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Amber Jane Westin – Back in court

By johnboy - 1 December 2006 25

The Courier Mail reports that Canberra’s least loved resident, Amber Jane Westin, was hobbling back into court yesterday on a cane.

On top of her current charge of culpable driving causing death, she’s picked-up seven more charges:

“unlicensed driving, using an unregistered vehicle, using an uninsured vehicle, using a vehicle that had registration for another vehicle, using a vehicle with a number plate for another vehicle, and failing to stop for police.

She also was charged with making off without paying for 15.66 litres of petrol on September 21

On the bright side she did actually make it to court, which is a big step forward for her.

UPDATED: OK, I’ve been thinking about this, why only steal 15.66 litres of petrol? Why not go for the whole tank if you’re going to drive off?

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25 Responses to
Amber Jane Westin – Back in court
Growling Ferret 8:17 pm 01 Dec 06

$20 bucks worth of petrol – she is just a petty criminal after all. Any more than $20 makes her a proper criminal (or something other than a junkie skankie ho oxygen thief)

Ari 3:27 pm 01 Dec 06

It must have been that biker night at the Chisholm Tavern – the memory’s very hazy

Absent Diane 3:24 pm 01 Dec 06

what did you do ari?

Ari 3:19 pm 01 Dec 06

Somebody must have – she’s got a kid.

Absent Diane 3:17 pm 01 Dec 06

yeah but im sure some despo with a spare $20 would..

Danman 3:14 pm 01 Dec 06

i wouldnt poke her with someone elses old fella

snahon 3:03 pm 01 Dec 06

now thats just nasty AD

Absent Diane 3:01 pm 01 Dec 06


bonfire 2:44 pm 01 Dec 06

i wonder if she has ever held a paying job ?

toastie 2:33 pm 01 Dec 06

whoa. if she is not a waste of space, i don’t know who is.

Al 2:28 pm 01 Dec 06

And the blood tests haven’t come back yet, so I guess that list will just get longer…

seepi 2:22 pm 01 Dec 06

It looks like being unregistered/unlicenced etc caused her to panic and run when the police tried to pull her over.

I can’t see a solution beyond impounding the cars of those whose licences are cancelled (if she ever had one.)

Jey 2:14 pm 01 Dec 06

that’s a lot of charges

Thumper 1:18 pm 01 Dec 06

She’s just the perfect little citizen isn’t she…

bonfire 1:09 pm 01 Dec 06

i cant wait for her mouthpiece, legal aid no doubt, to craft some ‘poor me’ story to get her off.

with a raft of these sort of charges its clear that she just does not give a fuck.

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