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Alan Jones to stay on our buses

Ian Bushnell 27 November 2019 38
Alan Jones ad

The ad that many want removed from Canberra buses. Photo: File.

The smiling visage of Sydney shock-jock Alan Jones will continue to stare out on Canberra traffic from Transport Canberra buses, much to the disappointment of the Greens which sponsored a community petition started by Canberra Women in Business president Peta Swarbrick to have Jones’ ads removed from buses after remarks about New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinta Arden.

The petition called for Transport Canberra to immediately remove all advertisements promoting people who make sexist public comments, including Alan Jones, from bus advertising, and ensure that promotion of people who make sexist public comments is added to the bans in the Transport Canberra advertising guidelines.

But the Government has decided that there is nothing to stop the advertising, although it says it will not place ads during his syndicated broadcasts on 2CC.

Transport Minister Chris Steel said Mr Jones’ misogynistic behaviour was appalling and his comments about Ms Ardern abhorrent, but there was no mechanism to prevent advertisements on Transport Canberra buses unless there was an offensive message in the ad, which there wasn’t.

“The ACT Government has joined other organisations in barring the placement of advertising during the Alan Jones Show, sending a message that Jones’s continued misogynistic comments are reprehensible,” he said.

ACT Greens spokesperson for Women and Transport Caroline Le Couteur said it was disappointing that the Government had decided that they would not update the Transport Canberra guidelines to ensure that a broadcaster with Alan Jones’ reprehensible record was not promoted in the public space.

But she did welcome the Government’s commitment to ensure that there will not be any ACT Government advertising during the Alan Jones program.

“Like most Canberrans, I find Mr Jones’ views appalling and harmful. His comments go beyond sexism and misogyny, he actually calls for violence against women,” Ms Le Couteur said.

“Even many of Alan Jones’ advertisers have come to their senses with reports today that around 50 per cent of them have abandoned their support for his show.

“Unfortunately, today we learned that the ACT Government will continue to profit from a broadcaster who has repeatedly made these calls for violence.”

Mr Jones and the radio stations on which his show is broadcast have suffered an advertising backlash since his on-air remarks about Ms Ardern in August.

Mr Jones said “I just wonder whether Scott Morrison is going to be fully briefed to shove a sock down her [Ms Ardern’s] throat”, and “I hope Scott Morrison gets tough here with a few backhanders”.

Mr Jones did apologise for his comments but that has not quelled the outrage at his behaviour.

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38 Responses to Alan Jones to stay on our buses
Marc Edwards Marc Edwards 12:56 pm 28 Nov 19

As much as I don’t like AJ, his add isn’t breaking any rules. the Canberra Woman in Business should just run their own adds.

Martin Leonard Martin Leonard 1:16 pm 28 Nov 19

And life goes on.

Michael Croft Michael Croft 1:35 pm 28 Nov 19

Take action (pun intended) -

Stephen Matthews Stephen Matthews 1:53 pm 28 Nov 19

Better than any chevron

Josh Faganello Josh Faganello 2:04 pm 28 Nov 19

A win for the people Alex Small William Yeo

    William Yeo William Yeo 3:05 pm 28 Nov 19

    Josh Faganello Alex Small a win for the little guys!

Salvo DeLorenzo Salvo DeLorenzo 2:09 pm 28 Nov 19

Now they look for another insignificant issue

Patrick Rezek Patrick Rezek 2:53 pm 28 Nov 19

No mechanism. What a BS!! When you want revenue raise mechanisms are coming out of woodwork and pass assembly in record times.

Jack Hearps Jack Hearps 3:16 pm 28 Nov 19

YAWN ...he is an old washed out news croak ... an unprofessional blow hard ... i am sure there are folk with excellent pensmenship who can improve his smug dial ... 😎👎

Shirley Hadfield Shirley Hadfield 3:49 pm 28 Nov 19

Leave the grumpy shock jock add there.

Canberra can take pleasure in knowing in time it will be covered in traffic grime and dust!😂

Judith White Judith White 4:18 pm 28 Nov 19

Surely a grown up city like Canberra can cope with more than one view of the world. It's always preaching and teaching about tolerance... How about practicing it......

    Stoli Lime Stoli Lime 5:01 pm 28 Nov 19

    Grown-ups don't tolerate hate speech or speech inciting violence towards women. Grown-ups take steps to stamp it out.

    Rob Chalmers Rob Chalmers 5:19 pm 28 Nov 19

    Alan is a hypocritical self promoting climate change denying bigoted fool but if you want to leave his photo up I guess we can in the name of tolerance.

    Jemima Turner Jemima Turner 8:11 pm 28 Nov 19

    Judith White I don’t think we have to be tolerant of racist, sexist bigots, though.

    Lynette Ellen Lynette Ellen 9:16 pm 28 Nov 19

    Rob Chalmers 👍🏼

    Russell Nankervis Russell Nankervis 12:21 pm 29 Nov 19

    Because tolerating a man that encourages violence against women is the hallmark of a good society?

Steve Uhe Steve Uhe 4:25 pm 28 Nov 19

More big issues........

Susan Loring Susan Loring 5:53 pm 28 Nov 19

Leave it as a good reminder to not tune into CC.

Paul Irving Paul Irving 5:53 pm 28 Nov 19

But Jones died three years ago. That he appears to have opinions is due in no small part to the wonders of Australian embalming and North Korean animatronics.

Michelle Hood Michelle Hood 6:30 pm 28 Nov 19

They should go as his views are not acceptable to women and many men in Canberra

Stephen Page-Murray Stephen Page-Murray 6:55 pm 28 Nov 19

Gave up on 2CC when he started.

Kerri Hallas Kerri Hallas 7:02 pm 28 Nov 19

Don’t worry, I just give it the finger every time I see it!

Guy Noble Guy Noble 8:14 pm 28 Nov 19

keep it there,,,, at least we can say canberra has more freedom of speech than facebook

Ian Shirley Boxer Ian Shirley Boxer 8:24 pm 28 Nov 19

We are all getting a bit precious.AJ should be in Canberra and shake some of poly’s up a bit

    Russell Nankervis Russell Nankervis 12:21 pm 29 Nov 19

    He is the reasons why the libs lie about death taxes etc

Jen Whitehead Jen Whitehead 8:59 pm 28 Nov 19

Going to be interesting to see how long his network is willing to continue to fund advertising for this relic, since he’s barely bringing any advertising revenue in himself.

Robert Honeybone Snr Robert Honeybone Snr 10:49 pm 28 Nov 19

Just goes too prove the greens love wasting money that is not theirs

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