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ALP announces candidates

Thumper 5 March 2008 10

According to ABC news, The ALP has announced its candidates for the seats of Brindabella and Molonglo for the upcoming ACT election. Labor will field 19 candidates in total, two more than there are seats available.

A union industrial officer, several public servants and small business owners are among those pre-selected for the October election.

Sadly, at the momenbt i can’t find a list of these people online.

Mr Stanhope has stated that there is “no conspiracy” in fielding extra candidates. Frankly, I didn’t think there was.

He also stated that it all is about “maximising Labor’s vote and (that) he has no reason to believe any of his team plans to stand down during the next term.”

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10 Responses to ALP announces candidates
emd emd 3:08 pm 07 Mar 08

I hope people in Woden district remember at the polls that the Stanhope government closed the only school within 45 minutes walk (and across major roads) for the two suburbs in the district with the highest birth rate.

There’s no way the school closure decision was demographics.

Pandy Pandy 9:22 pm 06 Mar 08

I will only vote for hot lesbian chicks

caf caf 3:24 pm 06 Mar 08

How about we open schools where we bloody need them instead? Demographic change is a fact, and duckshoving the hard decisions only delays the inevitable.

Crikey Crikey 2:52 pm 06 Mar 08

ALP 7, Libs 6, Greens 1, Independents/Minor Parties 3.

JohnAndrews JohnAndrews 7:24 am 06 Mar 08

Are you kidding, No hope Johnny and Happy Hour Hargraves are not going to run except away from politics and the people of Canberra that they have completely screwed. John i just found $500 million, how about you open our schools again.

emd emd 7:34 pm 05 Mar 08

Yep, he did indeed run in 2001. He got almost 20,000 votes, better than the Greens candidate for the Senate that year.

There’s nothing odd about it. Either he’s decided sometime in the past seven years that Democrats policies are no longer a good fit with his own beliefs; or he thinks he has a better chance at election and/or making a difference with the ALP. Brendan Nelson used to be an ALP member, changing parties happens (especially early in a politician’s career).

Wayne also used to be an AFP officer and served in East Timor.

fhakk fhakk 5:34 pm 05 Mar 08

Did a google search on Wayne Sievers – looks like he ran for the democrats in the 2001 federal election.

That’s odd…

ns ns 5:27 pm 05 Mar 08

If Labor loses a seat in Ginninderra and Brindabella, who are you predicting the lost seats will go to Crikey?

ns ns 5:25 pm 05 Mar 08

Joy Burch
Rebecca Cody
Mick Gentleman
John Hargreaves
Tracey Mackey
Wayne Sievers

Chris Bourke
Adina Cirson
Pascal Leahey
Dave Peebles
Mary Porter
Jon Stanhope

Andrew Barr
Eleanor Bates
Simon Corbell
Louise Crossman
Katy Gallagher
Michael Hettinger
David Mathews

Crikey Crikey 4:36 pm 05 Mar 08

It appears to be a no-frills team. The usual cross-representation of right-centre-left factions. Throw in the usual quota of women and an indigenous candidate.

Good idea to choose extra candidates for their tickets as it will help bring more votes to the party.

I think a couple of the sitting Members will lose their seats but will be replaced by other Labor candidates. Stanhope’s personal vote must surely shrink.

Labor will probably lose a seat in both Ginninderra and Brindabella.

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