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bonfire 12 April 2007 75

now that daylight savings has ended, i have noticed that when i am jogging home that cyclists are still not using lights, or bells.

this is especially stupid as they are travelling at speed on dark paths.

many do not have a red light on the back of their bike, or a headlamp of any description. some have no helmets on. some idiots have front lights that blink. i do not know why.

i particularly like the idiots that turn on their light, cycle around me, then turn it off.

im waiting for a head-on smash between two cycling fools.

in the two weeks since the evening commute has been performed in darkness (around 5.45 pm) only one cyclist has used his bell to alert me that he was about to cycle around me.

for the record – i have two tritium kit markers and a strip of reflective tape, on the rear of my backpack – so these idiots can see me in the dark. reflective tape only works if they have lights on their bikes.

im sure that having no light is illegal.

if the police want to make a few bob – position yourself on the walking paths that meander through our suburbs at nightfall and prepare to be busy.

my generally low opinion of cyclists as perennial law breakers and selfish individuals is unchanged by their behaviour over the last fortnight.

[ED – The views of Grandpa bonfire should not be confused with those of RiotACT which notes that so far all the cyclists have managed to not hit him]

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75 Responses to advice to cyclists at night
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simbo simbo 5:29 pm 12 Apr 07

Oh, and he also has issues with capital letters, for some reason…

simbo simbo 5:28 pm 12 Apr 07

I’m starting to wonder if Bonfire’s a very convoluted piece of performance art by someone. From what I can gather from his random postings, he’s a grumpy old bastard, who, judging from his views on women, very rarely gets laid, doesn’t particularly like kids, cyclists, or anybody who isn’t actually him.

Has anybody actually met him in person, so they can enlighten me a bit more about him?

Mess Mess 4:38 pm 12 Apr 07

We should adopt south-east asian road rules which dictate, if im bigger than you get out of my way or i will crush you. also the middle of the road acts as a 3rd lane for traffic going in either direction.

Sammy Sammy 4:33 pm 12 Apr 07

I think reversing a spinning outboard up to a sail boat is way more dangerous than cycling at night without lights.

Danman Danman 3:59 pm 12 Apr 07

Oh and graffiti is bad unless Bonfire says so.

bonfire bonfire 3:54 pm 12 Apr 07

you are a softhead al.

i saw the video, it was not remotely dangerous. you exaggerate the risk out of all proportion.

otoh cyclists with no lights trying to share an unlit path at night is a recipe for disaster.

i take some measures to ensure im visible.

softhead cyclists take few. over 90% have no lighting at all. 10% have a form of lighting, largely being blinking red lights so THEY are visible from behind.

less than 5% would have a a headlight actually switched on.

as the behaviour is so widespread, im sure theres a reason. maybe pedal power could explain.

bonfire bonfire 3:44 pm 12 Apr 07

a huge waste of money.

pandering to pedal power and their perpetual teat seeking special interest moaning.

Al Al 3:44 pm 12 Apr 07

This stuff really bothers Bonfire, but lighting fires on petrol fuelled boats and backing up to a bunch of kids with a revving outboard are cool…

West_Kambah_4eva West_Kambah_4eva 3:40 pm 12 Apr 07

cyclists should not be on the road. the sliplane bike paths are hazardous and conceptually do not work, especially ones coming off an 80 zone like hindmarsh.

bikes should always give way to cars no matter what in my opinion. a car should ALWAYS be able to navigate a corner or lane change without having to look out for a bike rider going half their speed.

bike riders who use these faulty systems with impunity to the natural, immutable law that cars have right of way no matter what some road sign or cop says are suicidal gits.

barking toad barking toad 3:35 pm 12 Apr 07

Didn’t the council spend millyons shifting road lanes to make special bike lanes with magic green paint for all the cyclists to use?

Or was that just another waste of money.

bonfire bonfire 3:30 pm 12 Apr 07

yeah i have a small torch hanging off the front of the pack shoulder straps. i use it when i go through underpasses – none of which are lit at night.

i also have an ipod, but its down low so that i can hear my surroundings.

actually, i used the ipod as an emergency light source last week when the torch didnt work (after 6 months of non-use). it was ok for immediate area, but doesnt throw a beam. sort of an electronic illumistick.

i also hate kids and families on these paths. they amble along in both sides of the path oblivious to other people with their shitting dogs running all over the place.

usually not at night however.

Indi Indi 3:28 pm 12 Apr 07

If you ride a bike, break the road rules and do not hold a current drivers licence, how do the police charge you with a traffic offence eg. running a red light, not having a light at night, riding across pedestrian crossing rather than dismounting?

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 3:26 pm 12 Apr 07

“Fair comment VY but what about the trauma suffered by the poor sod that ends up with a cyclist coming though his windscreen? “

That’s a risk you take when you slide in behind the wheel. It’s sad for sure, but not as bad as the cyclist has it. That said, I’d be pretty pissed if an unlit cyclist scratched up the front of the V8.

Danman Danman 3:23 pm 12 Apr 07

I gave up on bells when I do my Yerrabi loop because most people have their heads firmly planted in an iPod – therefore negating my incessant ringing of bell.

I also find that people who are willing to share the path are vigilant about staying to the left – and keeping an eye out for forward facing oncoming traffic – in return, as I am quite happy to share with these people – I give them a wide berth.

What shits me to tears is the parents who let their children with training wheels ride ahead – I move to the right lane to go around the oncoming youngster (in wrong oncoming lane mind you), I then have to go back into the left lane becase the youngster has gone back across the lanes to their left lane – same youngster still oblivious to my oncoming (at a reasonable pace , not fast or slow) then swerves back into my lane – at which time I say fuck this and ride to the side of the cycle path – only to get a glaring sneer from the parent on the way past.

Its not the kids fault – but the parent should exercise some responsibility for their childs lack of foresight and judgement – and maybe keep them closer to them in order to control their path a little better.

I dunno – I dont get any grief from any adult peds or fellow cyclists – but in saying so – maybe I am just an impatient prick.

justbands justbands 3:13 pm 12 Apr 07

I don’t use a bell, however I do call out “rider on your right!”

mattress mattress 3:10 pm 12 Apr 07

I use lights on my bike but I don’t ring my bell to alert pedestrians anymore, as I found that when I did more often than not the idiot pedestrians/joggers would walk/jog straight across in front of me.

la mente torbida la mente torbida 3:08 pm 12 Apr 07

Fair comment VY but what about the trauma suffered by the poor sod that ends up with a cyclist coming though his windscreen?

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 3:01 pm 12 Apr 07

Fundamentally the law is irrelevant in this area. If you don’t make yourself visible, and you get hit by a car, it’s ultimately your problem.

justbands justbands 2:53 pm 12 Apr 07

Do you carry a light when you jog? I use lights on my bike.

Genie Genie 2:23 pm 12 Apr 07

I think people walking dogs at night should pay attention too.. Almost hit 2 people both dressed in black AND walking a black dog.. and they were even walking down the middle of the street..

Some commonsense people, wear BRIGHTER colours at night time.

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