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Angry mother demands an end to police pursuits (CT 24 March 2008, p6)

By spoonbill - 24 March 2008 119

[Ed – we have received 3 submissions today regarding this same CT article, obviously a story that has got a few of our readers thinking. Rather than posting all three or just one all three can be found here, with the posters name before each of their take on the story.]

Submitted by spoonbill;
The Canberra Times today carries a story about a mother who is angry that her 17 year-old son, a recidivist offender, became a paraplegic in a car accident while being pursued by police. She is quoted as saying ‘he’d hurt people through his break and enters but never hurt anyone physically, he is not a dangerous person’.

While any life cut short in this manner is sad, I would have thought she should have a long hard look at herself and her apparent lack of parenting skills which have led to her son taking up breaking and entering in the first place. I think if she did so she would see where the blame squarely lies; and it is not with the police. Furthermore why the Canberra Times sees a need to print this drivel, albeit on a long weekend is beyond me. It is another indication that the Canberra Times is a second class rag and not worth the $1.20 price tag.

Submitted by Headbonius;
It is a pity that Nyssa is temporarily off line. I would have been interested to read her comments on this issue. Perhaps Ingee or that absolute legend Maelinar could fill in with some suitable tripe. One only has to balance the emotive comments by Ms Mann against the considered and relevant comments made by Commander Connelly to see where the truth lies.

Whilst it is sad that Mr Miatke suffered horrible injuries, the only saving grace is that he was the master of his own destiny and no one else.

Submitted by Pandy;
The Canberra Times reports that Cherie Mann has been charged with making phone threats against several ACT police officers over the her teenage son becoming paralysed when hitting a tree on Majurra Ave on 17 December 2007, fleeing police who were trying to arrest him over the previous three months.

So let me get this straight. Police try to arrest the kid and mum does not assist them over 3 months whilst he still lives in Canberra with their duties because her son is not a violent offender?


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119 Responses to
Angry mother demands an end to police pursuits (CT 24 March 2008, p6)
Thumper 7:56 pm 24 Mar 08


–adjective 1. temporarily deprived of spech by strong emotion, physical weakness, exhaustion, etc.: spechless with alarm.
2. characterized by absence or loss of spech: spechless joy.
3. lacking the faculty of spech.
4. not expressed in spech or words: spechless compliments.
5. refraining from spech.

I really have to use that preview button….

Thumper 7:51 pm 24 Mar 08


Totally spechless….

BerraBoy68 6:20 pm 24 Mar 08

I read the article with total incredulity. OK, she’s sad her son’s is a in a wheelchair etc… I have a wheelchair bound friend who finds himself that way through no fault of his own. But in the case of our criminal friend in the article sympathy is hard to find. After all, it’s harder to get a wheelchair through a bedroom window at 2am and even harder to get one out the same window while carrying a TV.

astrojax 6:02 pm 24 Mar 08

more to the point, muck, while he ‘may’; never hurt anyone quietly and safely knicking all your hard-earned while you’re out [to which your mate is testament that this is not the case, but let’s assume for argument’s sake…], the point is he was behind the wheel and slammed a tonne or so of metal at prodigious speed into a stationary object – now, that could have been a stationary person, occupied vehicle or a moving occupied vehicle. who gets hurt then? silly cow.

it’s not so much her parenting skills (i deem to make no assumptions, having dealt with right little shiites that came from good, but exasperated, families) but her social skills i question. she is a ripe one, eh. what’s the max for threatening police?

muck 5:54 pm 24 Mar 08


so break and enters never hurt anyone?

We have friend who spent several months as a total recluse after someone did over their place.

As for the Crappy Times, their efforts today along with many others over the last couple of months have ensured that they’ll have one less subscriber in the very near future. If I want to read crap I’ll do it while I’m waiting to be served at the supermarket. I thought the change of owners would have given the paper some direction but unfortunately it’s headed to the bottom of the budgie cage.

rant ends…

cranky 5:20 pm 24 Mar 08

Or the CT could be perfecting its’ trolling technique.

Hasdrubahl 4:40 pm 24 Mar 08

I congratulate the CT for publishing an article that actually raised my heartbeat and brought colour to my cheeks, on what has otherwise been a stultifying long weekend.

Adza 4:33 pm 24 Mar 08

Yes El it was called off… I guess the woman is saying they should never have chased.

Of course it’s the Police’s fault isn’t it. Absolute bollocks… If dickheads didn’t try and get away, and therefore basically resisting arrest, then the chase would never happen in the first place.

Hey if someone struggles when you try and arrest them should the Police let them go?

I feel sorry for her son, but he’s the idiot who started to run. Completely his fault and no one else’s the way that it ended.

Some people should just take responsibility, or at least blame the right person.

Devil_n_Disquiz 4:29 pm 24 Mar 08

I admit. I buy the Canberra Times from time to time.

Newspaper is the best thing, I have found, for cleaning car windows.

el 4:26 pm 24 Mar 08

Just for clarification – this is the same ‘pursuit’ at the end of last year that was called off BEFORE the B&E professional had the accident, yes?

abc 4:02 pm 24 Mar 08

CanberraResident said :

I’m surprised that 3 people actually bought the Canberra Times …

Don’t worry… i read the work copy…

el 3:58 pm 24 Mar 08

Karma, anyone?

Swaggie 3:56 pm 24 Mar 08

This woman is delusional – it’s everyone else’s fault when if she’d raised her son up well he’d still be alive today. As for the CT, I wonder if they will send out a photographer to shoot an emotive picture of me looking suitably sad then run a story saying I’m angry at all the low life scum performing break and enters in Canberra.

CanberraResident 3:56 pm 24 Mar 08

I’m surprised that 3 people actually bought the Canberra Times …

abc 3:54 pm 24 Mar 08

This has been published because it’s 5 trees down from the knob who smashed up his WRX at 2AM yesterday morning… These people even give bogans a bad name and they are without doubt swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool.

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