An end to the big dry?

johnboy 31 March 2009 27

Is that soft soaking rain I’m seeing out my window?

I’d forgotten what it looked like!


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27 Responses to An end to the big dry?
Ags Ags 9:34 pm 31 Mar 09

I told my other half if it rained today I would run down the street naked. Yes there was slight drizzle, but in my opinion it was not rain. What do you think?

ant ant 9:22 pm 31 Mar 09

Sorry, no, it’s not an end to the big dry. The one we’ve been in for years, that is.

Tonight should see the coastal stuff reach us properly… there’s an arm reaching out, and the bulk of it’s behind that. So that’ll settle the dust and hopefully give us some milimetres and give the plants and trees something before the cold starts. (Which might be Friday, judging by how fast it’s coming in).

TP 3000 TP 3000 8:05 pm 31 Mar 09

It looked more like a cold front that came up from Antarctica & if it was 20 or so degrees cooler, it would of fallen as snow.

I wish we had what Central Coast is having at the moment.

Nosey Nosey 7:50 pm 31 Mar 09

I am that stranger….


seekay seekay 1:52 pm 31 Mar 09

I met a stranger from a foreign land…

trevar trevar 1:46 pm 31 Mar 09

I saw a cloud that looked like it was going to drop a lot of water on a far away land.

seekay seekay 1:37 pm 31 Mar 09

I saw a cloud that looked like a penguin.

cbr_lad cbr_lad 1:24 pm 31 Mar 09

definitely worthy of a new article..

Whatsup Whatsup 1:03 pm 31 Mar 09

Skidbladnir said :

I saw a cloud.

Was the cloud in the shape of a duck ?

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 1:02 pm 31 Mar 09

I saw a cloud.

Whatsup Whatsup 1:00 pm 31 Mar 09

Lasted for less than 5 minutes and could only be described as a heavy mist which evaporated before the windscreen wipers got to it. Bugger, it was looking promising for a while this morning.

caf caf 12:54 pm 31 Mar 09

Lasted just long enough to spoil the RAAF’s party.

midlife midlife 12:50 pm 31 Mar 09

JB it must have been a wet dream as it lasted such a short period. Honestly at barton is lated for about half an hour.

peterh peterh 12:40 pm 31 Mar 09

had to remember what the windscreen wipers were, and which knob to turn…

deezagood deezagood 12:20 pm 31 Mar 09

My hair hasn’t even bothered frizzing. No frizz = not enough rain.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 12:14 pm 31 Mar 09

Few drizzles in Fyshwick, but nothing to start a new article about. 😛

Spectra Spectra 12:01 pm 31 Mar 09

Sadly it’s only “light showers” – not “soft soaking rain” by any stretch.

Rawhide Kid No 2 Rawhide Kid No 2 11:45 am 31 Mar 09

Could be a flock of pelicans flying over on their way to the now flowing Darling river.

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 11:14 am 31 Mar 09

Bit of drizzle over here where I am, slight, but welcome.

gun street girl gun street girl 11:14 am 31 Mar 09

There’s nought to be seen here. 🙁

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