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Another bunch of spite filled nutters to watch for as Rise Up Australia gets local

By johnboy 14 August 2012 66


For those who are recent arrivals we’ve butted heads with Catch The Fire Ministries before.

In general they hate large swathes of the Canberra community but are so little regarded in these parts they need to bus their crazies in from the trailer parks of backwoods Victoria to fill out their protests.

Skidbladnir, once again demonstrating he needs to get out more, keeps a gimlet eye on their website and has alerted me to their Rise Up Australia story:

We praise and thank God for a wonderful weekend of Holy Spirit ministry in Canberra, as Pr Daniel ministered at three revival meetings in two different churches on Sunday the 5th and also shared the vision of Rise Up Australia Party on Sat 4th August.

At the Rise Up Australia Party meeting, Pr Daniel also the National President of RUA Party, shared the vision God gave him for Australia, and how Rise Up Australia Party will play a big role in it. As the people heard of the RUA Party slogan “Keep Australia Australian”, there was spontaneous clapping and great excitement amongst those who had come to the meeting!

As the RUA Party policies and principles were read out, people shouted and cheered with much excitment. The meeting was also attended by the NSW State President Peter Madden. He too briefly shared why RUA Party will make a difference in Australia. The people were just absolutely thrilled to hear that RUA Party will be contesting the 2013 Federal Election.

Over the weekend many people signed up and took membership with the political party. Also a RUA Party State Team was set up to lead operations in ACT. Most amazingly, almost in every single state and at the first National Executive meeting, 12 members formed the executive. This was unplanned and very much to the surprise of those present. It has happened right across the country! We give thanks to the Lord that 12 is the number for ‘God’s Government’ in the Word of God. We believe that this is really supernatural as it is God’s governmental authority!

Visit for more info on Rise Up Australia Party.

Take the leaflet but you probably don’t want to get on their email list.

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66 Responses to
Another bunch of spite filled nutters to watch for as Rise Up Australia gets local
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p1 10:15 am 17 Aug 12

HenryBG said :

I *really* don’t think the leftie buzzword “Multiculturalism” was coined to describe right-wing ultra-conservative christian fruitloops, and I think you know that.

Sorry, I didn’t realise “Multiculturalism” was a leftie buzzword. At first I just thought it was a word, then when you and others started buzzing it to death, I assumed it was a rightie buzzword.

There are two problems with this argument we are having.
[1] Poorly defined terms; and
[2] You.

Mysteryman 10:59 pm 16 Aug 12

HenryBG said :

Jim Jones said :

HenryBG said :

p1 said :

HenryBG said :

This guy immigrated to Australia, embraced the local culture, and says Multiculturalism is rubbish.

Embraced the local culture? They guy is promoting an evangelical religion (which activily trys to convert everyone to itself, NOT assimilate) while exposing things which 99% of Australians don’t support or even believe (witches on Mt Anslie WTF?).

He came here and wants everyone to change to his way of seeing the world. No different from those proposing sharia law.

…except he’s from Sri Lanka, so he’s not entitled to his opinion. Right?

Nah mate. It’s the muzzies what can’t have their opinions and stuff. Because of Sharia law and they hate women and the reformation … oh yeah, and they started the crusades too.

Your diversion is a sign of you not having any argument.

Perhaps you can remind me of the historical order in which the following two occurred:
– Islamic invasion of Palestine/Syria
– European counter-invasion of Palestine/Syria

(Hint: I put a slight clue in there for you)

He does that a lot. He never has anything intelligent to contribute. Never even a semi-though-out argument.

LSWCHP 10:40 pm 16 Aug 12

poetix said :

LSWCHP said :

Deref said :

p1 said :

colourful sydney racing identity said :

The luntaic pastor, Daniel Nalliah,

Came to live in ‘Strylia,

Conned some simpletons out of their dough…

And inspired non-scanning poetry invoking every “bronzed son of Anzac” -ish cliche available that almost made me throw
Up-On the graves of our ethnically varied but culturally singular ancestors we’ll fight this Islamic madness…

Poetix…over to you 🙂

…Islamic madness
With their love of fancy tiling and general not-us badness
Their building of non-churches they weirdly name as ‘mosques’
Come, rally round this flag before our Southern Cross is lost!
For next they’ll be up there, with the longest, blackest veil
And when the stars are burqa’d then we’ll raise a piteous wail:
“Oh why, oh why didn’t we stop them in their tracks
Before Woden was Iran, and Gungahlin an Iraq?
When Commodores were free to remain a snowy white
And Muslims were just bogeymen to give bad kids a fright?”
Now *our* Jesus was a fighter, black-belt ninja of his time
And he’d kick them really hard, and get them into line,
So join in our to protect our glorious way of life!
(Unless you are ‘gay’ and want a ‘cobber’ for a wife).

Sorry, I can’t do the non-scanning thing quite as well as some.

Despite lacking my gift with the irregular meter, I still award you the William McGonnagall Pink Elephant Stamp and the 18 Syllable Haiku Gold Star. 🙂

HenryBG 9:06 pm 16 Aug 12

Stevian said :

HenryBG said :

johnboy said :

But he hasn’t embraced local culture. He wants to radically alter local culture.

So he’s become a Christian and he advertises his new beliefs fairly loudly?
It’s not an example of Multiculturalism, is it?

If religion is part of culture (which it is) and if we live in a multi-faith nation (which we do) then it most certainly is an example of multiculturalism.

I *really* don’t think the leftie buzzword “Multiculturalism” was coined to describe right-wing ultra-conservative christian fruitloops, and I think you know that.

The British and German governments have both decreed Multiculturalism a failure. The French never took it on in the first place. The Danes have taken a chainsaw to their immigration policies.

What is our ALP waiting for?

So, OK, they’ve surrendered on the illegal immigration issue, despite all the nice shiny new ALP voters *that* was delivering (who cares if a few drown on their way here?), but they’re still carrying on as if “Multiculturalism” has legs. It doesn’t. It’s dead and buried.

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