Ambulance service on the brink of collapse?

johnboy 18 October 2010 5

The Canberra Times reports on strife and strain in the ACT Ambulance service:

The ACT Ambulance Service has confirmed five stations had been closed during shifts in the past two weeks, but paramedics said the number was far greater.

The Transport Workers Union said the Kambah station had been closed five times in the past week and staff in the communications centre moved to cover on-road shifts.

It is believed only one paramedic was rostered on at Dickson station on Friday, typically the busiest night of the week.

One paramedic said the service was on the brink of collapse, with staff plagued by low morale and management unable to deal with rostering issues. They said some shifts had only 11 paramedics working, well below the minimum requirement of 16.

With a lot of money on the table one has to wonder about management.

UPDATE: The ESA has, with no apparent trace of irony, announced the ambulance service has won a safer communities award:

The ACT winner was announced this morning by Ms Raelene Thompson, Assistant Secretary, of the Australian Emergency Management Institute, Australian Government Attorney-General’s
Department in a special ceremony at the Theo Notaras Multicultural Centre in Civic.

The ACT Ambulance Service and ACT Health were selected for their Improving Care for People Experiencing Heart Attack or Chest Pain Project.

“The project was established by ACT Health in partnership with the ACT Ambulance Service to reduce potential delays to treatment for people experiencing heart attack or chest pain,” Commissioner Crosweller said.

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5 Responses to Ambulance service on the brink of collapse?
The Nexus The Nexus 12:43 pm 29 Oct 10

far king dis custard….yes, we need an ACT uni to paramedics, but more importantly, the latest recruitment needs to offer more than 8, yes only 8, positions….

eyeLikeCarrots eyeLikeCarrots 8:39 am 19 Oct 10

I was seeing a woman last year for a bit who worked for the ACT ambos.

The best job she told me about was about some old bogan couple. They called the ambulance service and asked them to empty the pee bucket they kept beside the bed because they were both too fat to move and di it themselves.

Not only do our poor ambulance staff have to train and qualify, put up with sh1tty management and drug filled retards… but they get called for things that are a waste of thier valuable skills.

nanzan nanzan 2:05 pm 18 Oct 10

Shouldn’t there be a university course, for ACT paramedics, in Canberra, as there are in other states?

Deano Deano 12:32 pm 18 Oct 10

With a lot of money on the table one has to wonder about management.

Well, they were advertising for an Operations Manager in last weekend’s paper.

Thumper Thumper 11:35 am 18 Oct 10

When I was down in Victoria during the fires in 2009 I was talking to a number of ACT paramedics and they told me the same thing.

Obviously nothing has really changed. No wonder these guys suffer low morale, quit or suffer PTSD. It appears that the government couldn’t give a toss about them and their working conditions.

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