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Get RSM on your side at tax time.

And we’ve got ourselves an “Occupy Canberra”

By johnboy - 12 October 2011 73


With “Occupy Wall Street” spreading as a meme across the world it was only really a matter of time.

Facebook has the home for “Occupy Canberra”.

The occupy movement is a movement which is bringing attention to a corrupt system. You see, The RBA – Reserve Bank of Australia is not any part of the government. It is a corporation set up to loan money to the Australian govt (the Australians) after they take all the Australian Income Tax. The collateral is Australian’s Income Taxes. There is more connected to the RBA. it’s our Central Bank, but not a bank. It doesn’t do transactions, doesn’t provide ATMs, doesn’t have retail store fronts, or public staff. It sets the interest rate for the Banks, yet it takes over 60-80% of the interest of this country’s mortgages. And yes, remember the banks charge 1-2% on top of the ‘Reserve Rate’. Banks provide valuable services. What does this Australian corporation provide? And where does this debt collected money go? Not to the government. It flows the other way…


I think it’s important to add that people gather together in this group for all different reasons, as this movement has no leader and is grassroot movement. There will be many different views but we are here to respect one another, care for and show positivity toward each other and the group. We will stand together in Solidarity 🙂

With that being said here is a short intro on the way many people view this (but note this is only ONE view of many)

We face the same problems with our democracy here in Canberra and Australia as people face in most other developed nations. It is unwell. It’s not functioning how it’s supposed to be functioning. Our elected representatives no longer represent their constituents, instead their ears are turned by wealthy lobby groups, whilst the common interests of the people they were elected to represent, are ignored. Some levels of our government are also rife with corruption.

It’s time our elected representatives actually started representing the 99% of the population who don’t have enormous wealth and political influence. Who suffer the social, economic and environmental consequences of corporate greed. Who work to generate enormous wealth for a mere 1% of the population.

Inspired by the actions of those striving for democracy in all parts of the world including the United States. From these events, “Occupy Together”, a global social movement for real democracy, has grown. It is from this global movement that Occupy Canberra has grown. Our occupation will commence at Capital Hill on October 15 at 2:30 PM so it’s time for everyone to bring a sleeping bag/tent, some books and food.

It also appears to be moving to City Hill.


What’s Your opinion?

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73 Responses to
And we’ve got ourselves an “Occupy Canberra”
creative_canberran 7:39 pm 12 Oct 11

Loving some of the comments on the page:

Great to hear the updates. Look forward to a peaceful rally to send out a clear message that love, peace and the human spirit are more powerful than money. Solidarity! -Mahesh Radhakrishnan

Help us educate ourselves and each other -Mark Matthews….. -Duroyan Fertl (I was surprised how many posts it took before they popped up)

And from the organiser:
Right now we are having problems finding organizations/groups who are willing to provide liability insurance. If any body knows of any activists groups that they could contact please reply to this status.

More than anything could you please share this, we need to make this happen in Canberra ASAP.

They’re on a different plane of logic.

breda 7:25 pm 12 Oct 11

Wayne Swan will be thrilled to discover that the RBA are the recipients of 60-80% of the interest paid on this country’s mortgages. Who knew?

Wayne needs to up the RBA dividend pronto – we are being robbed.

What a bunch of frootloops.

Funky1 7:23 pm 12 Oct 11

Oh and good to see they still like the Raiders, the Cavalry, Scotty and Nige and music festivals (just not the RBA)

Funky1 7:19 pm 12 Oct 11

They have no real idea do they? Obviously a little information can be dangerous.

btw, there is no proof that UC endorsed this on their Facebook page. These guys have themselves put the post onto the UC page.

Henry82 7:14 pm 12 Oct 11

lol, what a joke, they have no idea.

sexynotsmart 7:10 pm 12 Oct 11

I call for change of venue!

From Capital Hill to Tuggeranong. They can camp out at my place if they promise to weed the garden.

johnboy 6:57 pm 12 Oct 11

Morgan said :

Do they realise that the RBA is a Commonwealth Owned Corporation under the CAC Act, and pays a dividend to the Government each year?

Must be Uni holidays.

agreed the RBA whinge is out of their tree.

Morgan 6:55 pm 12 Oct 11

Do they realise that the RBA is a Commonwealth Owned Corporation under the CAC Act, and pays a dividend to the Government each year?

Must be Uni holidays.

johnboy 6:54 pm 12 Oct 11

My first thought was also that this is a bit inappropriate in australia.

But in many ways our financial sector is even more out of control thanks to compulsory super.

Just because things haven’t gone horribly wrong yet doesn’t mean out politics isn’t being hollowed out for the benefit of a few.

Classified 6:50 pm 12 Oct 11

What a bunch of whining idiots. If they’d ever experience genuine hard times, they wouldn’t be trying this crap on. Australia has a fantastic standard of living and more opportunities than many countries will ever have.

I-filed 6:35 pm 12 Oct 11

I notice the University of Canberra has endorsed the protest on Facebook …. interesting!

Jethro 6:23 pm 12 Oct 11

That post makes no sense.

I-filed 6:18 pm 12 Oct 11

Pathetic. This country hasn’t experienced a tenth of the woes that Americans have experienced. Mark Latham’s “conga line of suckholes” epithet comes to mind.

arescarti42 6:17 pm 12 Oct 11

Man that is one retarded group description. “We don’t like the RBA because it is evil and has something to do with money or something and protesting it is trendy” is what I gather they are about.

Having an independent (sort of) reserve bank is da bomb.

johnboy 5:42 pm 12 Oct 11

I’m not sure they’ve entirely grasped the point of the american protests.

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