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Alternative site for the power-station/data centre – Hume after all.

By johnboy - 5 December 2008 59

The Chief Minister is having a little hissy fit over being forced to compromise by no longer holding a majority in the Assembly.

In particular he’s petulantly noting that there is a site in Hume proper where the accursed TRE data centre with power generation could go.

    “At the request of the consortium behind the data centre the Government has identified an alternative site, in Hume. The taskforce has deemed the site, Block 20 Section 23 Hume, the next most suitable after the Mugga Lane site.

    Mr Stanhope said he was deeply disappointed that a billion-dollar project had been exposed to such risk by the Liberals and Greens for purely political purposes and he hoped the investment in the ACT economy could be salvaged by the Government.

    The land would need to be made available to the consortium by way of special legislation, which would allow a finalisation of a new development application within the same timeframe as the current DA – by March 2009.

What’s Your opinion?

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59 Responses to
Alternative site for the power-station/data centre – Hume after all.
CanberraMan 2:09 pm 05 Dec 08

I just find it unbelievable that such an innovative technology (co-generation, sometimes called combined heat and power or CHP in Europe and the UK) which is supported by the clean energy council, and indeed Greenpeace is vilified so heavily

caf 1:53 pm 05 Dec 08

It seems to me that both sides in this grubby dispute are equally happy to sing the praises of due process when it suits them, and to end-run around it when it doesn’t.

XK140 1:50 pm 05 Dec 08

Stanhope is just maintaining his dummy-spit blame-game trying to regain political points with his own party and the community at the expense of the Liberals and Greens. However because Greens were so stupid to support a Stanhope minority Government, they will keep getting it in the neck from Stanhope for another 3 1/2 years when he may again relise that he cannot keep treating the community and opposition parties/cross-benches as irrelevant fools. What a farce. Blame the Liberals and Greens for political interference as a pretext to bully them into allowing him to continue his own political interference, that he has done so since HIS Day 1 selection of an inappropriate broadacre site, but now he wants to legislate to avoid due-planning-process appropriate to this alternative site-selection for his mates colossal fossil-fuel polluting power-station, but lets call it a co-generation/data centre so no one notices.

imhotep 1:45 pm 05 Dec 08

Although some might think the discovery of another suitable site is simply a victory for democracy, I think we should spare a thought for the tragedy that is playing out in Stanhope’s mind.

He pulled out his main game for this one, yet didn’t get his way in the new Assembly.

Surely even Prince Jon must realise that indeed, the Kingdom is lost.

With Katy waiting in the wings keener than a Labrador pup, I wonder how long Sonic will stay.
(Is that diplomatic post in Liechtenstein still open?)

Digga 1:25 pm 05 Dec 08

And finally, let’s not forget that the proponents themselves stated they cannot consider this Hume site due to flood risk, gas turbine exhausts affecting the Canberra Airport flight paths etc.:

However Technical Real Estate director Andrew Campbell says the Hume site was not suitable to develop for a number of reasons.

He says the land was too small, under a flight path and too close to the Monaro Highway.

“The other thing about that site is that it’s low-lying and subject to a one in 100 flood zone,” he said.

“It’s a risk that data centre occupiers won’t allow when you’re developing a site for data centre use.”

Digga 1:07 pm 05 Dec 08

ABC have chimed in and have a map provided by the ACT Government showing how much further away from residential suburbs the power station will be:

Digga 1:03 pm 05 Dec 08

P.S. CPR covered this “fast-track” concept as being dangerous/against the principles of planning i.e. you don’t just move a power station without site-specific studies and the planning process being followed to protect the community.

They sent a letter to the Liberals and Greens on 14 November:

Digga 12:54 pm 05 Dec 08

Fast-track the move including power station, to avoid the very planning processes he has been espousing for months… and strong-arming the other parties to break the rules too? Surely not!

As for relocation, it’s about 1.5km further North and importantly would be on industrial land and not rural Broadacre (as in the Tuggeranong side of Mugga Lane).

What a donkey. Call his bluff. He can’t proceed on Broadacre anyway – it’s unlawful.

ant 12:43 pm 05 Dec 08

Purely political purposes? Like, um, representing the interests and stated wishes of the um you know, RESIDENTS?

funny freudian slip there, I think.

housebound 12:41 pm 05 Dec 08

How much of a move is the Hume site – will it make enough of a difference to keep the CPR people happy?

Thumper 12:36 pm 05 Dec 08

He really is having trouble adjusting from Ruler of the Universe to coworker in tin pot local council.

cranky 12:33 pm 05 Dec 08

I am pleased to be vindicated regarding my concern for the auction of this site, held on 8/8/08.

It apparently didn’t sell, much to Sonic’s chagrin I am sure, and is still now available for the data centre.

Karma, pure karma.

poptop 11:54 am 05 Dec 08

P00t – that should be * I suspect*

poptop 11:53 am 05 Dec 08

It’s going to be the first of many sprays is suspect.

The important part is the warning about not standing in the way of his ‘Special Legislation’ that appears to be specifically to get around all the usual boring ‘due process’ stuff.

housebound 11:49 am 05 Dec 08

Poor, poor JS.

Imagine it: politicians politicising something that was founded in political goings on from the beginning.

Imagine polticising it further by briefing only one oppositions Party (the Greens) and not the other (Libs).

And then imagine the opposition Parties keeping an election promise about the site – just how politicised can it get?

More seriously, though, does anyone know where to access the report?

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