Amber Rams Again

Jazz 5 November 2007 31

Amber Jane Westin has rammed another elderly woman and been sentenced again, this time for assault with a shopping trolley (no license for that either) according to this ABC story. Shes been sentenced to 2 months gaol to be served at the same time as her current sentence.

The story says that she was serving 7 months for her last killing, but I thought it was eighteen, possibly she has seven months to go or have they reduced her sentence for good behaviour?

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31 Responses to Amber Rams Again
Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:10 pm 05 Nov 07

She really is all class, this one.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Amber’s fault, would it!

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 12:45 pm 05 Nov 07

Well, the canberra times did say that apparently, the older woman accused her of staring and made contact with the child sometime during the ensuing scuffle, after which Amber punched her. That needs to be taken into account.
God I hope she works herself out.

blingblingbears blingblingbears 12:54 pm 05 Nov 07

sentenced to 2 months to be served at the same time as her current sentence??? what’s the friggin point then? it hasnt added any time to her sentence… she really is scum and should be locked up for a long time

S4anta S4anta 1:04 pm 05 Nov 07

oxygen theiving, knuckle dragging malcontempt, who probably ought be fired from this fine nation via catapult.

Dark and Mysterious Dark and Mysterious 1:05 pm 05 Nov 07

Really, Deadmandrinking? The way I read the article, Amber’s FRIEND accused the VICTIM of staring, and the woman accidentally made contact with a child that Amber was holding after she and the friend scuffled. Then Amber punched her.

The way the article describes it, hard to have anything but sympathy for the victim, who seems blameless according to this version of events.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:10 pm 05 Nov 07

It’s society’s fault that Amber punched the woman – and we should all feel ashamed of ourselves.

Stung Stung 1:54 pm 05 Nov 07

haha amber is such a hood rat… i hope she googles herself one day

dalryk dalryk 2:02 pm 05 Nov 07

how do you get a sentence of only 7 months for reckless driving (runnning from the cops) occasioning death?

People jump up and down about at the police about that girl that got killed in civic during a chase and, yet when they catch someone actually responsible for the crime they get 7 months??!!

TAD TAD 2:43 pm 05 Nov 07

this matter predates the driving charge btw

Joe Canberran Joe Canberran 3:24 pm 05 Nov 07

which is a polite way of saying that if our magistrates had denied her bail in the first place she would never been out on the road to kill that other lady.

SamTSeppo SamTSeppo 5:16 pm 05 Nov 07
tybreaker tybreaker 5:58 pm 05 Nov 07

Well steering those shopping trolleys is quite hard so perhaps the judge awarded her time off for managing to connect with the old lady?

Lord Mælinar Lord Mælinar 6:08 pm 05 Nov 07

Amber is above the law. Amber is the law.

Special G Special G 7:31 pm 05 Nov 07

She’ll be trying to go up against Chuck for the title soon and although Amber is a law unto herself, I’ve got my money on Chuck.

On topic – Concurrent sentences are a joke. Why bother.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 8:54 am 06 Nov 07

Oh, I misread, D&M. Still, she punched the woman only after contact was made with her child.
Look, I’m not apologizing for this woman. All I’m sick of is the people who say she should be sterilized etc. Amber Jane Westin is still a human being. She’s troubled, obviously. But she’s a druggie, and one with a kid at that. She needs rehabilitation alot more than prison.

canberra towie canberra towie 11:04 am 06 Nov 07

She need to be put down

After all thats what you do with a mongrel animal !!

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 11:14 am 06 Nov 07

Maybe you do towie, you heartless stupid scumbag. Your metaphor doesn’t even make sense. A fair few pets are mongrels, you twit!

el ......VNBerlinaV8 el ......VNBerlinaV8 12:26 pm 06 Nov 07

Perhaps you’d like to offer her a place to stay while she ‘works herself out’ DMD?

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 3:33 pm 06 Nov 07

If I knew her, I probably would, V8. Sadly, I don’t. That’s up to her friends and the state if neccersary.

nyssa76 nyssa76 6:22 pm 06 Nov 07

She’s an adult.

She made decisions that affected the lives of those around her and those who didn’t know her but had the misfortune to encounter her.

She has to take responsibility for her actions DMD. So far she’s proven to be a ‘bad’ (for lack of a better word) person.

She made those choices. I don’t want to hear the violins about how bad her life was/is. There are many more people out there with a far worse life than Amber and they aren’t breaking the law or being just arseholes.

Have her at your house DMD, she’ll probably clean you out overnight without a second thought for the impact it has on you or the misplaced trust you put in her.

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