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Ambos go from green to blue

By johnboy - 19 January 2009 23

Word reaches me that the ACT Ambulance Service is changing their uniforms from hospitally green to emergency blue.

Theories surrounding the rationale for the move include:

    1. The rise in global military activity has made green dyes prohibitively expensive.
    2. The powers that be are looking for something to do with their time and to be remembered for.
    3. They want to keep in step with NSW.

Your thoughts?

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23 Responses to
Ambos go from green to blue
jakez 4:33 pm 19 Jan 09

candelabra said :

Is the reasoning behind the yellow firetrucks visibility?

I read something about firetrucks being painted yellow in some places of the world due to a study that showed that yellow was the most visible colour (particularly at night where red becomes very dark).

It was meant to prevent accidents however they found that accidents increased because people didn’t think the trucks were firetrucks. Apparently they repainted them red.

A bit like the Peltzman effect I guess.

paperboy 4:32 pm 19 Jan 09

Slightly off subject I know, but what was that Fire Engine under Lights and Siren on Belconnen Way this morning, sporting an ‘L’plate…

candelabra 4:04 pm 19 Jan 09

Is the reasoning behind the yellow firetrucks visibility?

peterh 3:10 pm 19 Jan 09

and very visible. even when on Hindmarsh drive, coming from fyshwick towards woden. amazing how many cars tried to squeeze in behind the police car…

Tooks 2:54 pm 19 Jan 09

All general duties police cars are white and blue.

harvyk1 2:48 pm 19 Jan 09

Now now, there is a place in Northern Spain that also uses yellow, we’re not the only different ones.

Gee, blue and white police cars, nope can’t picture it, if it ain’t rainbow, it ain’t a police car.

jakez 2:47 pm 19 Jan 09

Yellow firetrucks aren’t that uncommon around the world. Red is by far the most common colour but yellow isn’t extremely rare.

Interstate people seem to get a kick out of it though.

neanderthalsis 2:26 pm 19 Jan 09

MrMagoo said :

OK so now our Ambos wear Blue, when will they paint our Fire Trucks red…like the rest of the world???????

Wooo there, that’s crazy talk. Red fire trucks? Next you’ll be wanting white police cars with blue decals, not the rainbow fleet we seem to have at present.

MrMagoo 1:55 pm 19 Jan 09

OK so now our Ambos wear Blue, when will they paint our Fire Trucks red…like the rest of the world???????

Skidbladnir 1:05 pm 19 Jan 09

Colourblind friendly?

To prevent them from clashing with airconditioning repairmen?

harvyk1 1:03 pm 19 Jan 09

Didn’t they originally go to green because they where consistantly been mistaken for firies, and thus put into dangerious positions for which they had not received training for???

neanderthalsis 1:00 pm 19 Jan 09

Blue, so that when viewed from flat on your back after a heart attack, they’re camouflaged against the sky.

tylersmayhem 12:51 pm 19 Jan 09

Blood doesn’t show up as much on blue?!

neesha 12:51 pm 19 Jan 09

I always thought they looked rather forest-y in their green uniforms.

jakez 12:50 pm 19 Jan 09

Well thank god, now all our problems are solved.

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