pm 29 Oct 13

I agree with one of the previous contributors; set up a digital camera and recorder for a few months and ensure that both side gates are locked in the meantime; this narrows it down to one of your neighbours if gates are high and locked at the sides of the home; otherwise you know they would need to jump the fence from their property; unless your property is situation on a corner etc.

Please do not necessarily think it is your neighbour; most neighbours complain and are upset with constant yapping particularly when requiring one’s own sleep for work the next day(s)

Burglars and Thieves trying to access a home in a hurry with a small barking dog are known to have kicked dogs to quieten them while their mate robs the place.

One day I arrived home to find the dog I was minding for a girlfriend had had a seizure and his back was bent in addition to a leg he could not walk on at all. The injury had caused blindness over the next week and it dawned on me that he had been kicked by a would be thief during the day while I was at work. The Veterinarian advised for him to be put down given his age however they were baffled as to how his leg had been hurt at the time.

This beautiful dog never barked unless someone was trying to enter through the side colourbond gates, He was quiet and old, friendly and a pleasure to mind over a two year period.

Thieves are quick and after casing out their next home to ransack, they generally have sussed out the dogs too!

I would definitely be locking all of your gates and keep your dog in the garage during the day while ensuring you have an alarm installed.

Deref 5:12 pm 29 Oct 13

Robertson said :

Masquara said :

The police could easily check the guy’s shoes and boots for dog hairs and match them.

They could get a profiler in, too, and by looking at the dog’s injuries, the profiler could tell them what kind of food the perp has in his fridge.

I see that the Morloch press has employed a “real estate psychic”. Maybe they could get her to sideline and ask the spirits who the perp was.

Henry82 5:08 pm 29 Oct 13

Rach_13 said :

It is not always the owners fault!!!

Dog is your responsibility. Dog is making noise. Therefore it’s your fault.


Robertson 4:31 pm 29 Oct 13

Masquara said :

The police could easily check the guy’s shoes and boots for dog hairs and match them.

They could get a profiler in, too, and by looking at the dog’s injuries, the profiler could tell them what kind of food the perp has in his fridge.

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