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AFL on TV in Canberra – a sign of things to come this year?

djk 26 March 2009 30

It’s the start of the footy season and I am excited, so I just checked out to see what time the first game of the season would be on tonight.  Keep in mind it is a sell-out at the MCG (90k plus people).

Result?  11.15pm on Ten.

Hmmm, well it is a Thursday, maybe they thought no-one would watch it or something.  How about the big grand final rematch tomorrow night then?

Wow 9.30pm, after not only Better Homes and Gardens at 7.30pm, but also after a repeat of Heartbeat at 8.30pm!?!

In the words of Channel Ten, Seriously??

What’s Your opinion?

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AFL on TV in Canberra – a sign of things to come this year?
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Instant Mash 4:40 pm 26 Mar 09

That’s s***!

The Axe Man 4:42 pm 26 Mar 09

Primal said :

I looked this up on the AFL’s broadcast guide just a few days ago and it was scheduled for 8:30pm. The guide has of course now changed.

The only thing more annoying than the late broadcast times for AFL in Canberra is the fact that neither SC10 nor Prime seem to have any interest in actually advertising the correct time! Prime’s advertising of the Friday night games during the NAB Cup was an absolute schemozzle – every week they promised (on the game at 8:30 on the HD channel and every week they were completely wrong.

I may have to give my stimulus money to Foxtel after all…

Check the AFL site for broadcast times. It’s about the only part of the site that is up to date and has relevant info (beware, if you haven’t been to the site before it is really poor)

astrojax 5:00 pm 26 Mar 09

i thought ‘nrl’ stood for ‘neanderthals root lotharios’?

barking toad 5:05 pm 26 Mar 09

Echoing the growling marsupial at #4 – get Fox hippies!

And it’s not as if it’s an important game – caaarrton’s playing ffs!

Concentrate on important games – Saturday arvo for eg.

astrojax 5:19 pm 26 Mar 09

and miss the mighty cats tomorrow night as they embark on a season of greatness and triumph, toad??

Deckard 5:23 pm 26 Mar 09

Madame Workalot said :

It’s all to do with the rights – Foxtel/Austar own the rights to televise live. Other channels can only televise it after Foxtel.

Get used to it – Foxtel are always going to have more money than FTA, so they’re always going to win the bidding war….

I think you’ll find this is the other way around. Channel 7 & 10 paid for the rights, picked the games they want then sub-contract the rest out to Fox Sports.

The only reason 7 and 10 don’t show games live is ratings. Better Homes and Gardens must rate better than a game of footy.

Same happens with the NRL – Channel 9 pick what they want to show, then give Fox the leftovers. It’s why the Raiders are always on Fox.

kieran AP 7:03 pm 26 Mar 09

end result, I love watching Aussie Rules and we get crap coverage in Canberra. As a Swans fan (Go Swannies)the amount of times Ch 10 list Swans vs whoever and then show a North vs Freo game etc sh$ts me no end.

I am not going to enter the eternal code debate as Aussie Rules is so far in front of the others there is no argument 🙂 and discussing the other codes jusat gies them a semblance of undeserved equality. ( I am waiting for the day that Ch 9 stops televising/subsidising NRL just to see what happens. AS the entire NRL club membership equates to approx the 2 worst AFL club membership totals, NRL would be gone in a season.)

I am contemplating getting fox, but as I hardly ever get a chance to watch things live I have grave reservations as I also have to get the i thingy…and then I would need a second box for the wife and kids etc and the $$$ start to stack up. ONE HD is a solution if it ever comes…..

vg 8:54 pm 26 Mar 09

What time do the men’s games start?

pptvb 9:41 pm 26 Mar 09

What time do the men’s games start?
Rugby’s at 5:30.

Moby 9:25 pm 28 Mar 09

And again for the Swans v St Kilda game. Maybe it’s not “reality” enough. Perhaps they can call it So You Think You Can Win the AFL Grand Final.

SC10 are dicks!

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