AFP goons? tsssk tsssk, Kevin!

I-filed 12 May 2008 49

According to footage on “Insiders” on ABC this morning, Kevin Rudd’s staff are using the AFP as ‘goons’ to keep the press away, and herding them around in a most undemocratic manner. The footage shows an AFP officer threatening to block the Channel 10 camera “all day”. Add to that an account, again on Insiders, of the Rudd Government media minders having the gall to tell media reps (citizens) that they cannot ask questions of members of the public (fellow citizens) at ‘community cabinets’. Sounding chillingly “Left” I must say. Does Rudd also have a cultural understanding of North Korea that we’re seeing glimmerings of?

Then there’s Rudd refusing to be filmed during radio interviews. What the? How do you air interesting parts of a radio interview during the TV news without footage? It would serve Rudd right if all the TV channels ran “CENSORED IMAGE” across those broadcasts.

To top it all off, according to a reliable source, even his ministers are finding Rudd’s sycophantic celebrityism – he blushes and goes all coy in the company of movie stars – cringeworthy.

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49 Responses to AFP goons? tsssk tsssk, Kevin!
ant ant 10:52 am 13 May 08

Mr Howard was a disgrace, and I’m glad he’s gone. but I’m also a bit disappointed with Mr Rudd so far. Not massively disappointed, but this “working families” thing is pathetic. I hate spin. His ministers so far have done well, I’m always interested to hear what they’ve got to say because they are actually saying something, not filling the air with meaningless words, avoiding questions. They still believe in what they’re doing. Nicola Roxon on 7.30 Report last night was quite good, her joke about sausage factories was pretty funny. I hope this gov’t doesn’t become cynical and hollow like the last one, but Mr Rudd has got to stop this ridiculous catch-phrase divisive style.

Thumper Thumper 11:37 am 13 May 08

Howard hung on for to long.

He was totally berift of ideas for the last couple of years.

tap tap 11:39 am 13 May 08

Yeah, he just didn’t have the wisdom left to fake the children overboard scandal. 😉

Thumper Thumper 11:48 am 13 May 08

If anything he ended up responsible for the recent problems that the Liberal party is having now.

A seemless transition of power probably wouldn’t have made any difference in the last election but it would certainly have given more stability to the party.

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 1:07 pm 13 May 08

THUMPER – What do you mean JWH didn’t have any new ideas. The strong economy, low unemployment…and strong economy, low unemployment. To use his own pearler or a phrase, it sounds like “duplicity” to me! And did you read the part in that transcript “policy is more important than people”. Not JWH, but WTF?!

Beware all Liberals who are poised to point the finger at K Rudd when interest rates continue to grow, and housing affordability gets worse. These wheels were put in motion years ago. Labor are currently in damage control, cleaning up the mess that was under the covers for many years.

While yes, I am a fan of Kevin Rudd, but formally a Liberal voter, I believe he has achieved more key important milestones that Howard arrogantly refused to during his entire tenure as the leader of this country. Howard didn’t even have the manners to rock up to one of the most important days for our native Australians. Regardless of the party you support, there is the point of manners and humanity. Little Johnny lacked plenty of both!

Thumper Thumper 1:15 pm 13 May 08

Frankly I have no ideas what you are on about.

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 1:17 pm 13 May 08

I was agreeing with you THUMPER!

Thumper Thumper 1:21 pm 13 May 08

Fair enough then mate.


Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 12:41 pm 14 May 08

You’re really willing to assume that I’m some kind of boot-wearing fascist, aren’t you Working Families.

You’re well wide of the mark. Take a look around at some other comments I’ve made on this forum before shooting your mouth off. But then, mindlessly spitting venom is so much more fun, isn’t it.

Calling me a “person without an original thought” really doesn’t stand up when I’ve seen nothing from you but poorly thought out student politician boilerplate. You’ve done nothing to defend Rudd apart from slag off Howard. Sorry, but he’s old news now – find a different target for your vitriol.

For the record, I’m glad to see JWH out of the lodge; and not before time. Parts of the Australian character took an exceptionally bad turn in the last ten years. But just because Howard is gone and Rudd’s arrived doesn’t mean that we’re automatically entering some kind of utopian age. The current government has done some positive gestures, but I’ll reserve judgement on their handling of the country till I see some substance. We probably won’t see any kind of substance falling out of their policies for a couple of years yet; so I shall remain a cynic till then.

BTW, thier obsessive pandering to, and lionisation of, the mythic “working family” is thoroughly getting on my tits at this stage. Pretty sure I’m not alone there. It’s every bit as nauseating as the dry-humping that the previous government gave “Howard’s Battlers”.

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