Al-Jazeera English on TransACT

johnboy 22 November 2006 13

The Canberra Times has the happy news that Al Jazeera English is going to be available in Canberra to TransACT users.

For those looking for a different view, and willing to pay an extra $2 a month on their TransACT bill.

RiotACT feels some affinity for the boys and girls at Al Jazeera as a news source that seems to manage to upset all the major players. If only we had their kind of free petrodollars keeping us afloat.

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13 Responses to Al-Jazeera English on TransACT
johnboy johnboy 3:39 pm 22 Nov 06

never blame on foreigners what aussie bastards are capable of doing all on their own.

smokey2 smokey2 3:29 pm 22 Nov 06

Sorry JB – won’t do it again.
Just wanted to say Al Jaz is always available via the web.
Thorpe must have been on the approved list supplied by the US government to play.

Hey while I am Yankie bashing maybe someone can check up on chiquita and whether it is manipulating the price of bannanas in Australia.
They have got 50 years of history of doing that sort of thing.

terubo terubo 1:22 pm 22 Nov 06

I am now going to be torn between watching Al Jaz or Camelvision. Or are they one and the same thing?

seepi seepi 1:02 pm 22 Nov 06

yet bizarrely CNN stopped to play the ian thorpe media thing yesterday…

smokey2 smokey2 12:56 pm 22 Nov 06

link [ED – for the love of god why are you people too stupid to either hyperlink or put the link after the text]

for those that use the internet.
I’ve been looking at it for ages as it does give a different perspective.

A little bit like after the boxing day Tsunami when SBS switched to BBC coverage while the American news services were still wondering whether it was worth running. The next day the commercial services were playing all the BBC stuff I had seen on SBS the night before.

Ari Ari 12:54 pm 22 Nov 06

Oops, wrong post. Dunno how that happened.

Sid G Sid G 12:54 pm 22 Nov 06

I got mine from ebay, $50. Only good for free to air channels. Aljazeera is on the Optus C1 satellite so you can use your pay tv dish, though I don’t think the pay tv recievers will let you watch free to air stuff. I cant remember the set up for Aljazeera, though I will post them tomorrow If I remember.

Sid G

Ari Ari 12:54 pm 22 Nov 06

Forget a Prius, get a turbo diesel car – same fuel economy, but great performance – and you don’t drive around looking like the sort of person who’d own a recumbent bike.

Meconium Meconium 12:51 pm 22 Nov 06

Finally a news network that’s not controlled by Australian media giants. I don’t know if I’d watch it enough to subscribe, but it’s a good thing that they’re offering it, especially before anywhere else in Australia. It may just be an Islamic news network but people are so insular and paranoid at the moment that I’m not surprised other cable companies are afraid to offer it. Good one TransACT.

Big Al Big Al 12:43 pm 22 Nov 06

There’s a couple of companies around Canberra that’ll install one. No idea what the hardware cost is, but once you’re wired up there’s around 80-100 channels available – it’s definately no foxtel though and it helps to be multi-lingual.

Al Al 12:38 pm 22 Nov 06

Free to air satellite receiver?? Where does one get one of those?

Sid G Sid G 12:02 pm 22 Nov 06

Ive been watching Aljazeera International for just over a week. It is good to have a differant perspective on the news.
Dig out that old “free to air” sattelite reciever from the garage and check it out.

Sid G

Danman Danman 10:30 am 22 Nov 06

Isnt Al Jazeera just an Islamic station ?
People think that Islam = terrorism.
Don tknow what all the kerfuffle is about.
Not everyone who rides a motorbike is an Outlaw

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