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Ainslie School Zone Camera Van

By overby 16 June 2010 27

Would speed 46 be fined in school zone in ACT?

I drive through Limestone Avenue to work every morning and never aware of the Ainsile prime school zone on Limestone Ave.  Until today, a camera van was parking there with significant ticker of “SCHOOL ZONE”.

The cop was holding a rader camera facing coming cars. I am not sure if I would be fined with over speed limit 46??

What’s Your opinion?

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Ainslie School Zone Camera Van
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caf 2:26 pm 17 Jun 10

As several others have posted, there definitely isn’t a school zone on Limestone Avenue (not outside Ainslie Primary, and not outside Merici College either).

Davo111 11:31 am 17 Jun 10

why does it matter anyway? whats done is done… wait a week, if you get a fine it will come, if you dont – then its all good.

artuoui 10:17 am 17 Jun 10

Agree with Holden Caufield – There are school zones signposted on both Donaldson & Elder Streets, but I’ve never known of one Limestone (and I’ve been dropping my kids at the school most mornings for six years now).

Gerry-Built 10:07 am 17 Jun 10

Wraith said :

I wonder how many people have accidentally crept over the 40 km speed, without realising it, as they were watching the road like they are supposed to do.

Part of “watching the road” is watching the various assortment of road signs, that are, afterall, there to assist you as a driver. If you are driving a car – you are responsible for making sure you read the signs AS WELL as watching the road. Ignorance is no defence.

Whilst a couple of kmh is unlikely to draw the wrath of the AFP (speed cameras probably, though), particularly during peak hour, you just need to watch your driving. Then – if you get fined, ‘cop it sweet’ and learn from it. That said, if it is a new 40kmh area, it would only have been fair to have the “changed conditions”-type signs around for a couple of weeks. I certainly would not be encouraging my primary school aged children to cross Limestone at that time in the day.

Holden Caulfield 9:41 am 17 Jun 10

Is this the area being discussed -> Google Street View link

Without 40km/h signposting is there anything at all that suggests that section of dual carriageway is a school zone? If not, is it any wonder that motorists would travel through there at speeds over 40km/h?

7captains 7:25 pm 16 Jun 10

As a parent of a child at Ainslie may you get fined. It’s a school zone. TAMS is currently looking at traffic in the vicinity of the school- limestone/donaldson/elders street due to too many cars ignoring the school zone 40km limit. There is currently no signage After 12 months of campaigning we finally have the attention of TAMS to research the area ie along limestone between chisholm/donaldson st and elders st. Too much congestion of cyclists racing down chisholm into donaldson or turning right on limestone, idiots doing 70 in a 60k zone along limestone, idiots speeding down from chisholm on to donaldson to beat the red light during peak hour. All the while kids crossing the road. If the road was bumper to bumper with everyone doing 20kms at peak hour, then wouldn’t warrant a sign. However that’s not the case. It just takes 1 idiot not to realise it’s a school zone for tragedy to happen.

inlymbo 6:53 pm 16 Jun 10

There was a police car with a policeman leaning on it with radar gun in hand on Majura Avenue on the nature strip of the North Ainslie Primary School this morning. Just down from the main entrance of the school.

As a regular driver down that road all I can say is woohoo!

Majura Ave ran like a well oiled machine this morning, and I did not get waved at, beeped at, flashed lights at or a raised finger seen from my rear view mirror because I was travelling at 40 kmh in a school zone. Nice change I say.

If this is the place the poster is referring to, it is quite rightly a school zone not ‘a failing of human behaviour in implementing school zones’.

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