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ALP selling up the Labor Club

By johnboy - 25 May 2009 18

The ABC brings word that the Canberra Labor Club chain is selling out.

The four clubs are in Belconnen, Civic, Ginninderra, and Weston Creek.

Apparently the business side of the club is tired of being linked to the party of Government:

    “Everything we do is scrutinised. Simply being a large successful club with known links to the ACT branch of the ALP – everything we do is seen in that light which is unfair on the club and its members.

    “The reason we’re selling is not for any financial reasons – simply we want to see the club continue to improve and provide a better service for its members.”

Indolent government having allowed what were supposed to be community clubs to morph into huge private businesses operating de facto casinos we’ll just have to see who buys up this very large chain.

Southern Cross club? (followed by the inevitable implosion that the pacman business model entails)

What’s Your opinion?

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18 Responses to
ALP selling up the Labor Club
PM 11:27 am 19 Jun 09

Hehehe… The Belco Labor Club! We wandered in late one night with a mate who’d had too much to drink. “It’s a speech impediment!” we said. It worked until he fell over 🙂

Hells_Bells74 11:22 am 19 Jun 09

Oops I meant to say they told us they didn’t care what we drinkers thought when we tried explaining ourselves or compaining) because they made it all off the pokies and that was that.

(thought I had put something like that in, disappearing words now lol)

Hells_Bells74 11:18 am 19 Jun 09

Re: The Belconnen LC

Considering they told the AMM (adultmatchmaker dot com) small-medium gathering crowds that were being treated like lepers when wanting alcohol or like buying more than one drink at a time, so we didn’t spend all our times at the bar (that was their fave cruel joke) Other times small undeserving crowds myself included get targeted just walking in the door. All other times by myself or in a couple (even if a crowd gathers with us, playing pool or pokies), no problems whatsoever, they’ll let me get hammered and hang if I desire!

cranky 10:55 am 19 Jun 09

Any club other than the Tradies (CFMEU) would be mad to buy these clubs.

As soon as a sale is made, all the politically correct mantra of reducing pokies, hiking up the tax take, total banning of smoking within 200 metres etc would be introduced.

The club industry is on a hiding to nothing. But Labor will have their pot of gold.

Charlie09 9:57 am 19 Jun 09

Hindmarsh said :

If who you all believe to be a natural candidate for the sale is on the money – the staff and management at the labor Club must be nervous given the recent track record of that Club – 3 CEO’s in 3 years…please explain

Which Club’s CEO do you speak of?

Hindmarsh 3:40 pm 18 Jun 09

If who you all believe to be a natural candidate for the sale is on the money – the staff and management at the labor Club must be nervous given the recent track record of that Club – 3 CEO’s in 3 years…please explain

Thumper 8:03 am 26 May 09

It sounds suspiciously like they are simply moving some money around. Legal laundering…

But for what purpose is the real question here?

Pandy 11:00 pm 25 May 09

CFME-EEW! will buy it out. Then, business as normal for the Labor Party in the ACT.

ant 8:53 pm 25 May 09

areaman said :

Don’t forget the ALP will still be getting a lot of money from the CFMEU who get all their money from the Tradies.

Not from the bistro, they’d be broke if they were.

This whole issue smells a bit fake to me. they are flogging off the entire Labor Club machine because of some ill-defined problem with, poker machines? Why not just throw out the poker machines if they’re so concerned about that?

I’ll be waiting to see what the real reason is.

PM 12:29 pm 25 May 09

It’s all done behind closed doors. Supposed to be separate, but not, and that’s why there have been concerns about the relationship for many years. I believe not everyone in the ALP is happy about it, including long-time board members…

Jean Mc 12:19 pm 25 May 09

After reading the article on 666 I’m confused about who actually made the decision the board or the ALP.

The board says:

“The board of the Canberra Labor Club says it is selling off the chain because its links with the ALP have made it increasingly difficult to expand the business.”

But “Mr Redpath [Bill Redpath ALP Branch Secretary] says criticism of the party’s reliance on poker machine revenue is one of the main reasons for the sale.”

I know that the board is made up of ALP members but aren’t they supposed to be separate entities? Who decided to sell it and for exactly which reason?

This story seems to have spun in two different directions.

areaman 10:24 am 25 May 09

Don’t forget the ALP will still be getting a lot of money from the CFMEU who get all their money from the Tradies.

I am concerned about the potential loss of community space, similar to what happened when the city labor club moved.

housebound 10:11 am 25 May 09

So what will happen? The ALP will get a HUGE windfall from the sale of the clubs, ready for the next election (2010 Federal and 2112 local).

The conflict of interest standing between the ALP and banning of poker machines will be no more, and so they might actually start to do it. There’s some political points scored without affecting the bottom line of the Labor machine.

Jim Jones 10:10 am 25 May 09

What a load of cobblers: no-one is worried about people putting “a few dollars” through the poker machines.

If people were only putting “a few dollars” into poker machines, would clubs be the staggeringly cashed-up behemoths that they are today?

PM 10:01 am 25 May 09

ACT Labor President, from the article:

“Fifteen years ago people thought going to the club and putting a few dollars through the poker machines was fun,” he said.

“Now we have a different attitude and we have to be mindful of that different community attitude and as to whether that’s now a concern to Labor voters, to the community generally.”

15 years ago playing the pokies was still considered fine? My arse it was. 20 years ago you had people complaining about it. The issue is only making the headlines for Labor now because they’re making revenue, as opposed to being close to insolvent as they once were.

It’s been in the past 15 years that the club has received favourable bank loans and benefitted from an increased number of legally permitted pokies. Not to mention ACT Labor government decisions beneficially affecting their club’s assets.

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