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AFL match goes meat pie free for first time since 1897

Damien Haas 9 March 2013 29

Tonight I attended the AFL pre-season NAB Cup match at Manuka Oval, to see Essendon and Greater Western Sydney trial their latest crop of youngsters and watch old stagers like Dustin Fletcher, Brendon Goddard and Jobe Watson run around the paddock. Manuka Oval was in superb condition, and the new lights are lovely. The match was a little one-sided, but entertaining. I didn’t even mind that they didn’t open the gates for a 6.10 PM game until 5.30 PM. No, what I found simply incomprehensible was…

No meat pies.


I’ve been attending footy matches since the 70’s and i cannot recall any VFL or AFL ground not having pies on offer. Tonight, I could avail myself of Turkish food or a kebab, or that good old artery hardener the corn dog, but NO MEAT PIES.

Did some genius at Manuka Oval assume the 8000 footy fans would not at least like the choice?

While in the queue for hot dogs (four for 22 bucks…) I heard several people phoning back to their friends ‘There are no meat pies, do you want a kebab, turkish or hot dogs?‘ So i know I am not the only footy fan stunned to see that in 2013 a tradition over a century old can be dispatched by an idiot somewhere in Manuka Ovals management chain with a penchant for kebabs.

For shame Manuka Oval management, for shame…

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29 Responses to AFL match goes meat pie free for first time since 1897
imarty 8:23 am 13 Mar 13

Sounds like a job for “How Canberran Man”…

benett 10:40 pm 12 Mar 13

Footy food? In Canberra?
Firstly. I’m stunned any AFL is played in Canberra.
Secondly. If you don’t like carrot sticks, then goodbye my friend.

Frustrated 9:41 pm 12 Mar 13

gooterz said :

Damien why not take advantage of this business opportunity?

As a friend said, there are two types of towns. Ones with fish and chips (meat pies and sausage rolls) and Kanab towns, Canberra moved to the later at the turn of the last century.

Canberra has never been an afl town, no coloured lime milk products have ever been sold in support of AFL in Canberra.

Oh dear, this stupid comment pops up again.

Canberra was an Aussie Rules town before the two Rugby teams came along.

It was almost 50/50 between the codes when I came here a 2nd time in 1981, no Raiders or Brumbies back then. Take a local history lesson…chump!

damien haas 12:20 pm 12 Mar 13

I recall when ‘nachos’ were introduced at the MCG and I ordered them. It was corn chips on a plate. Chili con carne meat sauce ‘extra’, ‘cheese’ extra, ‘guacamole’ extra.

Theres nothing like a lava hot pie burning the roof of your mouth while the rain chills your bones. Thats a day out at the footy right there.

watto23 9:57 am 12 Mar 13

What amazes me is that in Australia it seems acceptable for caterers to charge significantly more for items inside a ground than normal. I’ve been to sporting events in the USA, Argentina and South Africa and all three sold food and beverages at reasonable comparable prices to those outside the stadium.

Clearly though people, myself included, pay the high prices for pies and drinks though.

Masquara 10:25 pm 11 Mar 13

No-one has yet stated the obvious, so I will. Catering manager hates Collingwood.

Anti 8:46 pm 11 Mar 13

Dagwood dogs were awesome though mate.
And at least there was full strength beer, and it didn’t take 7 overs to be served.

Genie 3:52 pm 11 Mar 13

wildturkeycanoe said :

As for public transport, how about this one.
GWS Giants match Friday 8th March.
Action has free buses leaving Civic every 20minutes from 5:00PM. This equates to 3 buses prior to kickoff. If they have say 4 buses booked for this at 45 people per bus, that is 540 people that will be able to get to the game via public transport. What about the thousands of others? Will they become victims of the ACT Government’s new fund raising program whereby donations are made into little yellow envelopes?
Does anyone use the bus to get these events and how packed are they?
In my situation, I’d have to leave home at 4:00PM, catch two buses to be in Civic by 4:49, then wait for the one to Manuka oval to be there at 5:20. Then into the queue for tickets.

ACTION tend to use the articulated buses for events like this. I used to regularly catch a bus to the Raiders game from one of the Raiders Clubs.

Each articulated bus is meant to have a max capicity of 110 people. Their fleet is built up of the following buses:

Standard – Maximum 69 passengers (42 seated/27 standing)
Articulated – Maximum 110 passengers (69 seated/41 standing)
Wheelchair accessible – Maximum 67 passengers (45 seated/22 standing)

I’m also confused by your maths – if 4 buses only carrying 45 people head to Manuka Oval that’s only 180 people. Not 540 as you’ve mentioned.

Also ACTION regularly run free buses to events like this and quite often are barely utilised – hence why they’re probably only putting on 4 buses.

damien haas 2:02 pm 11 Mar 13

Heavs said :

The gulf between the organisation of the cricket and the AFL was massive. Seriously, it can’t have cost that much to cart in the replay screen for the day could it? You also would have thought that with a game kicking off at 6pm and the vast majority of people coming straight from work there was going to be a high demand for a drink and a feed. And maybe cater accordingly. Hotdogs I looked at seemed like they had been in the window of the van since they cooked them up at the Canberra Show the other week. Just poor all round.

I thought it was odd the screen wasnt there, but even odder that there were NO PIES!

The food at Manuka Oval is always a poor afterthought. usually they have only one coffee vendor – for 8000 people, so the queue and wait is too long. They also cluster the vendors near the main entrance. Really they need to have two lots of food vendors for big turnouts, one at the main entrance and one on the Kingston side behind the scoreboard.

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