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Animal Cruelty – Next Step?

lenny 11 April 2006 10

My Partner and I walk our dogs everynight and some mornings up on a reserve and walk past a run down old house with 4 medium sized dogs in 4 separate TINY cages. When I say tiny, the dogs can hardlly turn around in the cages, and the bigger male dog can barley stand up. The never have water or food , and when we walk past in the morning the dogs are freezing, and have no blankets, they just sit on the metal cage.

We have reported it the RSPCA many times and nothing has been done- the dogs are still in these tiny cages and losing condition. Its very distressing and I am frustrated nothing has been done. ( this has been going on for weeks)

What would the next step be to help the dogs, is the RSPCA the only avenue we can take? My Partner is tempted to take photos or even video the poor dogs but i dont feel right doing this- any suggestions?

[Sorry – I ended up taking ownership of this story in an edit process, not mine – JB]

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10 Responses to Animal Cruelty – Next Step?
TAD TAD 6:39 pm 10 Apr 06

What you need to do is get onto Domestic Animal Services who actually have the power to make inspections, seize dogs and take legal action.

Take photos (as long as you remain on public land yourself you are acting legally) and send them in with a letter explaining the situation. (In writing is always best for these things).

Domestic Animal Services
P.O. Box 20 Red Hill ACT 2603
Telephone (02) 62072424
Facsimile (02) 62072252

Thumper Thumper 8:34 am 11 Apr 06

Take a photo of them and send it to the RSPCA, Domestic Animal Services, and MLAs from both sides, even Foskey.

If you get no joy from them then post them here on RA.

Bastards like that don’t deserve pets.

terubo terubo 9:23 am 11 Apr 06

I agree with TAD, but I’d ring DAS right away – quicker than messing about with photos etc and the dogs seem to be suffering with every passing minute.
Whilst it is true that you can take photos legally from public land, you have to balance that with the fact that your regular walk takes you past the house every day and therefore you run the risk of a daily beer bottle or two thrown at you…which is fine if the bottle is full, but chances are it won’t be.

jamius maximus jamius maximus 9:36 am 11 Apr 06

Why would you even bother keeping a dog if you were just going to leave it in a cage? Decoration? Dickheads.

johnboy johnboy 9:41 am 11 Apr 06

more likely for fighting.

LurkerGal LurkerGal 9:46 am 11 Apr 06

E-mail me JB. I’ll take it further.

VYBerlinaV8 VYBerlinaV8 9:50 am 11 Apr 06

I’d get on the phone immediately to DAS. I’d also write an email to the CT advising them that the local RSPCA is ignoring advice about animal cruelty. That will put some pressure on the RSPCA to act, or to be seen to be acting. I hate animal cruelty as much as the next person, so please post up the results of your actions for us to see.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 12:03 pm 11 Apr 06

hang the swine

Little Dream Little Dream 12:57 pm 11 Apr 06

Where are these dogs, why has no one called DAS yet?

lenny lenny 2:32 pm 11 Apr 06

Will be calling Das, and taking photos, i didnt want to take photos as i had the same worries as terubo mentioned, but i am fired up, will keep everyone posted, if we get the photos this afternoon i might even post them

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