All Civic Parking to be Multi-Storey

Dacquiri 22 February 2009 36

Did we know this?

I’ve just been told by my partner, a manager in the building industry, that they (ie, local construction companies) had recently been notified that, by the end of 2010, all street-level car parks in Civic will be made multi-storey (with smaller ‘footprints’).

Has the rest of the community been ‘notified’? Has there or will there be any ‘consultation’? How does it fit in terms of an overall transport/environmental policy, to say nothing about the appearance of Civic?

I drive and I shop, but I have to wonder if this is part of Stanhope’s never-ending attempt to make Canberra look like every other urban disaster.

(Comic by Panama)

UPDATED: Dacquiri has offered as an example of what could be done, this photo of the multi-storey car park at Ala Moana shopping mall in Hawaii


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36 Responses to All Civic Parking to be Multi-Storey
kobez_outlaw kobez_outlaw 12:17 am 06 Mar 09

I hope he means multi level underground parking. It would be a stupid and ugly idea having all the parking above ground

sepi sepi 3:23 pm 23 Feb 09

Since the poll where so many households said they had 2 cars, one of which is only used rarely, I’ve been wondering if there isn’t a market for some sort of shared ‘second car’ scheme.

We also have a second car sitting around that is only used one or two days a week.

p1 p1 2:58 pm 23 Feb 09

When I am dictator, all people will own all the cars, and you just use which ever car is closest, to go where ever you need to go, and leave the keys in it for the next person.

The only problem I see is that no one will ever fill them with petrol.

KandyA KandyA 2:20 pm 23 Feb 09

here is my proposed solution to Canberra’s lack of parking and perennial appeal of unviable public transport options, it features:
-Locally generated energy and products,
-maintains open space features on the Civic area,
-is cost neutral*
-discarded household items are incorporated in the superstructure, creating energy efficiency and community buy-in.
Id post the preliminary sketchwork, but ? cant figure out how to attach drawings? JB – help?

using hot air generated Question Time at Parly House, hot air balloons be used to ferry commuters around the city through a network of tunnels – (the ceilings can be lined with the leftover tubes from toilet rolls to create a frictionless surface for the baloons)it will be like the London Underground in that its underground. The energy for movement will be the rush of cooled / heated air escaping from the canberra centre everyime someone goes through the automatic doors, which will be captured and ducted deep underground to build up velocity, before conecting with the baloon loop. A supplemental treadmill will be installed at the express que in Dickson woolsworths to provide energy to the Dickson suburban line fans.

As it is subterranean it will not require planning permission, thus significantly reducing red tape costs to developers.

Lighting for the system can be provided by resurfacing Canberras roads and the next 50m of topsoil undersoil and bedrock with glass from the glassworks in Kingston and will be completely solar (except at night or if it a bit too cloudy)

* excludes costs.

AG Canberra AG Canberra 12:44 pm 23 Feb 09

yes but where?

The Govt sold the block on London Circut for $91mill (highest price paid for a un developed property in Aus) – and then happily said that the parking spaces on that site will be tripled. Problem is that they of course will be used by the 4500 people that will work in the building above. Again a net loss of parking spaces.

It is a joke.

p1 p1 11:30 am 23 Feb 09

PS: I don’t mind the odd little sketches now and then, and likely couldn’t do much better myself…

me too, and the one on this page is actually pretty good, and topical. Some of the others are a bit random.

Is Panama the new RA resident artist? Or just likes to doodle?

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 11:15 am 23 Feb 09

Gassed said :

I know of 2 area’s in civic that will go apparently.
They are going to be 8 storey down carparking at both. One will be opposite mooseheads and the other is that carpark next to city police station and court house. Not sure in these economic time’s if it will happin yet.

I’ve been wondering if apostrophe’s are actually some rabbit-like alien lifeform’s, what with their tendency to keep popping up in all sort’s of inappropriate place’s. 😛

PS: I don’t mind the odd little sketches now and then, and likely couldn’t do much better myself…

Thumper Thumper 8:23 am 23 Feb 09

I forgot to ask whose 3 year old child is doing the drawings?


