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An end to Johnboy? [With poll]

By johnboy - 29 January 2013 53


As some readers have twigged your correspondent has turned 40 today.

At such decrepit and advanced years one has to wonder about posting as “johnboy” (I was 27 when I started posting here under that name and Nik The Pig suggested it).

So should I saw it down to just plain “John” or something else?

Let rip in the comments with suggestions. Remember if you’re a spite filled turd you’ll be advertising the fact.

Time to get rid of the "Johnboy" handle?

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53 Responses to
An end to Johnboy? [With poll]
rosscoact 11:55 am 29 Jan 13

Grampa John?

Old Timer?

I know, Johngeriatric

How about John,what was the question again?

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd 11:45 am 29 Jan 13

Never grow up johnboy

Grail 11:36 am 29 Jan 13

Happy birthday Johnboy. Because that is the name we have for you.

Treacle 11:35 am 29 Jan 13

How about “Bon Joboy”? Or “40 Rock”?

Solidarity 11:33 am 29 Jan 13

change is good

change it to el johnno

HiddenDragon 11:25 am 29 Jan 13

After 13 years of building up your brand, I think you should stick with it. Any of the alternatives which occur to me have problems – Jack (the Right Hon. Mr Waterford QC, MP has that one stitched up); Jacko (I think not); Griff/Griffo (trying too hard, in denial, and just as likely to provoke vicious Twitter attacks); JohnG (maybe, but would sound a bit like you had given up).

With apologies to Madam Cholet, I will suggest that 40 is the new 29, and that you are thus really only two years older than when you got started – so nothing to worry about. Over the next few years, there might be a few moments when the “boy” bit will feel a bit sad, but stick with it long enough and it will eventually be loveable (again) – “isn’t he marvellous, at his age”.

Anyway, enjoy the day, and keep up the good work – we need you.

poetix 11:14 am 29 Jan 13

How about Uncle John? Or Gander?… No, keep Johnboy. Change is bad (-:

Happy birthday, and remember, it’s all downhill from now.

arescarti42 11:11 am 29 Jan 13

I reckon you should change it to Johnno (pronounced “jahno”)

Gungahlin Al 11:10 am 29 Jan 13

Whatever happened to Nik the Pig anyway?

ezy10z 11:03 am 29 Jan 13

i rekon Johnman

Snarky 11:01 am 29 Jan 13

So should I saw it down to just plain “John” or something else?

It’s *your* name – what do *you* want to do? (Or in other words why do you think we should have – or want – any say in it?)

Madam Cholet 10:55 am 29 Jan 13

Is this your ‘turning 40’ crisis? Is it ‘goodnight Johnboy’? 40 is the new 21, but with aching joints.

aceofspades 10:40 am 29 Jan 13

It would not be the same if it wasn’t “johnboy”.

pptvb 10:38 am 29 Jan 13

Happy Birthday.
Ahhh….. to be 40 again!!!!!

Roundhead89 10:37 am 29 Jan 13

I don’t think that’s necessary. The Beach Boys still use that name and they’re hardly boys anymore.

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