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Alan Jones to take over 2CC Breakfast slot

Genevieve Jacobs 5 July 2019 153
Alan Jones will be broadcasting in the 2CC Breakfast slot from July 15. Image: supplied

Alan Jones will be broadcasting in the 2CC Breakfast slot from July 15. Photo: Supplied.

If ever you needed a sign that the Canberra media landscape is in flux, here it is: Alan Jones will be presenting breakfast on 2CC from July 15 in what station manager Michael Jones says will be a direct challenge to the ABC’s Dan Bourchier on news and current affairs.

2CC will run the fully nationally syndicated Jones program from the Sydney studios 5:30 am to 9 am weekdays, while current breakfast host Tim Shaw has been moved to the Drive slot between 3 pm and 6 pm.

ABC Breakfast lost their ratings crown in April after a long run of successive wins throughout the Ross Solley and Philip Clarke eras. Bourchier, who is also the ABC’s newsreader, lost out to 106.3 FM’s Kristen and Nige in their first survey. Johnson has an extensive local radio history and returned to presenting late last year after a hiatus following the implosion of the Scotty and Nige show.

Overall, Hit 104.7 claimed the top spot on 17.8 per cent, just ahead of 106.3 on 17 per cent while with ABC Radio Canberra, with a different programming mix, was third on 12 per cent. 2CC does not feature in the top three listings, although Shaw has worked hard to provide an alternative morning talk offering, as did his predecessor Mark Parton, now a Liberal MLA.

“Dan Bourchier vs Alan Jones would be a good contest,” Michael Jones says. “It’s about winning ears and it gives Canberrans a good choice for which way to go in the mornings.

“Alan has been part of 2CC for a long time and he’s always been very good to us.”

Tim Shaw wilTim Shaw will move to the Drive slot on 2CC. Photo: Twitter.l move to the Drive slot on 2CC. Image: file

Tim Shaw will move to the Drive slot on 2CC. Photo: Twitter.

2CC has previously taken a highlights package with a local breakfast program, but following the success of the model at 4BC in Brisbane, the network believes that a full national breakfast program will win listeners, while incorporating some local content.

“The new arrangement gives us a chance to be more competitive in the market because the resources behind that program are excellent. The success he has as Australia’s number one broadcaster is outstanding”, Jones says.

Jones has recently been embroiled in prolonged contract negotiations, following a major slug to 2GB when he lost a $3.7 million defamation case with Queensland’s Wagner family. Reports before his June 30 contract deadline suggested that Jones had been offered a contract, at $2 million a year, half that of his current salary.

Fairfax Media were the majority owner of Macquarie Media, which owns radio stations 2GB (Sydney), 4BC (Brisbane) and 3AW (Melbourne). Since the merger, Network Nine are now the principal stakeholders.

A statement from Alan Jones says that he is “looking forward to being with you at Breakfast time in Canberra from July 15. We’ll be rattling a few cages!!!”

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155 Responses to Alan Jones to take over 2CC Breakfast slot
Dee Mac Dee Mac 11:11 pm 05 Jul 19

Does Jaycar sell jammers?

Jane Farrugia Jane Farrugia 10:12 pm 05 Jul 19

Dan will be soooo much better!!!

Jenny Gordon Avery Jenny Gordon Avery 9:55 pm 05 Jul 19

Oh great!! Hatred to permeate our radio here in wonderful.

    Mark Chapman Mark Chapman 10:35 pm 05 Jul 19

    I'm hoping that he finds it a rather tougher gig than he anticipated!

    Bas Gintings Bas Gintings 5:06 am 06 Jul 19

    I have never listened to 2CC radio, so ....

Amanda Burton Amanda Burton 9:43 pm 05 Jul 19

You must have been desperate......

Narrelle Kelly Narrelle Kelly 8:42 pm 05 Jul 19

Is radio still a thing- who knew?

    Narrelle Kelly Narrelle Kelly 10:10 pm 05 Jul 19

    Raina Burke - abc does great podcasts- but radio?

Gabriel Spacca Gabriel Spacca 8:03 pm 05 Jul 19

It’ll be fun to hear him go on a rant about Canberra then suddenly remember that he’s now broadcasting directly here.

June O'Brien June O'Brien 8:00 pm 05 Jul 19

Duch bag, doesn't like anyone to have an opinion if it differs from his. One nasty man.

Peter Hill Peter Hill 7:50 pm 05 Jul 19

Well, that’s the end of the abc!!!

Maria Sankey Maria Sankey 7:45 pm 05 Jul 19

I'll be listening to 2CA

Shane Peart Shane Peart 7:18 pm 05 Jul 19

So basically what you're saying is Alan Jones is on the way down and he's stopped off at 2cc on the way 😂😂😂 bye Felicia

Seon Ferguson Seon Ferguson 6:58 pm 05 Jul 19

Alan Jones hates free speech

    Seon Ferguson Seon Ferguson 5:36 am 06 Jul 19

    Let me correct this: He loves free speech but only if it's his own bigoted views or people who agree with his bigoted views. If it is someone he disagrees with he calls them names and demands they get sacked.

Hedley Harding Hedley Harding 6:54 pm 05 Jul 19

Alan liberal jones

Jeannou Zoides Jeannou Zoides 6:44 pm 05 Jul 19

Never listen to him anyway

Jan Gulliver Jan Gulliver 5:59 pm 05 Jul 19

Stopped listening to ABC 666 when they sacked you Genevieve, 😕haven’t listened since

Evie Kollas Evie Kollas 5:52 pm 05 Jul 19

Another good reason to not listen to 2CC!

HiddenDragon 5:51 pm 05 Jul 19

Here I was thinking that misplaced indignation and outrage over Morrison and Trump (and maybe Brexit) would be enough to see an utterly lamentable ACT Government re-elected for yet another term - this will probably seal it.

Anyway, let's hope that the competition with ABC Canberra doesn't extend to WIN/Sky running a cheery promo of Alan Jones springing out of bed and swinging down the street like Georgy Girl on uppers.....

Toni Isaacson Toni Isaacson 5:50 pm 05 Jul 19

Not a fan of Jones - but Dan B is unbearable no matter what the medium.

Steve Winchester Steve Winchester 5:40 pm 05 Jul 19

What happened to Tim?

Kay Allen 5:39 pm 05 Jul 19

I wouldn’t listen to this toxic, biggoted self centred pompious git if you paid me. Not really a fan of Dans but won’t change my loyalty to ABC.

Kingsley Grall Kingsley Grall 5:36 pm 05 Jul 19

Yep, need more Liberal propaganda for brekky.

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