Andrew Friend sacked by the Brumbies

johnboy 1 March 2011 10

The ABC is reporting that the Brumbies boss Andrew Fagan has sacked coach Andrew Friend after just two games.

Might have been better to do this, if it had to be done, before the season started.

Apparently the Wallabies players are behind it. One wonders if the Brumbies board don’t need to start enforcing the chain of command.

UPDATE: We hear that Tony Rea, currently assistant coach will take over and hopefully restore some discipline. The first thing he needs to do is get the board to promise to have no contact with the playing group IMHO.

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10 Responses to Andrew Friend sacked by the Brumbies
doggyqan doggyqan 6:39 am 03 Mar 11

Fagan says that this is in the best interest of the club and the fans and that he made the decision. So does that mean that if we don’t make the finals he will resign?

dixyland dixyland 8:43 pm 01 Mar 11

I’ve been reading fox sports and the Brumbies haters are out in force, together with a lot of supposed Brumbies fans who say they’ll never renew their membership etcetera.

The bottom line is if the coach does not have the players on his side, he is living on borrowed time. It happens in every sport, everywhere around the world.

I’m not a fan of this happening to a nice guy like Andy Friend, but they had to make a move.

Hopefully they’ll perform mightily on Saturday night and justify it. Go the Brumbies!

Roadrage77 Roadrage77 5:25 pm 01 Mar 11

I wonder if he would’ve received a stay of execution had they not lost to the Rebels?

MrMagoo MrMagoo 4:46 pm 01 Mar 11

Listen to the two interviews on abc, Fagan then Friend and listen to the contradictions in each. One of them isn’t telling the truth and one of them stands by his ow beliefs, make you own mind up which one. For what it is worth, Fagan is full of crap!!!! Snr players do not run football clubs, the Coaching Staff and Management do. But when Snr players are going crying to Management because they don’t like being told the truth by the coaching staff, then there is a problem and that is what has happened here. Truth is, several ‘high profile’ players haven’t delivered in the last season and early this season and when the truth is told to them, they carry on like petulant school kids.

walkerj walkerj 11:45 am 01 Mar 11

Just waiting on the barrage of comments regarding too much player power, just like the Nucifora decision. Bottom-line is that the coach must maintain the confidence of the palyers, lose that and you lose the whole game. I’m pretty sure that Friend will realise that and be a better coach for it.

amarooresident3 amarooresident3 11:44 am 01 Mar 11

I wonder what was so bad that it couldn’t be sorted out behind closed doors and he had to lose his job over it. Was he cutting one of the players grass or something?

Of course, last time the players revolted they went on to win the title.

KaptnKaos KaptnKaos 11:40 am 01 Mar 11

#3 – great photo, if looks could kill, looks like he’s pushing Friend out the door too.

johnboy johnboy 11:35 am 01 Mar 11

The look an Andrew Fagan’s face in the Foxsports picture is Priceless.

KaptnKaos KaptnKaos 11:18 am 01 Mar 11

SMH and foxsports also running the story. Andrew Rea interim coach.

Whatever happened to players listening to a coach, sack the lot of the money hungry bastards.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 11:12 am 01 Mar 11

With players like these, who needs Friend. Or something like that.

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