Thumper Thumper 8:22 am 23 Feb 09

I think it’s a great idea as long as they don’t end up being hideous monstrosities like the giant steel girder thing near the skatepark in civic.

However, the cynic in me says this is just another way for this government to sell of more land to developers.

futto futto 7:55 am 23 Feb 09

i am very cynical thinking this however I predict that that even if all car parks were multistory, the net result by the end of 2010 is that there is less parking spaces in Civic.

After several years working in Civic, I was never worried about the price of the parking. I just got sick of going out for meetings and never being able to find a park when I got back so I leased a spot for about $12 a day. I was sick of having to take a one hour spot and move it all afternoon!

I don’t work in Civic any more so I’m quite happy now.

taninaus taninaus 6:44 am 23 Feb 09

The government has been slowly selling off all the open carpark land for development so that the new property owners promise the same level of public carparking but it slowly gets taken away with private and government leased carparking spaces – good example is under 12-16 Moore St – used to have lots of public carparks at a rediculous price but now is all leased. The tender for s64 said that the enclosed parking was worth $14/day! Given the only reason people park there at the moment is it is cheaper than most places and isn’t as far to walk for the poor feds who moved from free parking Barton (than the lakside parks that arn’t free anymore) it is popular now but isn’t likely to be when it is finished at that price. p1 – brutalist is gounds for heritage listing!

elena elena 3:26 am 23 Feb 09

Noooooooes!! We live in parking hell as my husband drives a VW transporter van, that is a converted ambulance.

It is 2.15m high.

We are constantly cursing all the monkeys who park in the only street level parking left (near the new skatepark) and wonder why they’re not parked in the multi-story jobbies – because we have no choice and these parking lots are usually fully and barrackaded[sp?], so we have to spend hours driving in circles.

This idea will be driving him from the civics for good.

Granny Granny 1:54 am 23 Feb 09

Agree with BenMac.

BenMac BenMac 9:50 pm 22 Feb 09

I agree with the multi story car parks, but I hope for Canberra sake they’re underground and not 6 storys in the air, or it will make Canberra look pretty ugly.

Deano Deano 9:49 pm 22 Feb 09

So its OK for people to work and live in multistory complexes but not cars?

Bring on more multistory carparks so I can park undercover instead of out in the open.

ChrisinTurner ChrisinTurner 9:11 pm 22 Feb 09

Two years ago they changed the model up at Regatta Point and I noticed that there are now plans to put buildings on nearly every current carpark anywhere near Civic. Most parking in Civic is already multi-storey anyway. Remember there are plans to build apartments right along Coorong Street near Taxation.

bd84 bd84 7:29 pm 22 Feb 09

I forgot to ask whose 3 year old child is doing the drawings?

bd84 bd84 7:27 pm 22 Feb 09

Well given that only 3 surface level carparks in the city have not been sold for development, i.e. the one between the law courts, one opposite mooseheads and the one near the legislative assembly down to opposite the AusAid building, it’s a good chance.

They will build the new supreme court building on one, plans for a government accomodation super building on the other, and i’m sure they will flog the other one off for something.

Again most of the buildings otherwise being built are provided with inadequate parking options, maybe stanhopeless will grow a brain sometime and force a large multistory carpark on one of the sites. Though a building application is in the process to add an additional 2 levels to the multistory carpark at city west was up for consultation, it will hardly be enough with the 3 buildings going up in the vacinity.

Should have been thought about and acted upon 10 years ago.

Gassed Gassed 7:23 pm 22 Feb 09

I know of 2 area’s in civic that will go apparently.
They are going to be 8 storey down carparking at both. One will be opposite mooseheads and the other is that carpark next to city police station and court house. Not sure in these economic time’s if it will happin yet.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 7:06 pm 22 Feb 09

How else would you like to arrange parking? There’s not sufficient parking now, and realistically, cars are going to be around for the forseeable future. Or is this a case of a lefty/greenie/hippy wanting free space in the middle of town (at no cost to themself, of course)?

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